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The Blessedness of the Soints. 8, 7. D. 2 Saviour, if of Zion's city 1 BLEST inhabitants of Zion,

I through grace a member am, Washed in the Redeemer's blood, Let the world deride or pity, Jesus, whom their souls rely on,

I will glory in Thy name: Makes them kings and priests to God: Fading is the worldling's pleasure, 'Tis His love His people raises

All his boasted pomp and show; Over self to reign as kings;

Solid joys and lasting treasure And as priests, His solemn praises

None but Zion's children know. Each for a thank-offering brings.

Rev. John Newton. 1779.

SICILY. 8, 7.

Sicilian Melody

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sure foun - da · tion, Christ the Head and Cor • ner - Stone, Lord, and pre- cious, Bind - ing all the Church in one,

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Zion secure.
Ps. cxxv. 2.

Angulare Fundamentum."

834 2 All that dedicated city,

1 ZioN stands by hills surrounded, Dearly loved of God on high,

Zion kept by power divine: In exultant jubilation

All her foes shall be confounded, Pours perpetual melody;

Though the world in arms combine. God the One in Three adoring

Happy Zion! In glad hymns eternally.

What a favored lot is thine! 3 To this temple, where we call Thee,

2 Every human tie may perish; Come, O Lord of hosts, to-day:

Friend to friend unfaithful prove; With Thy wonted loving-kindness, Mothers cease their own to cherish; Hear Thy servants as they pray;

Heaven and earth at last remove; And Thy fullest benediction

But no changes Shed within its walls alway.

Can attend Jehovah's love. 4 Here vouchsafe to all Thy servants What they ask of Thee to gain,

3 In the furnace God may prove thee, What they gain from Thee for ever

Thence to bring thee forth more bright, With the blessed to retain,

But can never cease to love thee; And hereafter in Thy glory

Thou art precious in His sight:
Evermore with Thee to reign.

God is with thee,
Unknown Author of the 8th century,

God thine everlasting light.
Tr. by Rev. John Mason Neale.(1815--1866.) 1851. ab. and alt.

Rev. Thomas Kelly. (1769-1855.) 1806. ab

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The church our

blest Re - deem - er saved


Love to the Churck.

Ps. cxxxvii.
2 I love Thy church, O God:

Her walls before Thee stand,
Dear as the apple of Thine eye,

And graven on Thy hand. 3 For her my tears shall fall,

For her my prayers ascend;
To her my cares and toils be given,

Till toils and cares shall end. 4 Beyond my highest joy

I prize her heavenly ways,
Her sweet communion, solemn vows,

Her hymns of love and praise. 5 Jesus, Thou Friend divine,

Our Saviour and our King,
Thy hand from every snare and foe

Shall great deliverance bring. 6 Sure as Thy truth shall last,

To Zion shall be given
The brightest glories earth can yield,

And brighter bliss of heaven.
Rev. Timothy Dwight. (1752-1817.) 1800. ab.


The Beauty of the Church,

Ps. xlvii.
I FAR as Thy name is known,

The world declares Thy praise ;
Thy saints, O Lord, before Thy throne

Their songs of honor raise. 2 With joy let Judah stand

On Zion's chosen hill,
Proclaim the wonders of Thy hand,

And counsels of Thy will.

With Ilis own pre - cious blood.


3 Let strangers walk around

The city where we dwell,
Compass and view Thy holy ground,

And mark the building well; 4 The orders of Thy house,

The worship of Thy court,
The cheerful songs, the solemn vows;

And make a fair report.
5 How decent, and how wise !

How glorious to behold!
Beyond the pomp that charms the eyes,

And rites adorned with gold. 6 The God we worship now

Will guide us, till we die;
Will be our God, while here below,
And ours above the sky.

Rev. Isaac Watts. (1674-1748.) 1719

The Church the Safety of the Nation,

Ps. xlviii.
I GREAT is the Lord our God,

And let His praise be great;
He makes His churches His abode,

His most delightful seat.
2 These temples of His grace,

How beautiful they stand,
The honors of our native place,

And bulwarks of our land.
3 In Zion God is known,

A Refuge in distress;
How bright has His salvation shone

Through all lier palaces !

4 Oft have our fathers told,

Then raise and quench the sacred thirst
Our eyes have often seen,

That never pains again.
How well our God secures the fold,
Where His own sheep have been.

3 Come, kingdom of our God,

And make the broad earth thine; 5 In every new distress

Stretch o'er her lands and isles the rod
We'll to His house repair ;

That flowers with grace divine.
We'll think upon His wondrous grace,
And seek deliverance there.

4. Soon may all tribes be blest
Rev. Isaac Watts. 1719. ab. With fruit from life's glad tree;

And in its shade, like brothers, rest, "Come, Kingdom of our God." S. M.

Sons of one family. 1 COME, kingdom of our God,

Sweet reign of light and love, 5 Come, kingdom of our God, Shed peace, and hope, and joy abroad,

And raise the glorious throne And wisdom from above.

In worlds by the undying trod, 2 Over our spirits first

When God shall bless His own. Extend thy healing reign;

Rev. Henry D. Johns. 1865.

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The Pilgrim Church, 2 The story of the past

Comes up before her view;
How well it seems to suit her still,

Old, and yet ever new, 3 'Tis the same story still

Of sin and weariness,
Of grace and love yet flowing down

To pardon and to bless. 4 No wider is the gate,

No broader is the way,
No smoother is the ancient path,

That leads to light and day. 5 No sweetor is the cup,

Nor less our lot of ill :

'Twas tribulation ages since,

'Tis tribulation still.
6 No slacker grows the fight,

No feebler is the foe,
Nor less the need of armor tried,

Of shield and spear and bow.
7 Thus onward still we press

Through evil and through good, Through pain and poverty and want,

Through peril and through blood. 8 Still faithful to our God,

And to our Captain true,
We follow where He leads the way,
The kingdom in our view.

Rev. Horatius Donar. (1808-) 1857. ab.

WAREHAM. 11, 8.

Samuel Arnold. (1740—1802

6 1780.

1. O GREAT is Je - hovah, and great be His praise; In the cit-y of God He is King:


ye His triumphs in ju - bi- lant lays; On the mount of His hooli- ness sing,

Proclaim ye His triumphs in ju - bi- lant lays; On the mount of His ho- li- ness sing.

" Walk about Zion."



"Make a joyful Noise.' ? The joy of the earth, from her beautiful 1 Be joyful in God, all ye lands of the earth ; height,

Ps. xlviii.

Ps. C.

O serve Himn with gladness and fear; Is Zion's impregnable hill;

Exult in Hispresence with music and mirth, The Lord in her temple still taketh de With love and devotion draw near. light;

2 Jehovah is God, and Jehovah alone, God reigns in her palaces still.

Creator and Ruler o'er all;

And we are His people, His sceptre we own; 3 Go, walk about Zion, and measure the

His sheep, and we follow His call." length, Her walls and her bulwarks mark well; 3 O enter His gates with thanksgiving and Contemplate her palaces, glorious in song, strength,

Your vows in His temple proclaim; Her towers and thcir pinnacles tell. His praise with melodious accordance pro

long, 4 Then say to your children, “Our strong And bless His adorable name. hold is tried ;

4 For good is the Lord, inexpressibly good, This God is our God to the end; His people forever His counsels shall guide, His mercy and truth from eternity stood,

And we are the work of His hand; His arm shall forever defend."

And shall to eternity stand.
James Montgomery. (1771–1854.) 1822. ab.

James Montgomery. 1822

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The an-cient Prince of hell Hath risen with pur-pose fell; Strong mail of craft and


P. M.


Ein' feste Burg ist 199ser Gott." 2 With force of arms we nothing can,

Full soon were we down-ridden; But for us fights the proper Man, Whom God himself hath bidden.

Ask ye, who is this same?
Christ Jesus is His name,
The Lord Sabaoth's Son,

He and no other one

Shall conquer in the battle. 3 And were this world all devils o'er,

And watching to devour us, We lay it not to heart so sore, Not they can overpower us.

And let the Prince of ill

Look grim as e'er he will,
He harms us not a whit:

For why? His doom is writ,

One little word shall slay him. 14. That word, for all their craft and force,

One moment will not linger,
But, spite of hell, shall have its course,
'T is written by His finger.

And though they take our life,
Goods, honor, children, wife,
Yct is their profit small;

These things shall vanish all,
The Kingdom ours remaineth.

Martin Luther. 1529.
Tr. by Thomas Carlylc. (1795–) 1831. sl. alt.

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