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the respectable firm of Grosvenor and Chater, stationers, of Cornhill. While giving evidence before the Lord Mayor, at the Mansion-house, in favour of his servant, he was so affected that he burst a blood vessel internally, and immediately dropped into the arms of the Marshal, and expired.

Aug. 30. Aged 69, Thomas Nelson Pickering, esq. Chief Clerk and Secretary to the East London Water Works Com. pany. He was the Solicitor when the Act of Parliament was obtained by which the Company was established in 1807, and held the above situation from that time with high honour and integrity.

Aug. 31. In Park Crescent, the Rt. Hon. Clementina Countess of Airlie and Lintrathen. She was the only child of the late Gavin Drummond, esq. was married Oct. 7, 1812, and has left a son, Lord Ogilvy, and four daughters. Sept. 1. In Albemarle-st. aged 87, Catherine, widow of Jonathan Worrell, esq. of Juniper Hall, Micklebam.

Sept. 2. At the Brunswick Hotel, Jermyn-st. Alexander Rogerson, esq. of St. Petersburg.

In his 80th year, John Nesham, esq. of Spencer place, Brixton-road.

At Dulwich, in his 21st year, John William, only child of Charles Ranken, esq. of Gray's Inn.

Sept. 4. At Deptford, aged 85, Arthur Putt, esq.

Sept. 6. In Conduit-st. J. Orange, esq. of Goodshill, near Tenterden.

Sept. 7. At Clapham Common, aged 83, Mary, the wife of T. Poynder, esq. Sept. 11. At Sydenham, in her 80th year, Elizabeth, widow of Francis Kemble, esq. of Clapham Common.

Sept. 12. At her brother's (the Hon. Colonel Townshend), Charles-st. Berkley-sq. in her 75th year, the Hon. Georgiana Townshend, 34 years housekeeper at Windsor Castle; aunt to Viscount Sydney, the Duke of Buccleuch, Viscountess Marsham, the late Viscountess Stopford, &c. sister to Lady Dynevor, to the late Duchess of Buccleuch, and to the late Countess of Chatham.

At Bayswater, aged 71, Edward Owen, esq. late of the firm of Messrs. Wilcoxon and Co. Lombard-st.

At Fair-oak Lodge, aged 12, FredericaGeorgiana-Augusta, daughter of RearAdm. the Hon. Sir C. Paget.

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BUCKS.-Aug. 20. At Little Missenden, aged 80, Mrs. Cleaver, widow of the Bishop of St. Asaph. She was the sister of William Asheton, esq. of Lancashire, was married in 1779, and had a large family. The Bishop died in 1815.

CHESHIRE.-Sept. 7. At Chester, aged 86, Mrs. Anne Glynne, great-aunt to Sir S. R. Glynne, Bart, and aunt to Sir W. E. Welby, Bart. She was the 5th dau. of Sir John Glynne the 6th Bart. by Honora, dau. of Henry, son and heir of Sir John Conway, of Boadrydden, co. Flint, Bart.

CORNWALL. Aug. 17. At Bonythonhouse, aged 73, Jonathan Passingham, esq. of Hendur, Merionethshire, and one of the Deputy Lieutenants of Cornwall.

Aug. 21. Aged 49, Lieut.- Col. Loftus Gray, Lieut.-Governor of Pendennis castle. He was appointed Ensign 1799, in a rifle corps 1800, Lieut. 95th foot 1803, Captain 1807, brevet Major 1814, Lieut. Col. 1830.

CUMBERLAND.-Sept. 2. At Irthington, aged 41, Ruth, dau. of the Rev. J. Topping, Vicar.

Sept. 13. At Camberwell, aged 72, Catherine, relict of J. Alcock, of Kings. wood, esq.

In Upper Brook-street, aged 7 months, Mary, inf. dau. of Sir J. M. Burgoyne, Bt. Sept. 4. In Tavistock-square, A. Rev. Wm. Radford, Rector of Lapford M'Donnell, esq. formerly of Belfast.

and Nymet Rowland, eldest dau. of the

DEVON.-Aug. 26. At Newport, near Barnstaple, aged 50, Lieut. John Gibbs Bird, R.N.

Sept. 7. At Southmolton, aged

65, Harriet- Prestwood, widow of the

Rev. John Froude, Vicar of Knowstone and Molland.

Sept. 13. At Alphington, near Exeter, aged 73, George Scott, esq. formerly of Purley Oaks, Surrey.

DORSET.-July 27. At Leweston, in her 15th year, Jane, only dau. of the Rev. J. Ward, Rector of Compton Greenfield, Glouc.

Lately. At Weymouth, aged 3 years, Mr. Eliot, son of the Archdeacon of Barbadoes.

At Weymouth, Major-Gen. Martin Campbell Cole. He was a son of Capt. Cole, R.N. and entered the Royal Marines as Second Lieut. 1776, became First Lieut. 1778, Captain 1793, brevet Major 1802, in R. M. 1803, Lieut.-Col. R. M. 1816, Colonel in the army 1814, and Major-General 1821. He was in constant employment during the war.

ESSEX.-Aug. 28. At Leyton, aged 44, Elizabeth, wife of R. Barclay, esq. of London, banker.

Sept. 8 At Ilford, aged 57, R. Bagster, esq. formerly of Piccadilly.

At Berkeley,

GLOUCESTER.Lately. Lieut. A. Robertson, R.N.

At Cheltenham, aged 87, Rd. Harrison, esq. Remembrancer of the First Fruits and Tenths of the Clergy.

At Brislington House, near Bristol, aged 74, Edward Long Fox, M.D.

Sept. 2. At Cheltenham, aged 72, the Right Hon. Charlotte dowager Viscountess Doneraile, sister to the Earl of Bandon. She was the 5th dau. of James Bernard, esq. M.P. for co. Cork, by Esther, youngest dau. of Percy Smyth, esq. was married Sept 3, 1785, to Hayes 2d Viscount Doneraile, who died Nov. 8, 1819, having had issue the present Viscount, another son who died young, and three daughters. HANTS.-July 17. Aged 24 years, Cecilia-Barbara-Harriet, eldest dau. of Major Maughan, of the Royal Marines, Portsmouth; and on the 19th, aged 43, Mary his wife, having survived her dau. only two days.

July 19. At Portsmouth, Lieutenant Browne, R. E.

Aug. 26. At Southampton, Captain William Sargent, R.N. He was a native of Durham, and commenced his nautical life in the merchant service. He obtained the rank of Lieutenant in 1799, and was made Commander in 1813. In the following year he served as a volunteer with Capt. Edmund Palmer, who acknowledged having derived the greatest assistance from his professional ability during the action between the Hebrus and l'Etoile, which ended in the capture of the French frigate after an obstinate

contest of two hours and a quarter. In 1810, Captain Sargent was present at the battle of Algiers, in command of the Cordelia brig, of ten guns; and he subsequently commanded the Mutine sloop, on the Irish station. His promotion to post rank took place Aug. 12, 1819.

At Andover, aged 57, Richard Footner, esq. many years an active magis


HERTS.-Aug. 19. At the Bury, Hemel Hempstead, aged 73, H. Grover, esq. Sept. 6. At Childwick Hall, St. Alban's, Belle- Agnes Durant, third dau. of George Durant, esq. Tong Castle, Salop.

HUNTS.-Aug. 27. At the Priory, St. Neot's, aged 77, Anne, widow of Owsley Rowley, Esq.

KENT.-Sept. 1. At Tunbridge Wells, aged 13, Charlotte-Helen- Augusta, 2nd dau. of Sir Augustus Clifford.

Sept. 6. At the Falcon-hotel, Gravesend, Eliza, wife of the Hon. Charles Petre, of Brentwood, Essex. Two days before, this lady, with her husband, two children, and a female servant, took boat at Tilbury Fort, to be put on board a Margate steamer; when, by the unskilfulness of the boatman, the boat got under the wheel of the steamer, and the whole were thrown into the water, and narrowly escaped from drowning. She was a natural daughter of Chas. Edw. Howard, esq. brother to the present Duke of Norfolk; and was married May 31, 1822.

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NORTHAMPTONSHIRE.-Aug. 26. Aged 56, Charles Rattray, M.D. of Daventry. NORTHUMBERLAND. · At Newcastleupon-Tyne, Mr. R. Goodlad, paperstamper. He was a native of Conisbro', near Doncaster, where he has left property to his brother, nephews, and nieces, all in humble circumstances, to the amount of between 30,000 and 40,0007.

NOTTS.-Aug. 31. At the seat of Henry Martin, esq. Colston Bassett, Urith Amelia, only surviving daughter of the late F. Edmunds, of Worsbrough, York, esq.

SALOP-July 12. At his son's house in Ludlow, Capt. John Meyrick, who had been an officer of the Shropshire militia nearly 40 years, and more than 30 years one of the Adjutants of that regiment. Aug. 22. Francis Hurt Sitwell, esq.

of Bucknall.

SOMERSET. Aug. 20. At Bath, Anne Isabella, aged 17, dau. of F. F. Pinder, esq. late of Barbadoes.

Aug. 22. At Bath, Charlotte, wife of George Law, esq. of Lincoln's-inn and Montagu-place.

At Bath, aged 83, the widow of Col. Francis.

Aug. 23. At Bruton, at an advanced age, Anne, eldest dau. of the late Husband Messiter, esq. M. D. and late of Twickenham.

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Minier, esq. of Oakfield-lodge, and of the Royal terrace, Adelphi.

SURREY.—Aug. 28. At East Sheen, Nathaniel William Peach, esq. of Savilerow, London; Ketteringham-ball, Nor. folk; and Hyde, co. Dorset.

Sept. 4. At Upper Tooting, aged 62, G. Ross, esq. of Chapel-street, Grosvenor-place, and of Lapworth, Warwick. shire.

Sept. 5.

At Croydon, aged 70, W.

Sept. 7. At Carshalton, aged 21, Susanna Maria, dau. of the late Joseph Estridge, esq. of Carshalton-lodge. Sept. 12. At Ham Common, aged 22, J. T. Sutton, esq. only son of the late Admiral Sir John Sutton, K. C.B.

Sept. 13. At Putney, aged 85, Mrs. Elizabeth Dearlove.

SUSSEX.-July 5. At Tilgate Lodge, aged 66, Sir Edw. Banks, of the firm of Jolliffe and Banks, the celebrated contractors for public works. He rose from the humblest grade by his own abilities, and owed his fortune principally to the contracts which he took with the Rev. Mr. Jolliffe, under the superintendence of Rennie. He received the honour of knighthood, June 12, 1822.

Aug. 19. At Brighton, aged 35, Marianne, widow of the Rev. Sir Christopher Musgrave, Bart. of Edenhall, Cumb. She was the dau. of Edw. Hasell, esq. was married in Sept. 1825, and left a widow May 11, 1834.

Lately. At Brighton, Lieut.and Ridingmaster T. W. Lloyd, 4th dragoons.

Sept. 1. At Hastings, aged 65, Frances Mary Anne, widow of Joseph Hume, esq. of the General Post Office.

Sept. 10. At Brighton, aged 47, William Stephen Fuller, esq. a Post Captain R.N. and a Deputy Lieut. of Sussex; brother to Sir T. T. Fuller-Eliott-Drake, Bart. He was the third surviving son of the late John Trayton Fuller, esq. of Ashdown house, Sussex, by his second wife the Hon. Anne Eliott, only daughter and heiress of George-Augustus Lord Heathfield, K.B. He obtained his first commission in Nov. 1808; was made a Commander in June 1815; appointed to the Wellesley 74 in 1827; and advanced to post rank in 1828. He married Miss Eliza White, of Devonshire, but we believe had no issue; in which case his younger brother Rose-Henry, Capt. R.N. has become heir presumptive to the Baronetcy.

WARWICK.-July 17. Aged 84, John Huskisson, esq. of Nuneaton Fields.


Aug. 20. At Birmingham, Dr. ChesAbout a month before he sustained considerable injury in the head by a fall from his gig, the effects of which occasioned him so much suffering, as frequently to throw him into a state of excitement amounting to complete abberra. tion of mind. During one of these distressing visitations he retired to his study, and shot himself through the head with a pocket pistol.

Aug. 21. At Kirkland, aged 86, Geo.

Yates, esq.

Aug. 25. At the house of his brother the Rev. Benjamin Winthropp, of Snitterfield, aged 29, Stephen, third son of the late Stephen John Winthropp, M.D.

Lately. Aged 53, John Musgrave Lamb, esq. of Warwick.

At Highgate, near Birmingham, aged 83, Elizabeth, widow of William Wallis Mason, esq.

Sept. 2. At the house of her sonin-law Mr. Young, in Leamington, aged 75, Mary, relict of the late Rev. John Cundall, of Kingston-upon-Thames.

Sept. 3. Wilson Lloyd, son of Sam. Lloyd, esq. banker, of Birmingham. Sept. 6. At Rugby, in her 70th year, Anne, wife of the Rev. R. R. Bloxam, D.D. only surviving sister of the late Sir Thomas Lawrence, P. R. A.

Sept. 11. Aged 83, James Woolley, esq. of Summerfield House, near Birmingham.

WILTS-Lately. Aged 71, Mr. Fras. Child, upwards of 30 years a member of the Corporation of Calne.

At Rowde, at an advanced age, Mrs. Elizabeth Sutton, aunt of Wadham Locke, esq. M.P.

Aug. 17. At Salisbury, in his 20th year, Charles John, second son of the late Rev. William Sandford Wapshare.

Sept. 3. At Stourhead, aged 85, Mr. Davis, who has held the situation of butler and house-steward to Sir R. C. Hoare, Bart. for a period of more than 50 years. WORCESTER-Lately. At Moreton court, William Thackwell, esq.

Aug. 19. At the Grove, Worcester, aged 84, John Tymbs, esq.

YORK-Aug. 18. Drowned at Hull, by the upsetting of a boat, Ensign Turton Gore Browne, 22d regt. son of Major T. Gore Browne, Royal Art.

Aug. 28. At Heslington West, near Malton, Miss Dolly Baldwin, eldest dau. of the late Dr. Baldwin, M.D. of Preston. WALES.-May 1. At Presteign, Radnorshire, Capt. Higgins, unattached. July 23. At Pen-y-Pound House, Abergavenny, aged 54, Thomas Davis, esq. solicitor.

Lately. At Cothel, Glamorganshire, the wife of Adm. Sir C. Tyler, K.C.B.

Aug. 20. At Robeston Hall, Pembrokeshire, Maria, the beloved wife of W. H. Scourfield, esq. M.P. for the town and county of Haverfordwest. Sept. 2. At Aberystwith, aged 55, J. Birkett, esq. of the Bank of England, and of Holles-street, Cavendish-square.

Sept. 4. At Swansea, in her 21st year, Eliza, wife of Gilbert F. Græme Mathison, esq. of the Royal Mint. Sept. 8. James Gutherie, esq. of Llanelly.

SCOTLAND.-May 10. At Dumbarton Capt. G. Hamill, unattached.

Aug. 2. At Portobello, aged 57, Capt. Francis H. Ansell, late of 74th reg.

Aug. 28. At Dingwall, Rosshire,

aged 28, Mary, eldest daughter of the late Provost Robertson of that place.

Aug. 31. At Fasque, Kincardine

shire, the residence of his brother, R. Gladstone, esq. of Liverpool.

Lately. In Burns-street, Dumfries, aged 63, Ann, wife of Mr. Robert Burns, retired officer of Somerset-house, and eldest son of the Bard. Her body was deposited in the Burns mausoleum.

At Edinburgh, aged 54, Lieut. Joseph Fowler, Military Knight of Windsor, and late of the corps of Royal Veterans.

Sept. 12. At Park-house near Glasgow, aged 78, Robt. Walkinshaw, esq. of the county of Renfrew.

IRELAND.-March 28. At his seat near Athy, Col. Fitzgerald. He entered the army in 1794-5, and accompanied Sir Ralph Abercrombie through all his glorious victories, during which he honourably distinguished himself, and procured the high promotion he enjoyed up to 1809, when he retired from the service.

May 31. At Newbridge, in his 22d year, the Hon. Joshua Vanneck, Lieut. 1st dragoons, eldest son of Lord Huntingfield.

June 29. At Kinsale, John C. Harnett, esq. late of 27th regt.

July 5. At Moss-hill, co. Roscommon, Lieut. Conroy, h. p. 4th regt.

July 27. At Carrickfergus, aged 75, Capt. Lenox Thompson, R.N. He was made Lieut. 1780, Commander 1799, and Post Captain 1802.

Aug. 11. At Ballynock-house, co. Antrim, Lieut. James Stannus, R. N. Aug. 13. At Tullamore barracks. King's Co., Capt. W. S. Rawson, of the 82d regiment, youngest son of B. Rawson, esq. of Nidd-hall, Yorkshire.

Aug. 17. At Passage East, co. Waterford, aged 78, Lt. Dav. Richardson, R.N.

Aug. 25. Patrick Power, esq. of Bellevue, co. Waterford, M.P. for that county. He was returned to Parliament for the first time at the last election, and was in his politics a Reformer.

Lately. At Youghal, Capt. John Manning Maillen, late 99th reg.

Sept. 1. At Kingstown, near Dublin, whilst on a visit to the Rev. W. Digby, Anne, widow of the late Matthew Wyatt, esq. formerly of the Inner Temple, barrister-at-law, and many years resident police magistrate of the Lambeth-street district.

Sept. 7. At Ballynoe, co. Limerick, the seat of Wm. Cox, esq. aged 57, Ro

setta, wife of the late John Ormsby Vandeleur, esq., Lieut. - Col. 5th dragoon gds.

EAST INDIES.-Feb. 14. At Kamptee, Major. Gen. Faris, 1st Madras cavalry.

Lately. At Calcutta, aged 38, JosephLawson, 5th son of the late Rev. C. Whatley, Rector of Aston Ingham, Herefordshire.

Capt. C. J. F. Pottinger, 17th Bombay N. Inf. eldest son of the late Eldred Curwen Pottinger, esq. Mount Pottinger, Devonshire. He fell in a desperate action between a small party of the Rajcote Force and a great body of the insurgents of Goozerat.

April 13. At Ahmedabad, Major T. D. Morris, of the Bombay Army, eldest son of Thomas Morris, esq. Collector of the Customs, Bristol.

April 16. At Kullardgee, Ensign Robert Hodson, Bombay Army, aged 23 years, third son of Col. Hodson, and grandson of Sir W. W. Doveton, of St. Helena.

WEST INDIES.-April 16. At Trinidad, Lieut.-Col. Henry Hardy, 19th regt. June 7. At Antigua, Lieut. C. M. Burrows, 36th regt.

June 30. At Jamaica, the third son of Thos. Bewes, esq. M. P. for Plymouth.

July 17. At Jamaica, aged 29, W. Henry, Esq. the youngest son of Alexander Henry, esq. of Winchester-place, Pentonville.

July 23. At Antigua, Wm. West, esq. M.D.

ABROAD.-Feb. 26. At sea, Lieut. Campbell, 20th regt.

April 27. At Florence, in his 45th year, Giovita Caravaglia, who succeeded Morghen as Professor at the Florentine Academy; a native of Padua. He was considerably advanced in an engraving from The Assumption of the Madonna,' a well-known picture in the Jesuits' Church, at Genoa, by Guido.

April 30. Near Algoa Bay, drowned in attempting to rescue a man who had fallen overboard, Lieuts. John Gore and J. L. Fitzgerald, of his Majesty's ship Melville. The former jumped overboard; the latter was lost with eight other seamen, from the swamping of his boat. Thus eleven lives in the whole were lost. Lieut. Gore was the son of Vice-Adm. Sir John Gore; and Lieut. Fitzgerald was son of Adm. Fitzgerald of Bath. May 12. At Newfoundland, Lieut. Hollingworth, R. A.

July 2. At Ancaster, in Upper Ca nada, aged 33, Otto, youngest surviving son of the late Edward Otto Ives, esq. of Tichfield, Hants.

July 10. At Pau, Basses Pyrennees, Miss Elizabeth Cherry, only daughter of the late P. Cherry, esq.

July 18.

At Chamarande, near Paris, aged 63, T. R. Underwood, esq. F. G.S. He was an excellent artist and a perfect judge of the arts. Geology seems to have been his principal study, and, as a naturalist, he had accumulated an immense variety of observations. He wrote a "Narrative of Memorable Events in Paris during the Capitulation, and during the Occupancy of that City by the Allied Armies in the year 1814; being Extracts from the Journal of a Detenu, who continued a Prisoner, on parole, in the French Capital, from the year 1803 to 1814; also, Anecdotes of Buonaparte's Journey to, Residence at, and Return from Elba." Published with a Preface and concluding Remarks, by J. Britton, F.S.A. &c. 8vo.

July 20. At St. Germains-en-Laye, aged 60, Mary Dorothy, only dau. of the Rev. Dr. Turkington, of Stukeley, Hunts.

July 27. At Ostend, P. Boyle, esq. M.D. surgeon R. N.

July 30. At Interlacken, in Switzerland, drowned when bathing, aged 18, Charles Stuart, Ensign 25th Regt. third son of Gen. the Hon. Sir Patrick Stuart, uncle to Lord Blantyre.

Aug. 1.__ At St. Ómer, age 49, Charles Harrison Batty, esq.

Aug 9. At Mannheim, in the Grand Duchy of Baden, aged 41, Susanne Francois, wife of Henry de la Chaumette, esq.

Aug. 14. At Splugen, in Switzerland, Thomas Allott Osborn, esq. of the Inner Temple.

Aug. 18. At Paris, in his 80th year, M. Dulaure, author of the " Histoire de Paris et ses Environs," and who was a Member successively of the Constituent Assembly, the National Convention, the Council of Five Hundred, and the Legislative Body.

Aug. 21. At Boulogne, aged 41, John George Herbert Griffies Williams, esq. eldest son of Sir George Griffies Williams, Bart. of Llaney Wormwood, county of Caermarthen. He married June 4, 1816, Mary-Anne, only dau. of Joseph Shawe, of Bath, esq. and had issue a son and heir Henry, born in 1817.

Aug. 27. At Heidelberg, aged seven months, Reginald-Boothby, only son of Walter Nugent, of Dublin, esq.

Lately. At Rome, Pinelli, the painter. Dante's Paradiso," illustrated by him, was laid upon his bier, and his remains were carried to the church amidst a troop of artists bearing torches, and students bearing cypress boughs. His bust is to be placed in the Capitol.

At Paris, both by suicide, Robert, the painter of the celebrated picture of "Les Moissonneurs ;" and Baron Gros, the

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