Madame Blavatsky Revisited

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iUniverse, 20 дек. 2006 г. - Всего страниц: 416
"If this work is of men it will come to nothing: but if it is of God, you cannot overthrow it "

-Rabbi Gamaliel, Acts 5:38?39

Was Theosophical Society founder Helena P. Blavatsky a prophetess or charlatan? Since the 1870's detractors have lambasted both her character and ideas. Yet, H.P.B.'s reputation has continued to grow.

Theosophy's non-dogmatic and ecumenical approach to spirituality offers 21st Century seekers a viable alternative to religious fundamentalism.

Today thousands of people on every continent belong to the Theosophical Society. All of Madame's books and articles remain in print. The freshness and wit of her letters make them seem as if they were written yesterday. Though controversial, she's withstood time's test. Madame Blavatsky Revisited tells H.P.B.'s remarkable story in an entertaining manner.


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Preface CHAPTER 1 Possessed Girl CHAPTER 2 FrenziedGlobe Trotting CHAPTER 3 International Misadventures
Obsession withSpiritualism CHAPTER 5 The Holmes Controversy
Two Studies of Spiritual Phenomena
The Real Dr Henry T Child
Personal Dramas
Theosophical Watershed
Pals in New York
Rummaging through the Pagan Logia
Unveiling Isis
The Chums Go Native
Rubbing Elbows with Imperialists
The Coulomb Scandal
Richard Hodgsons Report
Ensconced in England
TheBizzaro WorldWe Inhabit CHAPTER 22 DyingProphetess CHAPTER 23 Blavatskys Key to Theosophy CHAPTER 24 Final Thoughts on Afterlife

An Occult Lodges Wobbly Ascent

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Joseph Howard Tyson was born in Philadelphia?s Germantown section. After graduating from LaSalle University, he joined his family?s insurance business. Tyson and his wife have four children and two grandchildren.

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