Dictionary of Inorganic Compounds

Лицевая обложка
Jane E. Macintyre
CRC Press, 23 июл. 1992 г. - Всего страниц: 5400
The Dictionary of Inorganic Compounds presents fundamental information on more than 42,000 of the most important and useful inorganic compounds-each screened for inclusion according to rigorous criteria. With its combination of numerical, textual, and bibliographic data, you typically can find all the information you need in this one publication. Organized according to empirical name and indexed by name, structural type, and CAS Registry number, each entry includes:
  • Compound name, synonyms and physical description
  • CAS Registry number
  • Formula and formula weight
  • Structural type with a diagram or description
  • Source or synthesis
  • Stability, solubility, melting and boiling points, sublimations conditions, and vapor pressure
  • Hazard/toxicity
  • Spectroscopic information
  • References

    Supplements to the main work-available separately-provide information on newer compounds and revised data on compounds already listed. Indexes in the second and subsequent supplements are cumulative, providing quick access to entries in all the supplements from a single index.
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