Adventures of an Angler in Canada, Nova Scotia and the United States

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R. Bentley, 1848 - Всего страниц: 322

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Стр. 39 - Thou little Child, yet glorious in the might Of heaven-born freedom on thy being's height, Why with such earnest pains dost thou provoke The years to bring the inevitable yoke, Thus blindly with thy blessedness at strife ? Full soon thy Soul shall have her earthly freight, And custom lie upon thee with a weight, Heavy as frost, and deep almost as life!
Стр. 144 - Laurence's Cell. Enter Friar LAURENCE, with a basket. Fri. The grey-ey'd morn smiles on the frowning night, Checkering the eastern clouds with streaks of light...
Стр. 27 - Tis the middle watch of a summer's night,— The earth is dark, but the heavens are bright; Naught is seen in the vault on high But the moon, and the stars, and the cloudless sky, And the flood which rolls its milky hue, A river of light on the welkin blue. The moon looks down on old Cro'nest; She mellows the shades on his shaggy breast, And seems his huge gray form to throw In a silver cone on the wave below.
Стр. 144 - Now morn, her rosy steps in th' eastern clime Advancing, sow'd the earth with orient pearl, When Adam...
Стр. 85 - The night-bird sung, and the stars above Told many a touching story, Of friends long passed to the kingdom of love, Where the soul wears its mantle of glory. We parted in silence — our cheeks were wet With the tears that were past controlling; We...
Стр. 85 - And now on the midnight sky I look, . And my heart grows full of weeping; Each star is to me a sealed book, Some tale of that loved one keeping. We parted in silence, we parted in tears, On the banks of that lonely river ; But the odor and bloom of those bygone years, Shall hang o'er its waters forever.
Стр. 21 - ... of driven snow afore it touches the bottom ; and there the stream gathers itself together again for a new start, and maybe flutters over fifty feet of flat rock before it falls for another hundred, when it jumps about from shelf to shelf, first turning this-away and then turning that-away. striving to get out of the hollow, till it finally comes to the plain.
Стр. 196 - The musqueto of this region is an uncommonly gaunt, long-legged, and hungry creature, and his howl is peculiarly horrible. We had been almost devoured by the black flies, during the afternoon, and as soon as darkness came, we secured a couple of beds in a Frenchman's house, and, as we tumbled in, congratulated ourselves upon a little comfortable repose. It was an exceedingly sultry night, and though we were both in a complete fever, from the fly poison circulating in our veins, the heat excelled...
Стр. 144 - Wak'd by the circling Hours, with rosy hand Unbarr'd the gates of light. There is a cave Within the mount of God, fast by his throne...
Стр. 175 - The tides of the ocean are observable as far north as Chicoutimi, and this entire section of the river is navigable for ships of the largest class. That portion of the Saguenay extending from Grand Bay to the St. Lawrence, a distance of sixty miles, is greatly distinguished for its wild and picturesque scenery. I know not that I can better portray to my reader's mind the peculiarity of this river, than by the following method. Imagine...

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