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8 When I'm afflicted, poor and low,

And find my passage rough,
Let me my God, my Savior, know,
And faith replies, “ enough."

PSALM 40. Part 2. C. M.
The incarnation and sacrifice of Christ.
I “ THUS saith the Lord, your work is vain,

Give your burnt offerings o'er, In dying goats and bullocks slain

My soul delights no more."
2 « Behold I come, said Christ, the Lamb,

To take the sinner's place,
I for the world an offering am,

To save a ruined race.
3 Behold I come, my will is free,

O God, to do thy will,
I must confirm the great decree,

I must thy word fulfill.
4 Thy law is ever in my sight,

I keep it near mine heart,
Mine ears are open'd with delight,

To what thy lips impart.”
5 And see, the blest Redeemer cames

To make the promise good, And much he preach'd his Father's name,

Where great assemblies stood. 6 Commission'd from the court above,

He left his heavenly crown, Reveal'd his Father's wondrous love,

And brought salvation down.
en His Father's honor fill'd his mind,

He pitied sinners loss,
To prove his soul divinely kind,

He bore the shameful cross.

8 Thus as the Father had decreed,

The Son receiv'd the stroke;
Thus by the woman's promis'd seed,
The serpent's head he broke.

PSALM 40. Part 1. L. M.

Christ our sacrifice. | THE wonders, Lord, thy love has wrought,

Exceed our praise, surmount our thought; Should I begin the long detail,

My speech would faint, my numbers fail, 2 No blood of beasts on altars spilt

Can cleanse the souls of men from guilt; In Christ alone shall sinners find

The blood that purifies the mind.
3 « Behold I come, the Savior cries,

In vain the brutal victim* dies,
I come to do my Father's will,

And all his words of truth fulfill. 4 Behold I come, the Son is born,

To save the race of man forlorn,
I come to achievet the wond'rous plan,

To be the sacrifice for man.
5 'Tis written in thy great decree,

Tis in thy book foretold of me,
I must fulfil a Savior's part,

And, lo! thy law is in mine heart. 6 I'll magnify thine holy law,

And rebel men to duty draw;
When on my cross I'm lifted high,

My blood shall bring the sinner nigh.
7 The great assembly, Lord, shall know,

The joys of heaven begun below,

* Victim, a sacrifice.
t To achieve, to perform as a conqueror.

The wond'ring world shall feel thy grace, And see thy glory thro my

face.” PSALM 40. Part 2. L. M.

The true penitent.
1 THY grace, O God, to me restore,

Withhold thy tender love no more,
Now prove thine heart divinely kind,
And let thy truth preserve my

mind. 2 When my repenting soul beginş,

To search and grieve for all my sins,
No good within mine heart is found,

But countless evils press me round. 3 My soul within herself despairs,

My sins, O God, exceed mine hairs,
Such guilt within my

breast I see, Mine eyes can scarce look up to thee. 4 O Lord, in sovreign mercy please,

To grant a sorrowing sinner ease,
Make haste to help, and undertake

To save my soul for Jesus' sake.
5 My foes would fain my soul destroy,

Their wiles are artful to decoy;
O, may my sins be now forgiven.

And all my foes be backward driven.
6 They say with words of impious scorn,

His hope in Jesus proves forlorn;
But while their tongues the saints upbraid,

Their guilty souls are sore afraid. 7 The saints, who make the Lord their choice,

In his salvation shall rejoice;
They trust a Rock approv'd and tri’d,

And say “the Lord be magnifi’d.”
8 My soul, O God, is prest with grief,

Think of the means of my relief,

Haste to remove thy chastening rod,
And make no tarrying, O my God.

PSALM 41. Part 1. L. M.

Charity to the poor rewarded. 1 BLEST is the man whose tender breast,

Has for the suffering mourner felt, And while his hand relieves the 'opprest,

He feels his soul with pity melt. 2 His heart contrives for their reliei,

More good than thousands could perform, This man in times of general grief,

Shall find a shelter from the storm. 3 The Lord shall keep his soul alive,

Long shall he live the blest of earth,
And like a plant celestial thrive,

Amid the pestilence and dearth*
4 When sick, the Lord shall stir his bed,

And make the hard affliction soft,
Shall raise and cheer his drooping head,
Or bear his willing soul aloft.

PSALM 41. Part 2. L. M.

Prayer and faith in affliction, 1 IN mercy, Lord, thy love reveal,

For I have sinn'd against thy grace,
But thou my broken heart canst heal,

And cheer me with thy smiling face. 2 My foes behold me low and weak

And gathering round my death devise; They whisper'd, but I heard them speak,

“ He has lain down no more to rise."


* Dearth, scarcity, bordering on famine.

3 On vanity they love to dwell,

To ridicule a suffering saint,
And when they walk abroad they tell

“ The man must die of this complaint." 4. Yes, the familiar of my life,

That ate my bread, is far remov'd,
He lifts his heel with impious strife,

And spurns the friend whom once he prov'd. 5 But Jesus will my sins forgive,

And bless to me his chastening rod, My soul shall thro my Savior live,

And stand before the 'eternal God, 6 O God, my friend, by this I know, Because thou dost

my foes control, Thou wilt to me thy favor show, And speak in

mercy to my soul. 7 Israel, thy God is ever blest,

From everlasting he's the same, On him my soul thall ever rest, Amen: let Israel bless his name,

PSALM 42. C. M.

Desertion and hope.
1 WITH earnest longings of the mind,

To thee, my God, I look;
So pants the hunted hart to find,

And taste the cooling brook.
2 When shall I see thy courts of grace,

And meet my God again?
So long an absence from thy face,

Mine heart endures with pain. 3 Temptations ves my weary soul,

And tears are my repast; The fue insults without control,

6 And where's your God at last.”

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