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Smithfield, East, ancient tenure of 380
Solib, ruins of 638

Somerset, Charles Duke of, letters to
Tonson the bookseller 475
Southmolton, Devon, tenure of 381
Spain, civil war in 83, 194, 311, 424.
popular tumults 310. abolition of the
monasteries 311. Juntas established
423. change of administration 423,
542. opening of the Cortes 641
Spherical Trigonometry, remarks on 631
Stained Glass at Hornsey church 413
Statistical Society, meeting of 634
Stewart's "Essays on Beauty," critique

on 461

Stirling, Major-Gen. monument to 668
Stocks, prices of 104, 224, 336, 448, 560,

Stoke-by-Guildford, church of 106
Stone, newly invented compositions for 77
Storm at Durham 85

Strangeways, Jehan, meda alttributed to 2
Stratford-upon-Avon, records of 586
Stukeley, Dr. Journal of 149
Submarine Vessel invented at Paris 417
Suffield, Lord, memoir of 317
Sun, orbit of the 537

Sutton, co. Chester, ancient tenure of 381
Swan-marks, rolls of 622

Swift, his opinion of Bolingbroke 113
Sydenham, medical skill of 15
Syracusan Gossips, notices of 576
Sythinge, Norfolk, ancient tenure of 382
Tartars, curious custom of 487
Tea Plant, discoveries of the 636
Temperance Societies in N. America 195
Tennyson, G. memoir of 430

Tenures of Land, curious grants for 48.
relative to archery 379
Theatrical Register 313, 644
Thebes, obelisk at 591

Theobalds, Middlesex, tenure of 382
Thibet, manuscripts from 636
Thorigny, Mayor of suspended 541
Tideswell, family of 450

Tithes in Ireland, bill for regulating 190,
192, 193, 304, 307, 309, 419
Tivoli, new channel for the Arno 84, 641
Todd, Joseph, memoir of 216
Todi, ancient city of 418
Tredegar, new church at 195
Trees, Forest, account of 239

Treviso, Marshal Mortier, Duc de, me-
moir of 315

Trinity, remarks on the 396

Troughton, Edward, memoir of 215
Trueba, Don Telesforo de, memoir of 656
Truro, right to metage of coals 86
Tumulus, British, opened near Scarbo-
rough 540

Tuthill, Sir G. M.D. memoir of 97
Tyler, Adm. Sir C. memoir of 649
Tyrwhitt, Tho. epistle to Florio at Ox-
ford 595

Unicorn, on the existence of the 450, 562
Unitarianism, remarks on 396

United Service Museum, contributions to

Universities, English, bill for repealing
subscription to the Thirty-nine Ar-
Unton, family of 226, 472
ticles 192

Upton, co. Glouc. ancient tenure of 382
Vanities of the Head, ancient medical
recipe for 151

Vases, Roman, found in France 303. in
Apulia 538

Villoison, learning of 341
Wady, &c. ruins of 637
Waldegrave, Earl of, memoir of 316
Wallace, Sir Tho. memoir of 548
Walpole, Horace, anecdotes of 107
Hon. G. memoir of 547
Wanstead Flats, ignition of 312
Warde, Tho, of Trumpington, the per-
sonifier of Richard II. 56, 57

Wastie, John, memoir of 432

Water, supply of to the Metropolis 626
Westminster, ancient boundaries of 514
Westminster Hall, original architecture
of 79

Wiclif, monument in honour of 30
Williams Dr. G. inscription to the me-
mory of 247

Willis, Dr. J. memoir of 549

Wills, bill for the execution of 82
Witchcraft, ancient recipe for expelling 34
Wolverhampton, riots at 86

Worcester Cathedral, remarks on 404
Wymondham Abbey, discoveries in exca-
Wrotting, co.Glouc ancient tenure of 382
vating the foundations of 516
Wyndham, Sir W. on the death of 372
Wythe, Rev. T. death of 554

Young, Major-Gen. B. memoir of 328
York, discoveries in excavating the
foundations of 302

Zemes, imge of in Hispaniola 388
Zoological Society, proceedings of the 75,



(Including Notices of Fine Arts.)

Abbotsford, &c. Sketches of 276
Abyssinia, three years' Residence in 285
Adopted, The 530

Albin, Tho. sonnets by 69

Aliva on the French Language 411
Allen, Rev. W. Sermons by 529

Allies, J. on Indentations in Old Red

Sandstone 282

Alcobaça and Batalha, Excursion to the
Monasteries of 273, 591

America, Common Prayer Book of 160.
Journal in 279. Rambler in 611
Andrews, R. Literary Fables 69
Animals, History and Instincts of 227
Ansell, C. on Friendly Societies 406
Antediluvian Age, Essays on 618
Arboretum Britannicum 238, 577
Archæologia, vol. xxvi. part I. 400, 513
Architectural Magazine 511

Architecture of the Middle Ages, Re-
marks on 153, 288

Architects, British, Institute of 512
Army, on the Economy of the 67
Art of being Happy 528

Auldjo, J. Visit to Constantinople 176
Barbaconi's Literary History of Italy 168
Barristers, Synopsis of 295

Bartlett's Views of Switzerland 632
Beaumont, G. on Copyhold Tenure 410
-J. Original Psalms 294

Beckford, W. Excursions to the Monas-
teries of Alcobaça and Batalha 273,

Bedell, Rev. G. T. Memoir of 529
Beginning and the End, Sketches of 69
Belford Regis 527
Belgic Revolution 70

Bellin's Panoramic View of Rome 531
Belvoir Castle, Four Views of 72
Bielefeld's Gothic Ornaments 179
Birch, Rev. Dr. Sermon by 507
Bird's Cortes 628

Bledlow, Address to the Paupers of 346
Bount, T. on Ancient Tenures 48
Boad, J. Doom of Giallo 529
Boethius, King Alfred's version of 49
Bostock, Dr. S. History of Medicine 3
Boswell's Life of Dr. Johnson 451, 563
Botany, Outlines of 410

Bowles, Rev. W. L. Annals of Lacock
Abbey 63

Bowring, J. Minor Morals 529

Bolingbroke, Lord, Memoir of 107

Brainerd, Rev. D. Life of 411

mals 227

Byrne, on Spherical Trigonometry 631
Camoens Luciad, Translations of 51
Captive, The 178

Carlisle, N. Labourer's Friend Society
346, 410

Chabaille's Roman du Renart, &c. 158
Chancery Court, Letters on 167
Christian Expositor 412

Christmas, H. translation of Camoens 51
Church Establishment, Works on the
507. Testimonies in favour of 630
Church Government, Episcopal Form of


Clarke, Dr. A. Christian Theology 529
Clergy, Charges on the condition of the


Colburn's Modern Novelists 74

Cole, W. Views of Ancient Monuments
in Greece 530

Collier, J. P. on the Life of Shakspeare

Colonies, British, History of 60

Conolly's Journey to the North of India

Constantinople, Visit to 176

Cooke, G. W. Memoir of Lord Boling-
broke 107

Copyhold Tenure, on the Origin of 410
Cortes, The 628

Couper, Wm. Life and Works of 389, 601
Crequi's Recollections of the Eighteenth
Century 412

Crichton, Sir A. on a Provision for the
Catholic Clergy of Ireland 507
Curtis, J. W. on Hearing 530
Dacre, Lady, Tales by 409

Dalby, Rev. W. on the Church Esta-
blishment 507

Dallaway, Rev. J. Antiquities of Bristow

Davies, Rev. J. First Impressions 630
De Foe's Journal of the Plague Year 510
Dillon, Rev. R. C. on the Articles of
Faith 295

Doctor, The 517

Dramatic Poets, Specimens of 295
Draper's Art of being Happy 528
Driver's Harold de Brun 408
Dunciad, Modern 523
East, Affairs of the 278

East India Company, Register of Ships
belonging to 627

Ecclesiastes Anglicanus 629
England, a poem 528

Bridgewater Treatise, History of Ani- Enthusiast, The 628

Bristow, Antiquities of 164

Britton, J. Westminster Palace 179.
History of Worcester Cathedral 403

Brussels, Letters from 629

Erdeley, Manuscripts of 409
Ethiopia, Travels in 637

Evans, Rev. R. W. Scripture Biography


Fables, Little, for Little Folks 410

[blocks in formation]

Falkland, Lord, Poems of 42, 268, 389
First Impressions 630

Florida, Conquest of 610

Fowle, Rev. F. P. Sermons by 68

Ireland, Angler in 411

Irving, T. Conquest of Florida 610
W. Sketch Book 276

Isometrical Drawing, Treatise on 411
Italian Dictionary 68

Italy, Literary History of 163, 405, 529

Fox, Rev. S. King Alfred's Version of Jamaica, History of 529

Boethius 49

Friendly Societies, Treatise on 406
Frithiof's Saga 529

Fudges in England 510

Gaskell, P. Prospects of Industry 349
Geography, Outlines of 68
Giallo, Doom of 529

Gipsy, The 177

Gobat's Residences in Abyssinia 285

Godwin's Lives of the Necromancers 630

Gothic Ornaments 179

Greece, History of 157

Jesse, E. Gleanings in Natural History


Johnson, Dr. S. Graphic Illustrations of
the Life of 178. Boswell's Life of

Jonah, Lectures on 178

Jones, Rev. T. on the Millenium 71
Justin Martyr, Story of 524

Kaye, Bp. Charge of 505

Kean, Edmund Life of 520

Keightley, T. History of Greece 157
Kemble, Miss F. Journal of 279

Greek Language, Grammatical Sketch Kempe's Loseley MSS. 619

of 168

Greenwood's Picture of Hull 51

Gresley, Rev. W. on Preaching 629

Grey, W. H. C. the Lords and the
People 629

Griffiths, W. on Hydrocephalus 528
Grimshawe, Rev. T. S. Life of Cowper
68, 389

Gurney, J. J. on the Trinity 396
Hale, Sir M. Life of 61

Haling, account of the Manor of 530
Hardwicke Hall, History of 174
Hardy, C. Register of the East India
Company's Ships 627

Rev. S. on the Holy Land 170
Harold de Burun, a dramatic poem 408
Harrow School Books 526

Hearing, on the Preservation of the 530
Heath's Gallery of British Engravings72
Hector Fieramosca 177

Herbert, Cha. Literature of Italy 405
on Italian Literature 529
Hindostan, Scenes of 607
Historia Technica 412

Hodgson, Rev. J. History of Northum-
berland 406

Holden's Christian Expositor 412
Holman, Lieut. Voyage round the World

Kirby, Rev. W. History and Instincts of
Animals 217

Knight and Enchantress 65

Labourer, Useful Hints for the 352
Labourers' Friend 352

Labourers' Friend Society, account of 352
Lucock Abbey, Annals of 63

Lamartine's Pilgrimage to the Holy Land


Lamb, C. Specimens of Dramatic Poets
295. Rosomond Gray 528
Latham, R. G. on the Greek Language168
Lateinos 613

Latrobe's Rambler in North America 611
Law, Bp. Charge of 505

Law-making, Mechanics of 410
Law Studies, Introduction to 615
Lee, Mrs. Stories of Strange Lands 630
Lindwoods, The 628

Liturgy, Revision of the 160
Lords and the People 629
Loseley Manuscripts 619
Loudon, J. C. Arboretum Britannicum
238,577. Architectural Magazine 511

Mrs. Philanthropic Economy 172
Macdougall, T. St. Clair, Outlines of
Geography 68

Macgillivray, W. Lives of Zoologists 413
Macgowan's French Grammar 411

Holy Land, Notices of the 170. Pil- Magee, Abp. on the Atonement 396

grimage to the 497
Homelitics, Lectures on 529

Hope, Elizabeth, Immaterial System of
Man 409

Horne, Rev. T. H. on the third Cente-

nary of the Reformation 291
Hoskins, G. A. Travels in Ethiopia 637
Hull, Greenwood's Picture of 61

Hull, W. on the Church Establishment

Hydraulia, 625

Hydrocephalus, Treatise on 528

India, Journey to the North of 605

Industry, Prospects of 349

Invalid, Efforts by a 69


Malthusian Boon unmasked 347
Man, Immaterial System of 409
Marine Surveying, Treatise on 522
Martin, R. M. History of the British
Colonies 60

Mathews, IV. Hydraulia 625

Meadows, F. C. Italian Dictionary 68
Mechi, Rev. R. on the Church Establish-
ment 630

Medicine, History of 3

Meditations for every Day in the Year 530
Medley, Rev. J. on the Episcopal Form

of Church Government 294

Memorials of a Departed Friend 68
Methodists, Laws of 294,

4 S

Millenium, Sober Views of the 71
Milton, S. M. Songs of the Prophecies 71
Mirabeau, Memoirs of 615
Mitford, M. R. Belford Regis 527
Montgomery, J. Poems of 156

Moore's Irish Melodies, Illustrations of 57
Mudie, R. on the Earth 629
Napoleon Gallery 72, 632
Natural History, Gleanings in 500
Necromancers, Lives of the 630
New England, and her Institutions 70
Northumberland, Rambles in 277. His-
tory of 406

Oliver, S. Rambles in Northumberland

Ord, J. W. England, a poem 163, 528
Outre Mer 529

Oxford, Memorials of 169

Parliament, Plan of the New Houses of 414
Peerage and Peasantry, Tales of the 409
Penruddock, a tale 71

Philanthropic Economy 172
Piggott, Rev. S. Sermon by 626
Plague Year, Journal of the 510
Plantagenet, a novel 629

Pluquet's Contes Populaires 159
Poet's Portfolio 156

Poor, Letters for the 526. on supplying

Medical Assistance, &c. to the 626
Poor Laws, Pamphlets on the 345, 346
Porter, Rev. Dr. Lectures of 529
Prophecies, Songs of the 71
Provincial Sketches 177
Psalms, Original 294

Quarles, Francis, Emblems of 493
Rabett, R. Lateinos 613

Rapin's Life of Alfred the Great 411
Raumer's History of the Sixteenth Cen-
tury 393

Record Commission. See preceding Index
of Essays.

Reformation, Commemoration of the
third Centenary of 291
Renart, Roman du 158

Richard II. on the Death of 53
Richardson, C. J. Plan of the New
Houses of Parliament 414
Richler's Siege of Vienna 412
Riddell, J. tracts relative to the History
of Scotland 53

Roberts, Emma, Scenes of Hindostan 607
M. Sea Side Companion 177
W. H. British Wine-maker 295
Robinson, P. F. History of Hardwicke
Hall 174

Robson, T. C. on Marine Surveying 528
Roscoe's Wanderings through Wales 179
Rose, H. J. on the Church Establish-
ment 507

7. Historia Technica 412
Rosebuds Rescued 295

Rosomond Gray 528

Russell, J. C. Atlas of Ancient Geogra-
phy 413

[blocks in formation]

Sacred Poetry 295

Sandstone, on Indentatios in 282
Scenes and Stories 177,294

Scotland, tracts relative to the Antiqui-
ties of 53

Scripture Biography 328
Sea-Side Companion 177
Sedgwicke, Miss, The Linwoods 628
Serjeant, Memoirs of a 69

Sermons, by Fowle 68. by Sidebottom
69. by Birch 507. y Allen 529. by
Bp. of Derry 530. by Piggott 626
Shakspeare, New Facts in the Life of
286. Citation and Examination of be-
fore Sir T. Lucy 413

Sharp, T. Epitome of Warwickshire 178
Sharpe, J. Diamond Dictionary 631
Shaw's Specimens of Ancient Furniture73
Sibthorpe's Lectures on Jonab 178
Sidebottom, Rev. H. F. Sermons by 69
Sienna, Bride of 293

Sketch Book of the South 177

Smith, C. J. Facsimiles of Literary Cu-
riosities 531

T. on Evolutions of Numbers 528
W. Ernesto 628

Society, Constitution of 629
Solitaire, Diary of a 529

Sopwith, on Isometrical Drawing 411
Spherical Trigonometry 631

Steinman, G. S. account of the Manor
of Haling 530

Stephen, G. on the New Poor Laws 345
Stewart, R. B. on Botany 410
Strong, Rev C. Sonnets by 402

Rev. W. Frithio's Saga 529
Stuart, Moses, on the Trinity 396
Sunday School Reward Book 69
Switzerland, Views of 63%

Symonds, A. Mechanics of Law-making

Tablant's Otavia Elphinstone 412
Talleyrand, Prince, Life of 412
Tenures, Ancient 48
Thaumaturgia 630

Thorold, Mrs. Letters from Brussels 629
Trench's Story of Justin Martyr 524
Trinity, Works on the 396

Tyrwhitt, Tho. Epistle to Florio at Ox-
ford 595

Vision, Land of 628

Vitruvius Britannicus 174

Wales, Wanderings through 179
Walker's British Atlas 72

Warren, S. on Law Studies 615


Dr. S. on the Laws of Method-
ism 294

Warwickshire, Epitome of 178

Way of Peace Lost and Regained 530
Westminster Palace, History of 1:9

[blocks in formation]

Albin, T. sonnet by 69
Boethius, extracts from 50
Bowles, Rev. W. L. lines to 65. Stanzas
on hearing the Messiah performed 489
Brandreth, H. stanzas on the glass of
Champagne 595

Camoens Luciad, specimen of a new
translation 51

Champagne, Glass of, stanzas on 595
Falkland, Lord, poems of 43, 268, 389
Farmer's Daughter, stanzas on 490
French Poetry, Early, specimens of 592
Goethe, stanzas suggested by a passage
in the memoirs of 489

Hastings, Lord, lines on the death of 372
Hayley's Metrical Essays, extracts from

Hopton Family, poetical charter granted
to 379

Huntingdon, Countess, epitaph on 392
Jongleurs, of Normandy, lines on 572
Jonson, Benj. eclogue on the death of 43
Lady Singing, lines to 594
Lucid Interval, stanzas on 156
Messiah, stanzas on hearing the music
of the 489

Mitford, Rev. J. The Poet 489. the Far-
mer's Daughter 490

Montgomery, J. Lines by 156

Moore's Melodies, Illustrations of 58
Nevers, Wm. Norman French lines 572
Norman Poetry, specimens of 572
Poet, The 489
Recluse, The 157

Richard Cœur de Lion, elegy on 576
Richardson, D. L. lines to a Lady sing-
ing 594

Ritson, Rev. B. inscription to the me-
mory of 492

Sandys, Geo. Lord Falkland's verses to
270, 389

Shakspeare, sonnets from 255, 361
Sonnets, by Albin 69. by Shakspeare
255, 361. by the Rev. C. Strong 409
Spring, son net on 409

Strong, Rev. C. sonnets by 408
Thrushes, The 69

Tyrwhitt, Tho. epistle to Florio at Oxford

[blocks in formation]


Including Promotions, Preferments, Births, Marriages, and Deaths.

[blocks in formation]
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