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ties, being composed of antiquarian trifling not justified by its accuracy, and little touches of spleen scarcely redeemed by their wit. It is not this, however, that would have induced the author to vindicate his own labours, which, as they must be open to much substantial criticism, historical and scientific, would be fortunate to escape with no greater shock than what may be received from Mr Riddell's pedigree-picking. But a manifest tendency, throughout the whole critique, to cast suspicion upon certain antiquarian proofs relied upon in the Memoirs, and to give rise to vague ideas of old fabrications and forgeries—ideas only deriving weight from being suggested by an antiquary who is understood to be devoted to researches of the kind—seemed imperatively to call for a vindication, which the author has endeavoured to render interesting to the general reader.

Edinburgh, June 1835.


1. Charter-Seal of Malcolm V. Earl of Levenax, preserved in

the Chapter-House at Westminster, - Title-page.

2. Privy-seal or Signet of the same Earl, also preserved there.
This was the friend of King Robert Bruce, and he who died

at Halidonhill 1333, ... - page 162

3. Charter. Seal of Donald of Ballcorrach, referredtoin the Case

for Woodhead, p. 56, 37

4. Armorial carving referred to in the Case for Woodhead, ib.

5. Charter-Seal of Alexander, 1st Napier of Merchiston, 169

6. Charter-Seal of Alexander, 2d Napier of Merchiston, ib.

7. Charter-Seal of John, 3d Napier of Merchiston, - ib.

8. Carving of the Shield-Matrimonial of Napier of Wrychtis-
houssis, date 1399, 183

9. Do. do. date 1450, 184
10. Do. do. date 1513, 185

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