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WHILE so many volumes of hymns, both original and selected, are constantly issuing from the press, it seems almost presumption to expect that this will be noticed. Every man, however, has his peculiar taste; this selection of hymns, together with their arrangement, will be suited to this taste ; and consequently there is room to hope, that others may find in these a suitableness to their views, dispositions, and experience, which they have sought vain from other selections, which, too, have their appropriate excellencies. Under this impression, I have ventured to solicit public attention.

It is almost universally admitted that Doctor Watts's Psalms and Hymns possess an excellency and variety, which place hiin far beyond any single author: and, in my hamble opinion, they are of such sterling worth, that no selection, however excellent, should supercede the use of them. It is, however, as generally admitted, that there are many subjects for which Doctor Watts has provided no hymns. To see this deficiency supplied amongst predo-baptist churches, has been the desire of many ministers and private christians; and to effect this is the principal, though not the only end of this small volume.

The hymns here presented to the public, I have collected from more than two hundred authors ; many of them are taken from manuscripts, which I deemed too valuable to be sufiered to remain in obscurity, and some have been supplied by friends. As this work has been the labor of years, and ihe choice of ma. ny thousand hymns, it will, I trust, give satisfaction to the church of God. Though I have, of course, the sentiments pe. culiar to that denomination of christians with which provider.ce has placed me ; yet I am not without hopes that a selection

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