The Roots of the Recovery Movement in Psychiatry: Lessons Learned

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Wiley, 22 янв. 2010 г. - Всего страниц: 294
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As the global psychiatric community enters a new era oftransformation, this book explores lessons learned from previousefforts with the goal of “getting it right” this time.In response to the common refrain that we know about and‘do’ recovery already, the authors set the recoverymovement within the conceptual framework of major thinkers andachievers in the history of psychiatry, such as Philippe Pinel,Dorothea Dix, Adolf Meyer, Harry Stack Sullivan, and FrancoBasaglia.

The book reaches beyond the usual boundaries of psychiatry toincorporate lessons from related fields, such as psychology,sociology, social welfare, philosophy, political economic theory,and civil rights. From Jane Addams and the Settlement Housemovement to Martin Luther King, Jr., and Gilles Deleuze, this bookidentifies the less well-known and less visible dimensions of therecovery concept and movement that underlie concrete clinicalpractice.

In addition, the authors highlight the limitations of previousefforts to reform and transform mental health practice, such as thede-institutionalization movement begun in the 1950s, in the hopethat the field will not have to repeat these same mistakes. Theirthoughtful analysis and valuable advice will benefit people inrecovery, their loved ones, the practitioners who serve them, andsociety at large.

Foreword by Fred Frese, Founder of the Community and StateHospital Section of the American Psychological Association and pastpresident of the National Mental Health Consumers'Association

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Larry Davidson is Associate Professor of psychiatry at theConnecticut Mental Health Center at Yale. His patient-orientedresearch includes recovery from serious mental illness, thedevelopment of qualitative and participatory research methods,community-based treatment of psychosis, the development andevaluation of innovative psycho-social interventions, and thepromotion of collaborative relationships between people withserious mental illness and their healthcare providers. He receivedthe President's Award, United States Psychosocial RehabilitationAssociation, New York Chapter, in 2007 and the Franco BasagliaMemorial Scholarship, Fondazione Basaglia, Rome, Italy, in 2008.

Jaak Rakfeldt is Professor of Social Work at the SouthernConnecticut State University in New Haven, CT, USA.

John Strauss is Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry theDepartment of Psychiatry at Yale University in New Haven, CT,USA.

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