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Lowell Mason. (1792–1872.) 1823,

p. From Greenland's icy mountains, From India's coral strand, Where Afric's sunny fountains Roll down their golden sand;

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From many an ancient river, From many a palmy plain, They call us to de - liv- er Their land from error's chain. MELCHIOR. 7, 6. D.

I119" From Greenland's icy Mountains.
2 What though the spicy breezes

Blow soft o'er Ceylon's isle,
Though every prospect pleases,

And only man is vile :
In vain with lavish kindness

The gifts of God are strown,
The heathen in his blindness

Bows down to wood and stone. 3 Can we, whose souls are lighted

With wisdom from on high,
Can we to men benighted

The lamp of life deny?
Salvation, O salvation !

The joyful sound proclaim,
Till each remotest nation

Has learnt Messiah's name.
4. Waft, waft, ye winds, His story,

And you, ye waters, roll,
Till, like a sea of glory,

It spreads from pole to pole ;
Till o'er our ransomed nature,

The Lamb for sinners slain,
Redeemer, King, Creator,
In bliss returns to reign.

Bp. Reginald Heber. (1783—1826.) 1819. I120


for the Safety of Missionaries. i Roll on, thou mighty ocean;

And, as thy billows flow, Bear messengers of mercy

To every land below;

Arise, ye gales, and waft them

Safe to the destined shore ;
That man may sit in darkness

And death's black shade no more. 2 0 Thou eternal Ruler,

Who holdest in Thine arm
The tempests of the ocean,

Protect them from all harm:
Thy presence e'er be with them,

Wherever they may be ;
Though far from those who love them,
Still let them be with Thee.

James Edmeston. (1791–1867.) 1892 II21

The final Reign of Christ.
1 When shall the voice of singing

Flow joyfully along,
When hill and valley, ringing

With one triumphant song,
Proclaim the contest ended,

And Him, who once was slain,
Again to earth descended,

In righteousness to reign?
2 Then from the craggy mountains

The sacred shout shall fly;
And shady vales and fountains

Shall echo the reply:
High tower and lowly dwelling

Shall send the chorus round,
All hallelujah swelling
In one eternal sound.

James Edmeston, 1872, alt

Melchior Teschner. 1613.


, in the time's ap- point: ed, lisa reign on earth be - gun

He comes to break op

pression, To set the captive free; To take a-way transgression, And rule in e

e- qui - ty.

Daily shall He be praised."

The tide of time shall never
Ps. lxxii. 15.

His covenant remove; 2 He comes with succor speedy

His name shall stand forever,
To those who suffer wrong;

That name to us is Love.
To help the poor and needy,

James Montgomery. (1771—1854.) 1822. ab. And bid the weak be strong; To give them songs for sighing,


"The Gospel Banner." Their darkness turn to light,

1 Now be the Gospel banner Whose souls, condemned and dying,

In every land unfurled,
Were precious in His sight.

And be the shout, “Hosanna !”

Reechoed through the world : 3 He shall come down like showers

Till every isle and nation,
Upon the fruitful earth;

Till every tribe and tongue,
And love, joy, hope, like flowers,

Receive the great salvation,
Spring in His path to birth :

And join the happy throng.
Before Him on the mountains

2 What though th' embattled legions Shal: peace, the herald, go;

Of earth and hell combine?
And righteousness, in fountains,
From hill to valley flow.

His power, throughout their regions,

Shall soon resplendent shine: 4 For Him shall prayer unceasing

Ride on, O Lord, victorious,
And daily vows ascend;

Immanuel, Prince of peace ;
His kingdom still increasing,

Thy triumph shall be glorious,
A kingdom without end:

Thine empire still increase.
The mountain dews shall nourish 3 Yes, Thou shalt reign for ever,
A seed in weakness sown,

Jesus, King of kings: Whose fruit shall spread, and flourish, Thy light, Thy love, Thy favor, And shake like Lebanon.

Each ransomed captive sings.

The isles for Thee are waiting, 5 O'er every foe victorious

The deserts learn Thy praise,
He on His throne shall rest,

The hills and valleys greeting,
From age to age more glorious,

The song responsive raise.
All-blessing and all-blest:

Thomas Hastings. (1784-1872.) 1830.

BURLINGTON. 12, 11, 8.

Hans Georg Naegeli. (1768—1836.) 1870. Arr. by Lowell Mason. (1792—1872.) 1832.

1. The Prince of sal - vation in triumph is riding, And glory attends Him along His bright

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The Prince of Salvation.
2 Ride on in Thy greatness, Thou conquering Saviour;

Let thousands of thousands submit to Thy reign,
Acknowledge Thy goodness, entreat for Thy favor,

And follow Thy glorious train.
3 Then loud shall ascend, from each sanctified nation,

The voice of thanksgiving, the chorus of praise;
And heaven shall reecho the song of salvation
In rich and melodious lays.

Rev. Samuel Francis Smith. (1808–) 1832.


See heaven its sparkling portals wide dis - play, And break up on thee in

a food of day.


Gentiles coming into the Church.
2 See a long race thy spacious courts adorn,

See future sons and daughters yet unborn
In crowding ranks on every side arise,

Demanding life, impatient for the skies.
3 See barbarous nations at thy gates attend,

Walk in thy light, and in thy temple bend;
See thy bright altars thronged with prostrate kings,
While every, land its joyful tribute brings

4. The seas shall waste, the skies to smoke decay,

Rocks fall to dust, and mountains melt away;
But fixed His word, His saving power remains;
Thy realm shall last, thy own Messiah reigns.

Alexander Pope. (1688—1744.) 1712. ab. and alt.

WESLEY. 11, 10.

Lowell Mason. 1830.

1. Hail to the brightness of Zion's glad morning; Joy to the lands that in darkness have lain;

Hushed be the accents of sorrow and mourning Zi - on in iriu.np' be- gins

; "U reign.


The latter Day
2 Hail to the brightness of Zion's glad morning,

Long by the prophets of Israel foretold;
Hail to the millions from bondage returning;

Gentiles and Jews the blest vision behold.
3 Lo, in the desert rich flowers are springing;

Streams ever copious are gliding along;
Loud from the mountain-tops echoes are ringing;

Wastes rise in verdure, and mingle in song.
4 See, from all lands, from

e isles of the ocean,
Praise to Jehovah ascending n high;
Fallen are the engines of war and commotion;
Shouts of salvation are rending the sky.

Thomas Hastings. (1782-1872.) 1830

The Church victorions.
i DAUGHTER of Zion, awake from thy sadness;

Wake, for thy foes sl.all oppress thee no more:
Bright o'er thy hi ; dawns the day-star of gladness;

Rise, for the night of thy sorrow is o'er.
2 Strong were thy foes; but the arm that subdued them,

And scattered their legions, was mightier far:
They fled like the chaff from the scourge that pursued them;

Vain were their steeds and their chariots of war.
3 Daughter of Zion, the power that hath saved thee

Extolled with the harp and the timbrel should be;
Shout, for the foe is destroyed that enslaved thee;
Th'oppressor is vanquished, and Zion is free.

Fitzgerald's Collection, 1830

ZION. 8, 7, 4.

Thomas Hastings. (1784—1872.) 1830

1. On the mountain's top ap-pearing, Lo, the sa- cred her - ald stands, Welcome, news to Zi-on bearing, Zi-on


longin hostile lands: Mourning captive, God Himself will loose thy bands, Mourning captive, God Himself will loose thy bands

Is. lii. 7.

Good Tidings to Zion.

1130 for the Outpouring of the Spirit. 2 Has thy night been long and mournful? 1 Who but Thou, almighty Spirit,

Have thy friends unfaithful proved ? Can the heathen world reclaim? Have thy foes been proud and scornful, Men may preach, but till Thou favor, By thy sighs and tears unmoved?

Heathens still will be the same:
Cease thy mourning;

Mighty Spirit,
Zion still is well beloved.

Witness to the Saviour's name. 3 God, thy God, will now restore thee; 2 Thou hast promised by the prophets He Himself appears thy Friend;

Glorious light in latter days: AU Thy foes shall fee before thee;

Come, and bless bewildered nations; Here their boasts and triumphs end:

Change our prayers and tears to praise: Great deliverance

Promised Spirit, Zion's King vouchsafes to send.

Round the world diffuse Thy rays. 4 Enemies no more shall trouble;

3 All our hopes, and prayers, and labors, All thy wrongs shall be redressed;

Must be vain without Thy aid; For Thy shame thou shalt have double,

But Thou wilt not isappoint us;
In thy Maker's favor blessed;

All is true that Thou hast said:
All thy conflicts

Gracious Spirit,
End in everlasting rest.

O'er the world Thy influence shed. Rev. Thomas Kelly. (1769—1855.) 1806.

“Eriphas," Evangelical Magazine. 1821. A Fountain opened." I129

I131 Christ's Coming and Kingdom. Zech. xiii. I SEE, from Zion's sacred mountain 1 LIFT your heads, ye friends of Jesus, Streams of living water flow;

Partners in His patience here: God has opened there a fountain,

Christ, to all believers precious,
That supplies the world below:

Lord of lords, shall soon appear:
They are blesséd,

Mark the tokens
Who its sovereign virtues know.

Of His heavenly kingaom near. 2 Through ten thousand channels flowing, 2 Lo, 'tis He: our hearts' Desire Streams of mercy find their way;

Come for His espoused below;
Life, and health, and joy bestowing, Come to join us with His choir,
Making all around look gay:

Come to make our joys o'erflow:
O ye nations,

Palms of victory,
Hail the long-expected day.

Crowns of glory, to bestow.
Rev. Thomas Kelly. 1809. ab.

Rev. Charles Wesley. (1708—1988.) 1758 abe

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