Muqarnas: An Annual on Islamic Art and Architecture, Том 3

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Oleg Grabar
Brill Verlag, 1988 - Всего страниц: 160
Oleg Grabar, On Catalogues, Exhibitions, and Complete Works; Jonathan M. Bloom, The Mosque of the Qarafa in Cairo; Leonor Fernandes, The Foundation of Baybars al-Jashankir: Its Waqf, History, and Architecture; Howard Crane, Some Archaeological Notes on Turkish Sardis; Nancy Shatzman Steinhardt, Siyah Qalem and Gong Kai: An Istanbul Album Painter and a Chinese Painter of the Mongolian Period; Do?gan Kuban, The Style of Sinan's Domed Structures; Yasser Tabbaa, Bronze Shapes in Iranian Ceramics of the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries; Mehrdad Shokoohy and Natalie H. Shokoohy, The Architecture of Baha al-Din Tughrul in the Region of Bayana, Rajasthan; Glenn D. Lowry, Humayun's Tomb: Form, Function, and Meaning in Early Mughal Architecture; Peter Alford Andrews, The Generous Heart or the Mass of Clouds: The Court Tents of Shah Jahan; Priscilla P. Soucek, Persian Artists in Mughal India: Influences and Transformations; A.J. Lee, Islamic Star Patterns;

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Об авторе (1988)

OLEG GRABAR is Professor Emeritus at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey. Grabar's books include Epic Images and Contemporary History: The Illustrations of the Great Mongol Shahnama; The Mediation of Ornament; The Shape of the Holy: Early Islamic Jerusalem; Late Antiquity: A Guide to the Post-Classical World; The Art and Architecture of Islam 650-1250; Mostly Miniatures; and eighty-three articles gathered in four volumes under the title Constructing the Study of Islamic Art.

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