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Care of the Poor. 1043

Rebels He deigns to call His sons,
Ps. xli.

Their souls renewed, thcir sins forgiven. 2 The sinner's Friend delights to see His people kind and good as He;

2 Go, imitate the grace divine, And bids them each with each unite

The grace that blazes like a sun; To make their common burden light.

Hold forth your fair though feeble light;

Through all your lives let mercy run. 3 That burden well the Saviour knows;

3 Upon your bounty's willing wings He bore on earth our sins and woes;

Swift fly your gifts and charity; By friends betrayed, by foes assailed,

The hungry feed, the naked clothe, Yet love divine o'er all prevailed.

To pain and sickness health apply. 4 That love, O Lord, still let us share, 4 Pity the weeping widow's woe,

Still lead us on through foe and snare, And be her counsellor and stay;
Till we Thy face unclouded see,

Adopt the fatherless, and smooth
And lose ourselves and earth in Thee.

To useful, happy life, his way. Rev. Henry Francis Lyte. (1793—1847.) 1834. 5 When all is done, renounce your deeds, 1044

Renounce self-righteousness with scorn; Liberality.

Thus will you glorify your God, i O WHAT stupendous mercy shines

And thus the Christian name adorn. Around the Majesty of heaven:

Rev. Thomas Gibbons. (1720-1785.) 1784. ab, and all.


Samuel Howard. (1720—1982.) 19to.

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"Y'chave done it unto Me." 1045

14 Mean are all offerings we can make; Mall. XXV. 40.

But Thou hast taught us, Lord, 2 High on a throne of radiant light

If given for the Saviour's sake, Dost Thou exalted shine;

They lose not their reward. What can my poverty bestow,

Rev. William Croswell. (1804-1851.) 1831. When all the worlds are Thine?

1047 Following Christ. 3 But Thou hast brethren here below, The partners of Thy grace,

I O Thou, great Teacher from the skies, And wilt confess their humble names

Who lived and died for men; Before Thy Father's face.

Teach us with Thee to sympathize,

And be as Thou wast then. 4 In them Thou mayest be clothed and fed, 2 It was the glory of Thy heart, And visited and cheered;

Whate'er Thou hadst to give; And in their accents of distress

For others' sufferings to impart, My Saviour's voice is heard.

For others' good to live. 5 Thy face, with reverence and with love, 3 Be Thou in us a living soul; I in Thy poor would see ;

Be Thou our spirit's power; O rather let me beg my bread

Its secret thought, its life's control, Than hold it back from Thee.

To guide it every hour.
Rev. Philip Doddridge. (1702–1751.) 1755-

4 We need like Thee a spirit true,

A just and generous mind, 1046 The Poor always with you."

Which seeks, in all it has to do, i LORD, lead the way the Saviour went, The good of all mankind. By lane and cell obscure,

Rev. Thomas Cogswell Upham. (1799–1872.) 1873. And let our treasures still be spent, Like His, upon

A Treasure in the Heavens."

1048 the

Luke xii. 33. poor.

1 The seeds, which piety and love 2 Like Him, through scenes of deep distress,

Have scattered here below; Who bore the world's sad weight,

In the fair fertile fields above We, in their crowded loneliness,

To ample harvests grow. Would seek the desolate.

2 The mite my willing hands can give, 3 For Thou hast placed us side by side

At Jesus' feet I lay;
In this wide world of ill;

Grace shall the humble gift receive
And that Thy followers may be tried, And beaven at large repay.
The poor are with us still.

Rev. Philip Doddridge. 1755. ab.

Matt. xxvi. II.

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Loving one another.

14 O guide us till our path is done,
1 John iv. 11.

And we have reached the shore 2 If Thou for me such love didst bear,

Where Thou, our everlasting Sun,
Shall I not love again?

Art shining evermore.
For all are objects of Thy care;
Thy love doth all sustain.

5 We wait in faith, and turn our face

To where the daylight springs, 3 If we have love for Thee in heaven,

Till Thou shalt come our gloom to chase, 'Tis seen by love on earth :

With healing on Thy wings. Love only, love which God hath given,

Rev. John Mason Neale. (1818—1866.) 1854. ab. Doth prove our heavenly birth.


The winning Side. 4 Love is of life the only sign, Love is our vital breath;

11 WORKMAN of God, o lose not heart, Love only shows the child divine,

But learn what God is like ; Love only conquers death.

And in the darkest battle-field

Thou shalt know where to strike. 5 Whate'er we do, where'er we go, Let love our sonship prove :

2 Thrice blest is he to whom is given Our lives the fire celestial show,

The instinct that can tell
Our thoughts and words be love. That God is on the field, when He
Rev. Isaac Williams. (1802–1865.) 1842. ab. and alt.

Is most invisible. 1050

3 Blest too is he who can divine, Waiting for Light.

Where rcal right doth lie, 1 O VERY God of very God,

And dares to take the side that seems And very Light of Light, Whose feet this earth's dark valley trod,

Wrong to man's blindfold eye. That so it might be bright;

14 Then learn to scorn the praise of men, 2 Our hopes are weak, our fears are strong,

And learn to lose with God; Thick darkness blinds our eyes;

For Jesus won the world through shame, Cold is the night, and I we long

And beckons thee His road. That Thou, our Sun, wouldst rise.

5 For right is right, since God is God 3 And even now, though dull and grey, And right the day must win; The east is brightening fast,

To doubt would be disloyalty, And kindling to the perfect day,

To falter would be sin. That never shall be past.

Rev. Frederick William Faber. (1814–1863.) 1849. ab.

BAVARIA. 8, 7. 6 or 81.

German Melody




the price,

{ Herrer

LORD of glo ry,

who hast bought us With Thy life - blood

grudg-ing for the lost ones That tre - men - dous D. C. To th’un-thank-ful and the e. vil,

With Thine own un.

sac - ri - fice, spar-ing hand;


And with that hast

free - ly giv · en

Blessings count- less

as the sand

Be His kingdom now promoted,

Let the earth her Monarch know;
Be my all to Him devoted,

To my Lord my all I owe.
2 With my substance I will honor

My Redeemer and my Lord;
Were ten thousand worlds my manor,

All were nothing to His word.
While the heralds of salvation,

His abounding grace proclaim,
Let His friends of every station
Gladly join to spread His fame.

Rev. Benjamin Francis. (1734--1799.) 1787. ab.

"It is more blessed to give than to receive."

Acts xx. 35.
2 Wondrous honor hast Thou given

To our humblest charity;
In Thine own mysterious sentence,

Ye have done it unto Me." Can it be, O gracious Master,

Thou dost deign for alms to sue, Saying, by Thy poor and needy,

“Give, as I have given to you?” 3 Yes: the sorrow and the suffering,

Which on every hand we see,
Channels are for tithes and offerings,

Due by solemn right to Thee;
Right of which we may not rob Thee;

Debt we may not choose but pay,
Lest that Face of love and pity

Turn from us another day. 4 Lord of glory, who hast bought us

With Thy life-blood as the price,
Never grudging for the lost ones

That tremendous sacrifice,
Give us faith, to trust Thee boldly,

Hope to stay our souls on Thee;
But, О best of all Thy graces,
Give us Thine own charity.

Mrs. Alderson. 1868. ab.

Cast thy Brend upon the Waters."

Eccl. xi. 1.
1 Cast thy bread upon the waters,

Thinking not 't is thrown away;
God Himself saith, thou shalt gather

It again some future day.
2 Cast thy bread upon the waters;

Wildly though the billows roll,
They but aid thee as thou toilest

Truth to spread from pole to pole. 3 As the seed, by billows foated,

To some distant island lone,
So to human souls benighted,

That thou fingest may be borne.
14 Cast thy bread upon the waters;

Why wilt thou still doubting stand ? Bounteous shall God send the harvest, If thou sow'st with liberal hand.

Mrs. J. H. Hanaford. 1852. ab. and alt.

Honoring the Lord with our Substance. 1053

Prov. iii. 9.
I PRAISE the Saviour, all ye nations,

Praise Him,all ye hosts above;
Shout with joyful acclamations,

His divine victorious love.

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3 O happiest work below, Nothing our own.

Earnest of joy above, 2 May we Thy bounties thus

To sweeten many a cup of woe,
As stewards true receive,

By deeds of holy love !
And gladly, as Thou blessest us,
To Thee our first-fruits give.

4 Lord, may it be our choice

This blesséd rule to keep, 3 O, hearts are bruised and dead,

“Rejoice with them that do rejoice, And homes are bare and cold,

And weep with them that weep." And lambs, for whom the Shepherd bled, Are straying from the fold.

5 God of the widow, hear; 4 To comfort and to bless,

Our work of mercy bless;
To find a balm for woe,

God of the fatherless, be near,
To tend the lone and fatherless,

And grant us good success.
Is angels' work below.

Rev. Sir Henry Williams Baker. (1821–) 1861. 5 The captive to release,


To God the lost to bring,
To teach the way of life and peace,

1 HAPPY the man, who knows

His Master to obey ;
It is a Christ-like thing.

Whose life of care and labor flows, 6 And we believe Thy word,

Where God points out the way.
Though dim our faith may be;
Whate'er for Thine we do, O Lord, 2 He riseth to his task,
We do it unto 'Thee.

Soon as the word is given ;
Rev. William Walsham How. (1823–) 1854.

Nor waits, nor doth a question ask,

When orders come from heaven. 1056 Bear ye one another's Burdens." Gal. vi. 2.

3 Nothing he calls his own; I O PRAISE our God to-day,

Nothing he hath to say ;
His constant mercy bless,

His feet are shod for God alone,
Whose love hath helped us on our way,

And God alone obey.
And granted us success.

4 Give us, O God, this mind, 2 His arm the strength imparts

Which waits for Thy command, Our daily toil to bear;

And doth its highest pleasure find His grace alɔne inspires our hearts,

In Thy great work to stand.
Each other's load to share.

Rev. Thomas Cogswell Upham. (1799–1872.), 1872.

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