The Cambridge Platonists

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C. A. Patrides
Cambridge University Press, 6 нояб. 1980 г. - Всего страниц: 343
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This volume contains the selected discourses of four seventeenth-century philosophers, carefully chosen to illustrate the tenets characteristic of the influential movement known as Cambridge Platonism. Fundamental to their beliefs is the statement most clearly voiced by Benjamin Whichcote, their leader by common consent, that the spiritual is not opposed to the rational, nor Grace to nature. Religion is based on reason, even in the presence of 'mystery'. Free will and Grace are not mutually exclusive. The editor's comprehensive introduction delineates the main principles of the Cambridge Platonists, in the light of their heritage. It compares their attitude to contemporary thought, stressing their mistrust both of institutionalised religion and of the rising tide of materialism. The sermons are reprinted from the original texts and fully annotated with comparisons and references to a wide range of works. The editor also includes a useful list for further reading, biographical notes and a comprehensive index.

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The Use of Reason in Matters of Religion
The Manifestation of Christ and the Deification of Man
The Unity of the Church maintained by sincere Christians
A Sermon preached before the House of Commons
The True Way or Method of attaining to Divine Knowledge
The Excellency and Nobleness of True Religion
The Purification of a Christian Mans Soul
An Antidote against Atheism Books III
The Digression concerning the Plastick Life of Nature or
Selections from Whichcotes Moral and Religious
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