Fables and moral maxims, in verse and prose, selected by A. Parker

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Стр. 92 - Had cheered the village with his song, Nor yet at eve his note suspended, Nor yet when eventide was ended, Began to feel, as well he might, The keen demands of appetite ; When, looking eagerly around, He spied far off, upon the ground, A something shining in the dark, And knew the glow-worm by his spark, So stooping down from hawthorn top, He thought to put him in his crop. The worm, aware of his intent, Harangued him thus right eloquent — Did you admire my lamp...
Стр. 10 - Gazed on the lake below. Her conscious tail her joy declared, The fair round face, the snowy beard, The velvet of her paws, Her coat, that with the tortoise vies, Her ears of jet and emerald eyes, She saw, and purred applause.
Стр. 107 - And from the deep-mouthed thunder flies. She starts, she stops, she pants for breath, She hears the near advance of death ; She doubles, to mislead the hound, And measures back her mazy round; Till, fainting in the public way, Half-dead with fear, she gasping lay. What transport in her bosom grew When first the horse appeared in view! " Let me," says she, " your back ascend, And owe my safety to a friend.
Стр. 93 - The songster heard his short oration, And warbling out his approbation, Released him, as my story tells, And found a supper somewhere else. Hence jarring sectaries may learn Their real interest to discern ; That brother should not war with brother, And worry and devour each other : But sing and shine by sweet consent, Till life's poor transient night is spent, Respecting in each other's case The gifts of nature and of grace. Those Christians best deserve the name Who studiously make peace their aim...
Стр. 108 - The Goat remarked her pulse was high, Her languid head, her heavy eye; "My back," says he, "may do you harm; The Sheep's at hand, and wool is warm.
Стр. 77 - I'll quit my prey, And grant a kind reprieve ; In hopes you'll have no more to say; But, when I call again this way, Well pleased the world will leave.
Стр. 224 - What arrogance !" the Snail replied; " How insolent is upstart pride ! Hadst thou not thus, with insult vain, Provoked my patience to complain, I had concealed thy meaner birth, Nor traced thee to the scum of earth.
Стр. 76 - The tree of deepest root is found Least willing still to quit the ground ; 'Twas therefore said by ancient sages, That love of life increased with years. So much, that in our latter stages, When pains grow sharp and sickness rages, The greatest love of life appears.
Стр. 108 - of tender age, In this important care engage? Older and abler passed you by ; How strong are those, how weak am I ! Should I presume to bear you hence, Those friends of mine may take offence. Excuse me, then. You know my heart. But dearest friends, alas ! must part ! How shall we all lament : Adieu ! For see, the hounds are just in view.
Стр. 91 - Twere no great loss," the friend replies ; " For if they always use you thus, You'll find them but of little use." So high, at last, the contest rose, From words they almost came to blows, When luckily came by a third ; To him the question they referred, And begged he'd tell them, if he knew, Whether the thing was green or blue.

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