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Dartmoor, mining operations at 85
Darwin, Dr. talents of 17

Davies, Mrs. memoir of 211
Day, ancient division of the 40
De Bathe, ancient family of 375
Decalogue, alteration of by the Church
of Rome 40, 477

De la Rue, Ablé, memoir of 655
Den's Theology, Protestant meeting re-
specting 197

Denmark, assembly of the States 542
Dennington, Suffolk, monumental effi-
gies at 261

Deveril Street, antiquities found at 303
Devon, Earl of, memoir of 89. will of 670
Donne, Dr. John, family of 150. poems

of 342. biographical notices of 622, 623
Drakelow, co. Derby, ancient tenure of

Droscumbe, Devon, ancient tenure of 380
Drunkenness, ancient recipe for 35
Dunstanville, Lord, monument to 669
Durham, Earl of, arrival at Constantino-
ple 542

Earl's Colne, monuments at 226
Earl Grey Steamer, explosion on board
of 312

Edinburgh Review, remarks on 235
Education, General, plan for proposed
to Parliament 81

Egberht, Abp. styca of 471
Egerton, Daniel, memoir of 326
Egypt, plague at 85. Hoskins' Travels
in 637. improvements in 642
Egyptian Antiquities, sale of 187, 298
Elagabalus, Greek coin of 131

Elections, bill for limiting the polls at
82, 309

Elizabeth, Queen, letter to Henry III. of
France 394

tion of Peers 423. liberty of the press
abolished 423. antiquities discovered
in 538, 539. finances of 541. report
on the administration of justice ib.
literature and the arts in 636
Frazer, Col. Sir A. S. death of 218
Frederick Prince of Corsica, notices 385
French Works, in English libraries 479
French Poetry, of the middle ages 570
Fuller, Capt. W. S. memoir of 445
Galatia, notice of 387

Galen, medical skill of 12
Gatton Church, architecture 182
Gentlemen Pensioners, notices of the
Band of 25

Elrington, Bp. memoir of 316
Elstow Priory, questions respecting 338
Emigration, extent of 86. observations

on 353

Erskine, Lord, speeches of 459, 460
Ethered, Sir J. notices of 581
Ethiopia, Hoskins' Travels in 637
Eton Montem, celebration of 86
Exhibitions; the Diorama, Regent's
Park; Panorama, Leicester Square;
and Cosmorama, Regent Street 73
Falkland, Lord, poems of 42, 268, 389
Farming, expenditure and profits of 347
Faustina, Greek coin of 131
Fires, in various parts of London 312. at
Barnes and Barnet ib. at New York
425. Ashburton House 543.
at the
Penitentiary 544
Fishmongers' Hall, building of 511, 562
Florida, conquest of 610
Foundation Stones, origin of laying 513
France, record commission in 140. trial
of political prisoners 193. attempt to
assassinate the King 309.

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Hale, co. Northampton, tenure of 380
Sir Matthew, notices of 62
Hand of St. Patrick 586
Hardwicke Hall, descrip ion of 175
Hardy, Lieut. Col. memoir of 549
Harkercet, ancient tenure of 380
Harrow School, Books of 526
Harvey, Rev. J. memoir of 214

family, queries respecting 338
Heaphy, Thomas, memoir of 661
Hedley, Rev. A. memoir of 435
Hemans, Mrs. memoirs of 94
Henry I. Pipe Roll of 353, 462. state of
the people during his reign 467
VIII. notices of 386

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Homet, in Normandy, tenure of 320
Hopton Family, poetic charter to the 379
Horace, critical remarks on 21, 248,249,

590. odes attributed to 342
Hornsey Church, stained glass in 413
Horse, instincts of the 502, 503
Horwood, co. Lanc, ancient tenure of 380
Hounslow Powder Mills, explosion of 312
Hudibras, lines from, noticed 106
Humboldt, Baron, memoir of 324
Hume " on the Passions," critique on

Hull, descriptive notices of 61
Hunshelfe, co. York, tenure of 381
Hydrostatic Engine, newly-invented 636
Lghtham, Kent, ancient house at 587
Ilbert de Chaz, sepulchral inscription to

India, Journey to the North of 605
Indians, of N. America, sketches of 609,

Industry, on the prospects of 349
Inglis, H. D. memoir of 325
Ireland, bil! for regulating Tithes in 190,
192, 193, 304, 307, 309, 419. bill for
introducing Poor Laws in 192. lay
association for protecting Clergy 643
Iron, duties on, in France, reduced 541
Iron Trade, prosperity of the 644
Islington, new church at 195
Italy, literature of 163, 405. publica-
tions in 194. cholera in 424

James I. anecdotes of 395. letter of, to
Sir G. More 624. his character 625
Jerusalem, description of 499
John, King, Close Rolls of 118
Johnson, Dr. biographical and literary
anecdotes of 451, 563

Juba, name of 384

Julia Domna, Greek coin of 130
Kalisch, grand military spectacle at 424
Kater, Capt. memoir of 324

Kean, Edmund, notices of 521

Keats, Adm. Sir R. G. monument to 668
Kempthorne, Capt. W. memoir of 91
Kensington Proprietary School, exami-
nation at 186
Kidderminster, effigies at 261
King, Capt. A. memoir of 332

King's College, London, prizes 185.
opening of the Session 335
Kingston Church, ancient rood-loft of
destroyed 106

Kingston Seymour Manor House, de-
scription of 370

Knox, Eleazar, notice of 487

La Sainte Chapelle, at Paris 640
Labour, on the condition of 352
Lacock Abbey, historical notices of 63.
ancient gravestone at 377
Laforey, Adm. Sir F. memoir of 427
Land, on the allotments of 352.
Lander, Rich. and John, monument to 86
Lanton, co. Heref. ancient tenure of 381

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Mirabeau, notices of 615

Mirage, on the Mendip Hills 543
Mithridates, etymology of 488

Monasteries, abolition of in Spain 311
Moore, Tho. Illustrations of his Irish Me-
lodies 58

Moorsom, Adm. Sir R. memoir of 321
More, Mrs. Hannah, letter to Rev. W.
L. Bowles 245

Mortality, bill of 103, 223, 335, 447, 559,


Mortier, Marshal, memoir of 315
Motherwell, W. memoir of 659
Mummy, sale of 188, opening of one 301
Munich, tremendous explosion at 84
Musée Depuytren, at Paris 635

Pelasgique, formation of 301
Nash, John, memoir of 437
National Gallery, architectrue of 181
Natural History, gleanings in 501
Naynoe, Col. W. B. memoir of 216
Nelson, Earl, memoir of 647
New River, supply of water by 626
Newman, W. L. monument to 668
Newport, Monmouth, new church at 180
Newspapers, circulation of in Paris 415.
one in the Sandwich Islands ib. cir-
culation of in London 533
Newstead Abbey, visit to 277
Newton, G. S. memoir of 438
Niagara, visit to 612

Nile, Hoskins' Journey along the 637
Norman Poetry, of the middle ages 570
Normandy, architectural antiquities of 18
Norris, J. memoir of 210

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St. Clement's Church, Oxford, architec-
ture of 170

St. Dunstan in the West, altar window
of 36

St. Gervais, church of, at Rouen, de-
scribed 18

St. Nicholas Shambles, old church of 584
St. Patrick, holy hand of 585

St. Pierre, Matilda, sepulchral effigies of

St. Saviour's Church, Southwark, in-
tended restoration of the nave 297
St. Stephen's Chapel, description of 257
St. Vandrille Church described 20
Salt, H. sale of his Egyptian antiquities
187, 298

Sandiford, Rev. Dr. P. death of 554
Sandstone, on curious indentations in 282
Sandwich Islands, newspaper in the 415
Sargent, Capt. W. memoir of 443
Sarum, Old, plan of the cathedral 143.
historical notices of 145. excavations

in the site of 540, 640
Saunders, Thomas, plate presented to 198
Savoy, London, ancient tenure of 381
Say, William, memoir of 660
Schleusner, errors of 387
Schomberg, Capt. Sir C. M. memoir of 90
Science, British Association for the pro-

motion of, fifth anniversary 262
Scott, Rev. J. monument to 669
Scott's "Lady of the Lake," critical no-
tices of 459

Sculpture in Wood, notices of 407
Scutari, surrender of 311

Sea Language, universal system of 636
Seals of the town of Bristol 166. of Dr.
Donne €23

Seiredun and Siplegh, Devon, ancient
tenure of 381

Sellon, Mr. Serjeant, memoir of 651
Semnah, temples of 639
Septimius Severus, Greek coin of 131
Sepulchral Stone found at Cirencester 302
Sepulchral Urn found in Deveril St.303
Serres, Mrs. memoir of 93
Severus, Greek coin of 129
Shakspeare, monument to 76. new facts

regarding 286. on the Sonnets of, and
to whom they were addressed 250, 361
Shares, prices of 103, 223, 335, 447, 559,

Sharp, Richard, memoir of 96
Siber toft, ancient tenure of 381
Sidney, Sir H. costly funeral of 382
Signet, Roman, found near York 302
Slavery, dissensions relative to in Ame-
rica 424. compensation bill for aboli-
tion of 307, 309

Slingsby, Sir T. memoir of 202
Smith, Ald. Christopher, notices of 669
C. L. memoir of 430
Hon. Eliz. memoir of 219
Wm. memoir of 204

Smithfield, East, ancient tenure of 380
Solib, ruins of 638

Somerset, Charles Duke of, letters to
Tonson the bookseller 475
Southmolton, Devon, tenure of 381
Spain, civil war in 83, 194, 311, 424.
popular tumults 310. abolition of the
monasteries 311. Juntas established
423. change of administration 423,
542. opening of the Cortes 641
Spherical Trigonometry, remarks on 631
Stained Glass at Hornsey church 413
Statistical Society, meeting of 634
Stewart's “ Essays on Beauty," critique
on 461

Stirling, Major-Gen. monument to 668
Stocks, prices of 104, 224, 336, 448, 560,

Stoke-by-Guildford, church of 106
Stone, newly invented compositions for 77
Storm at Durham 85
Strangeways, Jehan, meda alttributed to 2
Stratford-upon-Avon, records of 586
Stukeley, Dr. Journal of 149
Submarine Vessel invented at Paris 417
Suffield, Lord, memoir of 317
Sun, orbit of the 537

Sutton, co. Chester, ancient tenure of 381
Swan-marks, rolls of 622

Swift, his opinion of Bolingbroke 113
Sydenham, medical skill of 15
Syracusan Gossips, notices of 576
Sythinge, Norfolk, ancient tenure of 382
Tartars, curious custom of 487
Tea Plant, discoveries of the 636
Temperance Societies in N. America 195
Tennyson, G. memoir of 430

Tenures of Land, curious grants for 48.
relative to archery 379
Theatrical Register 313, 644
Thebes, obelisk at 591

Theobalds, Middlesex, tenure of 382
Thibet, manuscripts from 636
Thorigny, Mayor of suspended 541
Tideswell, family of 450
Tithes in Ireland, bill for regulating 190,

192, 193, 304, 307, 309, 419
Tivoli, new channel for the Arno 84, 641
Todd, Joseph, memoir of 216
Todi, ancient city of 418
Tredegar, new church at 195
Trees, Forest, account of 239
Treviso, Marshal Mortier, Duc de, me-
moir of 315

Trinity, remarks on the 396

Troughton, Edward, memoir of 215
Trueba, Don Telesforo de, memoir of 656
Truro, right to metage of coals 86
Tumulus, British, opened near Scarbo-
rough 540

Tuthill, Sir G. M.D. memoir of 97
Tyler, Adm. Sir C. memoir of 649
Tyrwhitt, Tho. epistle to Florio at Ox-
ford 595

Unicorn, on the existence of the 450, 562
Unitarianism, remarks on 396
United Service Museum, contributions to

Universities, English, bill for repealing
subscription to the Thirty-nine Ar-
ticles 192

Unton, family of 226, 472

Upton, co. Glouc. ancient tenure of 382
Vanities of the Head, ancient medical
recipe for 151

Vases, Roman, found in France 303. in
Apulia 538

Villoison, learning of 341
Wady, &c. ruins of 637
Waldegrave, Earl of, memoir of 316
Wallace, Sir Tho. memoir of 548
Walpole, Horace, anecdotes of 107
Hon. G. memoir of 547
Wanstead Flats, ignition of 312
Warde, Tho. of Trumpington, the per-
sonifier of Richard II. 56, 57
Wastie, John, memoir of 432

Water, supply of to the Metropolis 626
Westminster, ancient boundaries of 514
Westminster Hall, original architecture
of 79

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Wiclif, monument in honour of 30
Williams Dr. G. inscription to the me-
mory of 247

Willis, Dr. J. memoir of 549
Wills, bill for the execution of 82
Witchcraft, ancient recipe for expelling 34
Wolverhampton, riots at 86
Worcester Cathedral, remarks on 404
Wrotting, co.Glouc ancient tenure of 382
Wymondham Abbey, discoveries in exca-
vating the foundations of 516
Wyndham, Sir W. on the death of 372
Wythe, Rev. 7. death of 554
Young, Major-Gen. B. memoir of 328
York, discoveries in excavating the
foundations of 302

Zemes, image of in Hispaniola 388
Zoological Society, proceedings of the 75,


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