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The starry Firmament." L. M.

Ps. xix.
i The starry firmament on high,

And all the glories of the sky,
Yet shine not to Thy praise, O Lord,

So brightly as Thy written word.
2 The hopes that holy word supplies,

Its truths divine, and precepts wise,
In each a heavenly beam I see,

And every beam conducts to Thee. 3 When, taught by painful proof to know

That all is vanity below,
The sinner roams from comfort far,
And looks in vain for sun or star;

4 Soft gleaming then those lights divine

Through all the cheerless darkness shine,
And sweetly to the ravished eye

Disclose the Day-spring from on high. 5 Almighty Lord, the sun shall fail,

The moon forget her nightly tale,
And deepest silence hush on high

The radiant chorus of the sky : 6 But, fixed for everlasting years,

Unmoved amid the wreck of spheres, Thy word shall shine in cloudless day, When heaven and earth have passed away.

Sir Robert Grant. (1785–1838 ) 1815.


Har. by Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy. (1809-1847.)

German Choral.

1. O WORD of God in - car - nate, O Wis - dom from on high, O Truth unchanged, un



O Word of God incarnate." 2 The Church from Thee, her Master,

Received the gift divine;
And still that light she lifteth

O'er all the earth to shine.
It is the golden casket

Where gems of truth are stored;
It is the heaven-drawn picture

Of Thee, the living Word. 3 It floateth like a banner

Before God's host unfurled;
It shineth like a beacon

Above the darkling world;

ra - diance That

our footsteps, Shines on from age to age.

It is the chart and compass,

That o'er life's surging sea,
Mid mists, and rocks, and quicksands,

Still guide, O Christ, to Thee.
4 O make Thy Church, dear Saviour,

A lamp of burnished gold,
To bear before the nations

Thy true light, as of old.
O teach Thy wandering pilgrims

By this their path to trace,
Till, clouds and darkness ended,
They see Thee face to face.

Rev. William Walsham How. 11823–) 1867.

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wel - come,



Let him come unto Me."

John. vii. 37 2 “Sprinkled now with blood the throne;

Why beneath thy burdens groan?
On My picrcéd body laid,
Justicc owns the ransom paid:
Bow the knce, and kiss the Son,

Come and welcome, sinner, come. 3 “Spread for thee, the lestal board

See with richest daintics stored;
To thy Father's bosom prest,
Yet again a child confest,
Never from His house to roam:

Come and welcome, sinner, comc. 4 “Soon the days of life shall end;

Lo I come, your Saviour, Friend,
Safe your spirits to convey
To the realms of endless day,
Up to My eternal home :
Come and welcome, sinner, come."

Rev. Thomas Hawcis. (1732-1820.) 1792.

"Take the Peace the Gospel brings."
1 YE that in His courts are found,

Listening to the joyful sound,
Lost and helpless as ye are,
Sons of sorrow, sin, and care:
Glorify the King of kings,
Take the peace the gospel brings.

Ps. cxxxv. 2.

Come and



2 Turn to Christ your longing eyes,

View His bloody sacrifice ;
See, in Him, your sins forgiven,
Pardon, holiness, and heaven:
Glorify the King of kings,
Take the peace the gospel brings.

Rev Rowland Hill (1744-1833) 1774. 410 The Heart breaking before the Cross. 1 HEART of stone, relent, relent;

Break, by Jesus' cross subdued!
See His body mangled, rent,
Covered with a gore of blood;
Sinful soul, what hast thou done?
Crucified the Incarnate Son.

2 Yes, thy sins have done the deed,

Driven the nails that fixed Him there,
Crowned with thorns His sacred head,
Pierced Him with the cruel spear,
Made His soul a sacrifice,
While for sinful man He dies.

3 Wilt thou let Him bleed in vain?

Still to death thy Lord pursue?
Open all His wounds again,
And the shameful cross renew?
No; with all my sins I'll part;
Break, O break, my bleeding heart !

Rev. Charles Wesley. (1708—1788.) 1745. alt.

SCOTLAND. 12, 11.

John Clarke. (1770—1818.) 1800.

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falls you,


Hallelujah to the Lamb, who hath purchased The Voice of free Grace"

our pardon, 2 Ye souls that are wounded, 0 nee to the We'll praise Him again, when we pass over Saviour;

Jordan. He calls you in mercy, 'tis infinite favor; Rev. Richard Burdsall. (1735—1824.) 1796. ab. and all Your sins are increased as high as a inoun


"O come to the merciful Saviour." tain, His blood can remove them, it flows from the 1 O COME 10 the merciful Saviour that calls fountain.

you, Hallelujah, etc.

O come to the Lord who forgives and for


Though dark be the fortune on earth that be3 Now Jesus, our King, reigns triumphantly glorious ;

There's a bright home above, where the sun O'er sin, death, and hell, He is more than vic- never sets. torious;

2 O come then to Jesus, whose arins are exWith shouting proclaim it, О trust in His pas

tended sion,

To sold His dear children in closest embrace. He saves us most freely, O glorious salvation ! o come, for your exile will shortly be ended, Hallelujah, etc.

And Jesus will show you His beautiful face. 4 With joy shall we stand, when escaped to 3 Then come to the Saviour, whose mercy the shore;

grows brighter

The longer you look at the depths of His love; With harps in our hands, we will praise Him

And fear not, 'lis Jesus, and life's cares grow the more;

lighter We'll range the sweet plains on the banks of

As you think of the home and the glory a. the river,

bove. And sing of salvation for ever and ever.

Rev. Frederick William Faber. (1814–1863.) 1849. ab.

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1. O TURN ye, O turn ye, for why will ye die, When God in great mercy is coming so nigh?

Now Jesus invites you, the Spirit says, “come!"And angels are waiting to welcome you home,

413 O turn ye, O turn ye.” 2 Howvain the delusion, that, while you delay, 4 In riches, in pleasures, what can you obtain, Your hearts may grow better by staying away! To soothe your affliction or banish your pain? Come wretched, come starving, come just as To bear up your spirit when summoned to die, you be,

Or wast you to mansions of glory on high? While streams of salvation are flowing so free. 3 And now Christ is ready your souls to re-5 Why will you be starving, and feeding on air ceive ;

There's mercy in Jesus, enough and to spare; O how can you question, if you will believe? If still you are doubting, make trial and see, If sin is your burden, why will you not come ? And prove that His mercy is boundless and "Tis you He bids welcome; He bids you come

free. home.

Rev. Josiah Hopkins. 18za

TO-DAY. 6, 4.

Lowell Mason. (1792-1872.) 1831.

1. TO-DAY the Saviour calls: Ye wanderers, come; 0 ye benighted souls, Why longer roam ?

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The storm of justice falls,


To-Day." 2 To-day the Saviour calls:

O hear Him now; Within these sacred walls

To Jesus bow. 3 To-day the Saviour calls:

For refuge fly;

And death is nigh.
4 The Spirit calls to-day:

Yield to His power;
O grieve Him not away,

'Tis mercy's hour.
Rev. Samuel Francis Smith. (1808–) 1831. alt

Thomas Hastings. (1784-1872.) 1831.

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The gracious Call. 415

He the fatal cause demands,
Matt. xi 28-30.

Asks the work of His own hands, 2 Thou who, houseless, sole, forlorn,

Why, ye thankless creatures, why
Long hast borne the proud world's scorn,

Will ye cross His love, and die?
Long hast roamed the barren waste,
Weary pilgrim, hither haste.

2 Sinners, turn, why will ye die?

God, your Saviour, asks you why; 3 Ye who, tossed on beds of pain,

God who did your souls retrieve,
Seek for ease, but seek in vain;

Died Himself that ye might live:
Ye, by fiercer anguish torn,
In remorse for guilt who mourn;

Will you let Him die in vain ?

Crucify your Lord again ? 4 Hither come, for here is found

Why, ye ransomed sinners, why
Balm that flows for every wound,

Will you slight His grace, and die?
Peace that ever shall endure,
Rest eternal, sacred, sure.

3 Sinners, turn, why will ye die? Mrs Anna Lætitia Barbauld. (1743—1825.) 1825. ab and

God, the Spirit, asks you why;

(alt. He, who all your lives hath strove, 416 "Why will ye die ?"

Wooed you to embrace His love:
Ezek. XVII. 31.

Will you not His grace receive"
I SINNERS, turn, why will ye die?

Will you still refuse to live? God, your Maker, asks you why;

Why, ye long-sought sinners, why God, who did your being give,

Will ye grieve your God, and die? Made you with Himself to live;

Rev. Charles Wesley. (1708—1788.) 1745. ab.


Simeon Butler Marsh. (1798–) 1834.


D. C.

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