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Ezra's prayer,

: 10


Ezra keepeth a fast, Chap. 8 Sin goeth often unpunished, Ch. 24

9 Man cannot be justified before
Ezra's mourning,


Job reproveth Bildad,

Nehemiah mourneth for Jerusa- The hypocrite is without hope, 27

1 Wisdom is the gift of God, 28
Artaxerxes encourageth Nehemi. Job bemoaneth himself,


2 Job's honour turned to contempt, 30
The names of the builders, 3 Job professeth his integrity, 31
Nehemiah appointeth a walch, 4 Elihu reproveth Job,
Reformation of usury,

5 Elibu reasoneth with Job, 33
Sanhallai's practices,
6 God cannot be unjust,

Hanani and Hananiah's charge, 7 Comparison not io be made with
The reading of the law,
8 God,

A solemn fast appointed,

9 The justice of God's ways,
The points of the covenant, 10 Gud's great works,
Who dwelt at Jerusalem, 11 God's wisdom is unsearchable,
The high priest's succession, 12 God's power in his creatures,
Diverse abuses reformed, 13 Job humbleth himself to God,

God's power in the creation, 41

Ahasuerus' royal feast,

1 Job's age and death,


Esther made queen,


Haman despised

by Mordecai, 3 Happiness of the godly, Psalm 1

The mourning of the Jews, 4 The kingdom of Christ,

Esther obtaineth the king's fa. The security of God's protection, s


5 David prayeth for audience,

Mordecai's good services, 6 David's profession of his faith,

Haman is hanged,

7 David's complaint in sickness,

The rejoicing of the Jews, 8 The destruction of the wicked, 7

Haman's ten sons hanged, 9 God's love to man,

Mordecai's advancement, 10 God praised for his judgment, 9


The outrage of the wicked, 10

Job's losses and temptations, 1 God's providence and justice, 11

Job smitten with boils,

2 David craveth God's help, 12

Job curseth the day of his birth, 3 David boasteth of divine mercy, 13

Eliphaz reproveth Job,

4 The natural man described, 14

Afflictions are from God, 5 A citizen of Zion described, . 15

Job wisheth for death,

6 David's hope of his calling, 16

Joh excuseth his desire of death, 7 David's hope and confidence, 17

Bildad sheweth God's justice, 8 David praiseth God,


The innocent ofien afflicted, 9 David prayeth for grace, 19

Job expostulateth with God, 10 The Church's confidence in God, 20

Zophar reproveth Job, 1) A thanksgiving for victory, 21

God's omnipotency maintained, 12 David's complaint and prayer,

Job's confidence in God, 13 David's confidence in God's grace,23

The conditions of man's life, 14 God's worship in the world,

Eliphaz reproveth Job, 15 David's confidence in prayer,
Job reproveth his friends, 16 David resorteth unto God,
Job's appeal to God,

17 David's love to God's service,
Bildad reproveth Job,

19 David blesseth God,

Job's complaint of his friends, 19 Why God must be honoured, 29

The portion of the wicked, 20 David's praise for deliverance, 30

The destruction of the wicked, 21 David rejoiceth in God's mercy,


Job accused of divers sins, 22 Who are blessed,

God's decree is immutable, 23 God is to be praised,


Those blessed who trust in David prayeth for mercies, Psalm 85


Psalm 34 David's complaint of the proud, 86

David prayeth for his safety, . 35 The namre' and glory of the
The excellency of God's mercy, 36 church,

David persuadeth to patience,

37 David's grievous complaint,
David * moveth God to compas. God praised for his power,



38 God's providence set forth, 90

The brevity of life,
39 The state of the godly, .


Obedience the best sacrifice, 40 God praised for his great works, 92

God's care of the poor, 41 The majesty of Christ's kingdom, 93

David's zeal io serve God, 42 David's complaint of impiety, 94

David prayeth to be restored, 43 The danger of tempting God, 95

The Church's complaint to God, 44 God praised for his greatness, 96

The majesty of Christ's kingdom,45 The majesty of God,

The church's confidence in God, 46 All crealures exhorted to praise
The kingdom of Christ, 47 God,

The privileges of the church, 48 God to be worshipped,


Worldly prosperity contemned, 49 God to be praised cheerfully, 100

God's majesty in the church, . 50 David's profession of godliness, 101

David's prayer and confession, 51 God's mercies to be recorded, 102

David's confidence in God, 52 God blessed for his constancy, 103

The natural man described, 53 God wonderful in providence, 104

David's prayer for salvation, . 54 The plagues of Egypt,

David's complaint in prayer, .
55 Israel's rebellion, .


David's promise of praise, 56 God's manifold providence, 107

David in prayer fleeth to God, 57 David's confidence in God, 108

David describeth the wicked, 58 David's complaint of his enemies, 109

David prayeth for deliverance, 59 The kingdom of Christ, 110

David's comfort in God's pro- God praised for his works, 111


60 The happiness of the godly, 112

David voweth perpetual service, 61 God praised for his mercy, 113

No trust in worldly things, 62 An exhortation to praise, 114

David's thirst for God,
63 The vanity of idols,


David's complaint of his enemies,64 David studieth to be thankful, 116

The blessedness of God's chosen, 65 God praised for his merey and
David exhorteth to praise God, 66 truth,

A prayer for God's kingdom, 67 David's trust in God,


A prayer at the removing of the Meditation, prayer, and praise, 119


68 David prayeth against Doeg,


David's complaint in affiction, 69 The safety of the godly, 121

David's prayer for the godly, 70 David's joy for the church. 122

David's prayer for perseverance, 71 The godly's confidence in God, 123

David's prayer for Solomon, 72 The church blesseth God, 124

The righteous sustained, 73 A prayer for the godly, 125

David prayeth for the sanctuary, 74 The church prayeth for mercies, 126

David rebuketh the proud, 75 The virtue of God's blessing, 127

God's majesty in the church, 76 Those blessed that fear God,'. 128

David's combat with diffidence, 77 The haters of the church cursed,129

God's wrath against Israel, 78 God to be hoped in,


The psalmist's complaint, 79 David professeth his humility, 131

David's prayer for ihe church, 80 David's care for the ark, 132

An exhortation to praise God, 81 The benchts of the saints' com-
David reproveth the judges, 82 munion,

The church's enemies,

83 An exhortation to bless God, 131

David loogeth for the sanctuary, 81 1 God praised for his judgments, 135
God praised for manifold mer- Christ's love for his church, Chap. 5


Psalm 136 The church's faith in Christ,

The constancy of the Jews, 137 The graces of the church, 7

David's confidence in God, : 138 The calling of the Gentiles,
David defieth the wicked, 139

David's prayer for deliverance, 140 Isaiah's complaint of Judah,
David prayeth for sincerity, . 141 Christ's kingdom prophesied,
David's comfort in trouble, 142 The oppression of the rulers,
David complaineth of his grief, 143 Christ's kingdom a sanctuary,
David's prayer for his kingdom, 144 God's judgments for sin,
God's help to the godly, 145 Isaiah's vision of God's glory,
David voweth

perpetual praise to Christ promised,
God, .

146 Israel and Judah threatened,

God praised for his providence, 147 The church's joy in Christ's birth,

All creatures should praise God, 148 God's judgment upon Israel, 10

God praised for his benefits, 149 The calling of the Gentiles, 11

God praised upon instruments, 150 Thanksgiving for God's mercies, 12


Babylon threatened,


The use of the proverbs, Chap. 1 Israel's restoration,


The benefit of wisdom, 2 The lamentable state of Moab, 15

Exhortation to sundry duties,

3 Moab exhorted to obedience, 16

Persuasions to obedience, 4 Syria and Israel threatened,
The mischiefs of whoredom, 5 God's care of his people,

Seven things hateful to God, 6 The confusion of Egypt,


Description of a harlot, 7 Egypt and Ethiopia's captivity, 20

The call of wisdom,
8 The fall of Babylon,

The doctrine of wisdom, 9 The invasion of Jewry,


Virtues and vices contrasted, 10 Tyre's miserable overthrow, 23

Continued 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, Judgments of God for sin,

18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 The prophet praiseth God, 25

Observations about kings, 25 A song of praise to God,

Sundry maxims,

26 God's care of his vineyard,

Sundry maxims,

27 Ephraim threatened,


Observations of impiety, 28 God's judgment on Jerusalem, 29

of public government,

29 God's mercies toward his church, 30

Agur's prayer,

30 An exhortation to turn to God, 31

Lemuel's lesson of chastity, 31 Desolation foreshewn,


The privileges of the godly, 33

The vanity of all human things, 1 God revengeth his church, 34

Wisdom and folly have one end, 2 The blessings of the gospel,
A time for all things,

3 Rabshakeh insulteth Hezekiah,
The good of contentment,

4 Hezekiah's prayer,
The vanity of riches,

5 Hezekiah's ihanksgiving,

The conclusion of vanities, 6 Babylonian captivity foretold, 39

Remedies against vanities, 7 The promulgation of the gospel, 40

Kings are to be respected, 8 God's mercies to his church, 41

Wisdom is better than strength, 9 Christ's mission to the Gentiles, 42

Of wisdom and folly,

10 God comforteth his church, 43

Directions for charity,

11 The vanity of idols,
The preacher's care to edify, 12 God calleth Cyrus,

THE SONG OF SOLOMON. Idols not to be compared with
The church's love to Christ, 1 God, .


Christ's care of the church, 2 God's judgment upon Babylon, 47

The church glorieth in Christ, 3 The intent of prophecy,


The graces of the church, 4 Christ sent to the Gentiles,



Christ's sufferings and patience,C.50 Jeremiah cast into a dungeon,Ch.38
The certainty of God's salvation, 51 Jerusalem is taken,

Christ's free redemption,
52 Jeremiah set at liberty,

The humiliation of Christ, 53 Ishmael killeth Gedaliah, 41
The church's enlargement,

54 Johanan promiseth obedience, 42
The happy state of believers, 55 Jeremiah carried to Egypt, 43
Exhortation to holiness, 56 Judah's desolation,
God reproveth the Jews, 57 Baruch comforted,

Hypocrisy reproved,

58 Overthrow of Pharaoh's army, 46
The covenant of the Redeemer, 59 The Philistines' destruction, 47
The glory of the church, 60 The judgment of Moab,

The office of Christ,

61 The restoration of Elam, 49
God's promises to his church, 62 The redemption of Israel, 50
Christ 'sheweth his power to save,63 God's severe judgment,

The church's prayer,

(64 Zedekiah's wicked reign, 52
The calling of the Gentiles, 65

The growth of the church, 66 Jerusalem's misery,

Israel's misery lamented,

The calling of Jeremiah,

1 Sorrows of the righteous,

Israel is spoiled for his sins, 2 Zion's pitiful estate,

God's mercy to Judah,

3 Zion's complaint,

Israel called to repentance,



God's judgments upon the Jews, 5 Ezekiel's vision,

Enemies sent against Judah, . 6 Ezekiel's commission,

Jeremiah's call for repentance, 7 Ezekiel cateth the roll,

The calamities of the Jews, 8 The type of a siege,

Jeremiah's lamentation,

9 The type of hair,

The vanity of idols,

10 Israel threatened,

God's covenant proclaimed, 11 Israel's desolation,
The prosperity of the wicked, 12 Vision of jealousy,

An exhortation to repentance, 13 The marked preserved,
The prophet's prayer,
14Vision of coals of fire,


Jeremiah's complaint,

15 The princes' presumption, 11

The utter ruin of the Jews, 16 The iype of removing,

The captivity of Judah, 17 Lying prophets,

The type of the potter,
18 Idolaters exhorted,


The desolation of the Jews, 19 The rejection of Jerusalem, 15

Pashur smiteth Jeremiah, 20 God's love to Jerusalem,


Nebuchadnezzar's war, 21 The eagles and the vine, 17

The judgment of Shallum,

22 Parable of sour grapes,


Restoration of God's people, 23 of the lion's whelps,



The type of good and bad figs, 24 Israel's rebellions, :

Jeremiah reproveth the Jews, 25 Prophecy against Jerusalem, 21

Jeremiah is arraigned

26 Jerusalem's sins,


Nebuchadnezzar's conquests,

27 Aholah and Abolibah, :


Hananiah's prophecy,

28 Jerusalem's destruction,


Jeremiah's letter,

29 Aipmoniles threatened,

The return of the Jews, 30 The fall of Tyrus,
The restoration of Israel, 31 Tyrus's rich supply,
Jeremiah imprisoned,

32 Zidon threatened,
Christ the Branch promised, 33 The judgment of Pharaoh,
Zedekiah's fate foretold, 34 Desolation of Egypt,


God blesseth the Rechabites, 35 The glory and fall of Assyria, 31

Jeremiah's prophecies,

36 The fall of Egypt.


The Chaldeans" siege raised, 37| Ezekiel admonished,

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God's care of his flock, Chap. 34 Israel's wantonness plagued, Ch. 6
Judgment of Seir,

35 Judgments of the grasshoppers,
Israel comforted,

36 Israel's end typified,
Vision of dry bones,

37 Israel's restoration promised,
The malice of Gog,


Israel's victory over Gog, 39 Edom's destruction for their pride
Description of the temple, 40 and violence,
Ornaments of the temple, 41

The priests' chambers, 42 Jonah sent to Nineveh,
Return of God's glory, .

The prayer of Jonah,
The priests reproved,

44 | The Ninevites' repentance,
Division of the land,

45 Jonah repines at God's mercy,
Ordinances for the princes, 46

Vision of the holy waters, 47 God's wrath against Jacob,
Portions of the twelve tribes, 48 Against oppression,

The cruelty of the princes,

Jehoiakim's captivity,

1 The church's glory,

Daniel advanced,

2 The birth of Christ,

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed- God's controversy,


3 The church's complaint,

Nebuchadnezzar's pride and fall, 4


Belshazzar's impious feast, 5 The majesty of God,

Daniel in the lion's den,

6 God's armies against Nineveh,

Vision of four beasts,

7 The ruin of Nineveh,

Vision of the ram,



Daniel's confession,

9 Habakkuk's complaint,

Daniel comforted,

10 Judgment on the Chaldeans,

Overthrow of Persia,

11 Habakkuk's prayer,

Israel's deliverance,



God's severe judgments,
Judgments for whoredom,

1 Exhortation to repentance,
The idolatry of the people, 2 Jerusalem sharply reproved,
The desolation of Israel,


Judgment threatened,

4 The people reproved,
Israel a treacherous people, 5 Glory of the second íemple,
Exhortation to repentance,


Reproof of manifold sins, 7 Exhortation to repentance,
Israel threatened,

8 Redemption of Zion,
Captivity of Israel,

9 The type of Joshua,
Israel's impiety,

10 The golden candlestick,

Israel's ingrautude to God, 11 Curse of thieves,

Ephraim reproved,

12 Vision of the chariots,

Ephraim's glory vanished, 13 Caplives' inquiry of fasting,

Blessings promised,

14 Jerusalem's restoration,


The coming of Christ,

God's sundry judgments, 1 God to be sought unto, .


Exhortation to repentance,

2 Destruction of Jerusalem, 11

God's judgments against his


Judah's restoration,



3 Jerusalem's repentance,

ple's enemies,


Jerusalem's enemies plagued, 14

God's judgments upon Syria, 1

God's wrath against Moab,

2 Israel's unkindness,
Judgments against Israel, 3 The priests reproved,
God reproveth Israel,

4 The inajesty of Christ,
A lamentation for Israel, 5 Judgments of the wicked,


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