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The following gentlemen appeared before the board on behalf of the public utility corporations and railroad companies as set opposite their respective names : Mr. A. M. Ardery.

.Virginia and Truckee Railway Co. Mr. H. A. Brown....

.Tonopah and Goldfield Railroad Co.
Mr. D. V. Cowden.......

..The Pullman Company.
Central Pacific Railway Co.

Nevada and California Railway Co.
Mr. E. E. Caine........

..Globe Express Co.

Western Pacific Railway Co. Mr. C. S. Chandler.......

..Nevada Northern Railway Co. Col. L. G. Cannon..

.Nevada Northern Railway Co. Mr. H. D. Jones....

Western Union Telegraph Co. Mr. F. M. Jenifer......

.Tonopah and Tidewater Railroad Co.

Bullfrog and Goldfield Railroad Co. Mr. F. E. Murphy.......

Virginia and Truckee Railway Co. Mr. H. I. Moore..

.Nevada Copper Belt Railroad Co. Mr. Rogers......

„American Express Co. Mr. C. 0. Whittemore...

..American Express Co.

Las Vegas and Tonopah Railroad Co.
Mr. F. A. Waters.....

San Pedro, Los Angeles and Salt Lake.
Caliente and Pioche Railroad Co.
Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe R. R. Co.




Carson City, NEVADA, January 8, 1912. This being the second Monday in January and the day fixed by law for the annual meeting of the State Board of Assessors, the board assembled in the Governor's office, State Capitol, at 10:35 o'clock a. m., with Governor Tasker L. Oddie, as Chairman, and Austin Jackson, Secretary to the Governor, as Clerk of the board.

The State Board of Revenue also met with the State Board of Assessors.

Governor Oddie—The meeting will please come to order, and I will
ask the Secretary to call the roll.
The following-named Assessors answered present:
J. W. Sitton......

Churchill County
S. R. Whitehead...

.Clark County
W. M. Weathers..

Elko County
W. A. Ingalls..

.Esmeralda County
H. C. McTerney..

Eureka County
H. M. Leonard...

IIumboldt County
II. R. Lemaire.

.Lander County
A. II. Norris.

Lincoln County
Eugene Grutt..

Mineral County
Ed Malley.

Nye County
Ed Regan..

Ormsby County
Phil Seeman

Storey County
John Hayes..

Washoe County
J. F. Miles

White Pine County
Andrew Arrild, Douglas County, absent, with

Leo Springmeyer, Chairman of the Board of
County Commissioners of Douglas County,

present and answering to the roll-call.

D. P. Randall..................Lyon County (absent) Attorney-General Baker— The Secretary should call the roll of the State Board of Revenue.

Governor Oddie-I will ask the Secretary to call the roll of the State Board of Revenue.

State Controller Eggers-You should place that before the State Board of Assessors.

The Clerk-I am following the order of the last meeting.
Upon roll-call the following answered present:

Tasker L. Oddie, Chairman.
Cleveland H. Baker, Attorney-General.

J. Eygers, State Controller. Governor Oddie-Mr. Randall sent word that he would be here a little later. Is he coming by auto?

The Clerk-I think he is.


Governor Oddie-Mr. Jackson is the Clerk of the board, and I will ask Mr. Adamson to act as stenographer. Last year I appointed a committee on the order of business. Is it satisfactory with you gentlemen to do the same thing at this time?

Attorney-General Baker requests that some member make a motion to that effect.

Mr. Lemaire-I make a motion that a committee of five be appointed on order of business.

Mr. Malley-I second that motion,
The question was put by the Chairman, and the motion carried.

Mr. Ingalls—Would it not be better to have the full board present before that committee is appointed ?

Governor Oddie-It might be just as well. If it is satisfactory to you all we can postpone the meeting for a half hour or an hour or so.

Mr. Lemaire—There is no need to have a full board. They will all be here this afternoon and we can have a recess until then.

Governor Oddie-We have a quorum now. Last year we took a recess until afternoon. In the meantime I picked out five members from this board. If it is satisfactory to the board I will name the same five members for this committee who were on last year, because they are familiar with all that was done, and I think this will expedite matters. They were Mr. Leonard of Humboldt, Mr. Lemaire of Lander, Mr. Norris of Lincoln, Mr. Malley of Nye, and Mr. Regan of Ormsby. So if it is satisfactory to the rest of the board, and because these five gentlemen are familiar with all that was done, I think it will be advisable to appoint them and take a recess.

Mr. Lemaire-I would like to ask, as one of the members, if any of the members here know of any change that should be made in that order of business that we had last year. Now would be the time to find out when we are all here.

Mr. Norris-Ilas there been any new railroads built ?

Governor Oddie—That is something that would come under the head of railroads during the progress of the regular order of business.

Mr. Norris-Miscellaneous railroads would cover that, so we are safe.

Governor Oddie-I hope there is something new in that line. I would suggest that we take a recess until 2 o'clock. Does the Chair hear a motion to that effect?

Mr. Malley-I move that we take a recess until 2 o'clock. Mr. Randall will be here at that time.

Mr. Lemaire-I second the motion.
The question was put by the Chairman, and the motion carried.

Attorney-General Baker-I would suggest that the reason Mr. Randall is not present be filed with the Secretary and be put in the minutes. He is supposed to be hear, and the reason why he is not should show in the minutes and he can be excused later on. The law requires him to be in attendance when the board meets, and if not present, the reason for his absence should be set forth in the minutes.

The Clerk-IIe phoned here about an hour and a half ago or an hour
and a quarter and said he would be right in as soon as he could get here.
He called up the Governor.
Accordingly at 11:10 a. m., the board took a recess until 2 p. m.

Afternoon Session
The board resumed its session, pursuant to recess, at 2 p. m.

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