Rethinking Materiality: The Engagement of Mind with the Material World

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Elizabeth DeMarrais, Chris Gosden, Colin Renfrew
McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, 2004 - Всего страниц: 280
What is the relationship between mind and ideas on the one hand, and the material things of the world on the other? In recent years, researchers have rejected the old debate about the primacy of the mind or material, and have sought to establish more nuanced understandings of the ways humans interact with their material worlds. In this volume alternative approaches are presented, deriving from a wide variety of theoretical perspectives. Contributors debate the significance of key thresholds in the human past, including sedentism, domestication, and the emergence of social inequality and their impact on changing patterns of human cognition, symbolic expression, and technological innovation. In its global coverage and its broad theoretical scope, this landmark volume offers an innovative and comprehensive assessment of current thinking and future directions.

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The Materialization of Culture
Towards a Theory of Material Engagement
Implications for Archaeology
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