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Rom xi. 23


God entreated
for Zion.

Shall hymns of joy, to God our King,
Is. lxii. 6, 7

Be sung by slaves in foreign lands? 2 How shall Thy servants give Thee rest,

Till Zion's mouldering walls Thou raise ? 4 O Salem, our once happy seat, Till Thine own power shall stand confest,

When I of thee forgetful prove, And make Jerusalem a praise?

Let then my trembling heart forget

The tuneful strings with art to move. 3 Look down, O God, with pitying eye,

And view the desolation round; 5 If I to mention thee forbear, See what wide realms in darkness lie,

Eternal silence scize my tongue; And cast their idols to the ground. Or if I sing one cheerful air, 4 Loud let the gospel trumpet blow,

Till thy deliverance is my song.

Tate and Brady. 1696. ab. And call the nations from afar; Let all the isles their Saviour know, And earth's remotest ends draw near.

For God is able to graff them in again."

1060 5 On all our souls let grace descend,

1 O Why should Israel's sons, once blest, Like heavenly dew, in copious showers;

Still roam the scorning world around, That we may call our God our Friend,

Disowned by heaven, by man opprest, That we may hail salvation ours.

Outcasts from Zion's hallowed ground? Rev. Philip Doddridge. (1702-1751.) 1755. ab.

2 Lord, visit Thy forsaken race; Israel in Captivity.

Back to Thy fold the wanderers bring; 1059

Teach them to seek Thy slighted grace; 1 WHEN we, our wearied limbs to rest, To hail in Christ their promised King. Sat down by proud Euphrates' stream,

3 The veil of darkness rend in twain, We wept, with doleful thoughts opprest,

Which hides their Shiloh's glorious light; And Zion was our mournful theme.

The severed olive-branch again 2 Our harps that, when with joy we sung, Firm to its parent stock unite.

Were wont their tuneful parts to bear, With silent strings neglected hung

4 Haste, glorious day, expected long,

When Jewand Greekone pray'rshall pour, On willow trees that withered there.

With eager feet one temple throng, 3 How shall we tune our voice to sing,

One God with grateful heart adore. Or touch onir harps with skillful hands? Rev. James Joyce, (1781–1850.) 1809. ab. ad alt.

Ps. cxxxvII.

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1061 Grief for the Sins of Men.

In vain they call, in vain they cry,
Ps. cxix. 136, 158.

Till Thine almighty aid is nigh. 2 See human nature sunk in shame;

See scandals poured on Jesus' name; But if Thy Spirit deign to breathe,
The Father wounded through the Son; Life spreads through all the realms of death;
The world abused, the soul undone. Dry bones obey Thy powerful voice ;
3. See the short course of vain delight

They move, they waken, they rejoice. Closing in everlasting night;

5 So when Thy trumpet's awful sound In flames that no abatement know,

Shall shake the heav'nsandrend the ground, Though briny tears for ever flow.

Dead saints shall from their tombs arise, 4 My God, I feel the mournful scene;

And spring to life beyond the skies.

Rev. Philip Doddridge. 1755My bowels yearn o'er dying men: And fain my pity would reclaim,

1063 And snatch the firebrands from the flame.

Hoping for a Revival.

I WHILE I to grief my soul gave way, § But feeble my compassion proves,

To see the work of God decline, And can but weep where most it loves;

Methought I heard the Saviour say, Thy own all-saving arm employ,

“ Dismiss thy fears, the ark is Mine. And turn these drops of grief to joy. Rev. Philip Doddridge. 1755. 2 Though for a time I hide My face,

Rely upon My love and power; 1062 The Vision of dry Bones.

Still wrestle at a throne of grace, Ezek. xxxvii. 3. 1 Look down, O Lord, with pitying eye:

And wait for a reviving hour. See Adam's race in ruin lie;

3 Take down the long-neglected harp, Sin spreads its trophies o'er the ground, I've seen thy tears and heard thy prayer;

And scatters slaughtered heaps around. The winter season has been sharp, 2 And can these mouldering corpses

live ?

But spring shall all its wastes repair.” And can these perished bones revive ?

4 Lord, I obey; my hopes revive ; That, mighty God, to Thee is known ; That wondrous work is all Thine own.

Come, join with me, ye saints, and sing:

Our foes in vain against us strive, 3 Thy ministers are sent in vain

For God will help and triumph bring. To prophesy upon the slain ;

Rev. John Newton. (1725—1807.) 1779. ab. and sl. alt

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Ps. Ixxx.


14 Nor fear thy Salem's hill to wrong, Prayer for Home Missions.

If other lands thy triumph share: 2 In peopled vale, in lonely glen, In crowded mart, by stream or sea,

A heavenly city claims thy song,

A brighter Salem rises there.
How many of the sons of men
Hear not the message sent from Thee. 5 By foreign streams no longer roam,

Nor, weeping, think of Jordan's flood; 3 Send forth Thy heralds, Lord, to call

In every clime behold a home, The thoughtless young, the hardened old,

In every temple see thy God. A scattered, homeless flock, till all

Rev. James Joyce (1781–1850.) 1809. Be gathered to Thy peaceful fold. 4 Send them Thy mighty word to speak,

The Church in the Desert.

1066 Till faith shall dawn, and doubt de part, 1 GREAT Shepherd of Thine Israel, To awe the bold, to stay the weak, Who didst between the cherubs dwell, And bind and heal the broken heart.

And lead the tribes, Thy chosen sheep, 5 Then all these wastes, a dreary scene,

Safe through the desert and the deep; That make us sadaen as we gaze, 2 Thy Church is in the desert now: Shall grow with living waters green, Shine from on high, and guide us through; And lift to heaven the voice of praise.

Turn us to Thee, Thy love restore; William Cullen Bryant. (1794–) 1840. We shall be saved, and sigh no more. 1065 Zion rejoicing.

3 Hast Thou not planted with Thy hand 1 Why, on the bending willows hung, A lovely vine in this our land?

Israel, still sleeps thy tuneful string ? Did not Thy power defend it round, Still mute remains thy sullen tongue, And heavenly dew enrich the ground? And Zion's song declines to sing?

4 How did the spreading branches shoot, 2 Awake, thy sweetest raptures raise;

And bless the nations with their fruit! Let heart and voice unite their strains : But now, O Lord, look down and see Thy promised King His sceptre sways; Thy mourning vine, that lovely tree. And Jesus, Thy Messiah, reigns,

5 Return, Almighty God, return, 3 No taunting foes the song require; Nor let Thy bleeding vineyard mourn:

No stranger mocks thy captive chain; Turn us to Thee, Thy love restore; But friends invite the silent lyre,

We shall be saved, and sigh ro more. And brethren ask the holy strain.

Rev. Isaac Watts. (1674-1748.) 1719. ab. and alt

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Is. li. 9.

Awake, awake." 1067 The Spirit accompanying the Word of God. 1069 2 Give tongues of fire, and hearts of love, I ARM of the ord, awake, awake, To preach the reconciling word;

Put on Thy strength, the nations shake; Give power and unction from above, And let the world, adoring, see

Whene'er the joyful sound is heard. Triumphs of mercy wrought by Thee. 3 Be darkness, at Thy coming, light, 2 Say to the heathen from Thy throne, Confusion, order in Thy path;

“I am Jehovah, God alone !” Souls without strength inspire with might; Thy voice their idols shall confound, Bid mercy triumph over wrath.

And cast their altars to the ground. 4 0 Spirit of the Lord, prepare

3 No more let human blood be spilt,
All the round earth her God to meet;

Vain sacrifice for human guilt;
Breathe Thou abroad like morning air,

But to each conscience be applied Till hearts of stone begin to beat. The blood that flowed from Jesus' side. į Baptize the nations; far and nigh 4 Almighty God, Thy grace proclaim,

The triumphs of the cross record; In every clime, of every name,
The name of Jesus glorify,

Till adverse powers before Thee fall,
Till every kindred call Him Lord. And crown the Saviour, Lord of all.
James Montgomery. (1771–1854.) 1825. ab.

William Shrubsole, Jr. (1959—1829.) 1795. ab. 1068 Zion's favored Hour.


Prayer for speedy Triumpk.
I SOVEREIGN of worlds, display Thy power; 1 Soon may the last glad song arise
Be this Thy Zion's favored hour;

Through all the millions of the skies,
O bid the morning star arise ;

That song of triumph, which records O point the heathen to the skies.

That all the earth is now the Lord's. 2 Set up Thy throne where Satan reigns, 2 Let thrones, and powers, and kingdoms be

In western wilds and eastern plains; Obedient, mighty God, to Thee;
Far let the gospel's sound be known; And over land, and stream, and main,

Make Thou the universe Thine own. Wave Thou the sceptre of Thy reign. 3 Speak, and the world shall hear Thy voice; 3 O that the anthem now might swell,

Speak, and the desert shall rejoice: And host to host the triumph tell,
Dispel the gloom of heathen night; That not one rebel heart remains,
Bid every nation hail the light.

But over all the Saviour reigns.
Mrs. Voke. 1816.

Mrs. Voke. 1310


Lord Garret Wellesley Mornington. (1720—1781.) 1760

Arr. by Lowell Mason. (1792—1872.) 1822.



1071 “Lord over God, arise,"

Hebrew Missionaris.

Is. Ixvi. 19, 20. 2 Thou Prince of life, arise, Nor let Thy glory cease ;

I ALMIGHTY God of love, Far spread the conquests of Thy grace,

Set up th’attracting sign, And bless the earth with peace.

And summon whom Thou dost approve

For messengers divine. 3 Thou Holy Ghost, arise,

2 From Abrah’m's favored seed Expand Thy quickening wing,

Thy new apostles choose, And o'er a dark and ruined world.

In isles and continents to spread Let light and order spring.

The dead-reviving news. 4 All on the earth, arise,

3 We know it must be done, To God the Saviour sing;

For God hath spoke the word; From shore to shore, from earth to heaven,

All Israel shall their Saviour own,
Let echoing anthems ring.

To their first state restored.
Rev. Ralph Wardlaw. (1779-1853) 1803

4 Send, thu., Thy servants forth 1072 The Majesty of Christ s Kingdom

To call the Hebrews home; .

From west and east, and south and north 1 My Saviour and my King,

Let all the wanderers come. Thy beauties are divine;

15 With Israel's myriads sealed, Thy lips with blessings overflow,

Let all the nations meet; And every grace is Thine.

And show Thy mystery fulfilled, 4 Now make Thy glory known;

Thy family complete. Gird on Thy dreadful sword,

Rex. Charles Wesley. (1708—1988.) 1762. ab And ride in majesty, to spread The conquests of Thy ward.

1074 Pleading for all Mankind. 3 Strike through Thy stubborn foes,

I O GOD of sovereign grace, Or make their hearts obey;

We bow before Thy Throne; While justice, meekness, grace and truth,

And plead, for all the human race, Attend Thy glorious way.

The merits of Thy Son. 4 Thy laws, O God, are right;

2 Spread through the earth, O Lord, Thy throne shall ever stand;

The knowledge of Thy ways; And Thy victorious gospel prove

And let all lands with joy record A sceptre in Thy hand.

The great Redeemer's praise. Rev. Isaac Watts. (1674-1748.) 1719. ab. and sl all

Melrose. La Nettleton's Village Hymns 1824

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