Disease Pathways: An Atlas of Human Disease Signaling Pathways

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Disease Pathways: An Atlas of Human Disease Signaling Pathways is designed to fill a void of illustrated reviews about the cellular mechanisms of human diseases. It covers 42 of the most common non-oncologic diseases and illustrates the connections between the molecular causes of the disease and its symptoms. This resource provides readers with detailed information about the disease molecular pathways, while keeping the presentation simple.

Pathway models that aggregate the knowledge about protein–protein interactions have become indispensable tools in many areas of molecular biology, pharmacology, and medicine. In addition to disease pathways, the book includes a comprehensive overview of molecular signaling biology and application of pathway models in the analysis of big data for drug discovery and personalized medicine.

This is a must-have reference for general biologists, biochemists, students, medical workers, and everyone interested in the cellular and molecular mechanisms of human disease.

  • Over 145 full-color illustrations of the molecular and cellular cascades underlying the disease pathology.
  • Disease pathways are based on computational models from Elsevier’s Disease Pathway Collection, published for the first time outside of Pathway Studio® commercial software.
  • Each relationship on the pathway models is supported by references to scientific articles and can be examined at freely available online resources.

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Part II Human disease pathways
Part III Pathway analysis perspectivesadvantages
Glossary and index

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Об авторе (2019)

Dr. Nesterova is a senior scientist in the Life Science Research and Development Department at Elsevier with a focus on mammalian genetics and human diseases. For five years, her team compiled signaling pathways for over 250 diseases using the Elsevier Pathway StudioTM software and database.

Dr. Anton Yuryev works as the Professional Services Director at Elsevier and is responsible for development of targeted bioinformatics solutions using Elsevier software and knowledge bases for areas of drug research, personalized medicine and agrobiology.

Dr. Eugene A. Klimov is Head of the group of Medical and Veterinary Genetics in the Faculty of Biology and is the lecturer at Lomonosov Moscow State University. Dr. Klimov has 15 years of experience in structural and functional genomics, molecular biology, viral and neurological diseases.

Dr. Maria Zharkova, Novel Software Systems employee, working as a scientist at the Life Science Research and Development Department at Elsevier with primary research interests in protein biology and biochemistry.

Dr. Maria Shkrob has 7 years of experience in the bioinformatics industry, working on the solutions for text and data mining. At Elsevier, she works as a Consultant for Elsevier Professional Services applying the rich R&D Solutions portfolio to address customers’ needs.

Natalia Ivanikova, PhD, Novel Software Systems employee, works as a senior scientist at the Content and Innovation group at Elsevier's Operations division with a focus on the automated construction of biological knowledge bases using natural language processing technologies.

Sergei Sozin, M.D., Novel Software Systems employee, works as a scientist at the Life Science Research and Development Department at Elsevier with a focus on internal medicine, hematology, cancer biology, oncogenomics, and clinical trials.

Dr. Vladimir Sobolev is a senior scientist at the Mechnikov Research Institute of Vaccines and Sera, and at the Center for Theoretical Problems of Physicochemical Pharmacology, Russian Academy of Science. Dr. Sobolev specializes in cell biology and immunology.

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