Sass and Compass for Designers

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Packt Publishing Ltd, 25 апр. 2013 г. - Всего страниц: 274
A step-by-step tutorial guide, taking you through how to build a responsive Sass and Compass powered website.If you understand HTML and CSS, this book is all you need to take your code to the next level with Sass and Compass. No prior understanding of CSS preprocessors or programming conventions is needed.

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About the Reviewers
Responsive and Flexible Grids with Sass and Compass
Sass comment formats
Getting Started with Sass and Compass
Prefix Suffix and
Creating a mixin to easily handle media gueries
How the MQ media guery mixin works
Gzip and CSS compression victory
Easy CS83 Image Sprites and More with Compass
Multiple columns
Background gradients
Adding background images with the Compass imageurl helper

Push and Pull
Subpixel rounding issues

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Ben Frain has been a frontend web designer/developer since 1996. He also works as a technology journalist, mcontributing regularly to a number of diverse publications on the Mac platform, consumer technology, website design, and the aviation industry.Before that, he worked as an underrated (and modest) TV actor, having graduated from Salford University with a degree in Media and Performance. He has written four equally underrated (his opinion) screenplays and still harbors the (fading) belief he might sell one. Outside of work he enjoys simple pleasures; playing indoor football while his body (and wife) still allow it, and wrestling with his son. Visit him online at and follow him on Twitter at

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