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First printed September, 1912. 1250 copies

All rights reserved


All rights on poems in this work are reserved by the
holders of the copyright. The publishers and others named in
the subjoined list are the proprietors, either in their own right
or as agents for the authors, of the books and poems of which
the authorship and titles are given respectively, and of which
the ownership is thus specifically noted and is hereby acknowl-


MESSRS. D. APPLETON & Co., New York-W. C. Bryant: The

Battle-Field, The Conqueror's Grave, The Crowded Street, The
Death of the Flowers, A Forest Hymn, The Future Life,
June, “Oh Mother of a Mighty Race,” The Past, Planting of
the Apple-Tree, The Snow-Shower, Song of Marion's Men,
Thanatopsis, To a Waterfowl; Fitz-Greene Halleck: Alnwick
Castle, Burns, Connecticut, Marco Bozzaris, On the Death

of Joseph Rodman Drake, Red Jacket.
WILLIAM ALLEN BUTLER, JR.-William Allen Butler: The

Incognita of Raphael, Nothing to Wear.
Mrs. GEORGE WILLIAM CURTIS–George William Curtis: Egyp-

tian Serenade, O Listen to the Sounding Sea, Spring Song.
Messrs. DUFFIELD & COMPANY, New York-Edgar Allan Poe:

Annabel Lee, The Bells, The Conqueror Worm, The Haunted
Palace, The Raven, To Helen, To One in Paradise. (The
Stedman-Woodberry text is herein used through the courtesy

of Messrs. Duffield & Company, holders of the copyright.)

Williamson Palmer: The Fight at San Jacinto, Stonewall

Jackson's Way.
Messrs. HOUGHTON MIFFLIN COMPANY, Boston—Thomas Bailey

Aldrich: Baby Bell, In an Atelier, Nocturne, On an Intaglio
Head of Minerva, On Lynn Terrace, Palabras Cariñosas,


Song from the Persian; Phæbe Cary: Alas!, Nearer Home;
Ralph Waldo Emerson: Browning, Brahma, Concord Hymn,
Days, Fable, Heri, Cras, Hodie, The Humble Bee, Poet,
The Problem, Rhodora, Sacrifice, Shakespeare, To Eva;
William Lloyd Garrison: Freedom for the Mind; Richard
Watson Gilder: Ah, Be Not False, The Heroic Age, Noël,
Reform, The River Inn, Songs, A Woman's Thought; Francis
Bret Harte: Chiquita, Dow's Flat, “Jim,” Plain Language
from Truthful James, The Society upon the Stanislaus, What
the Engines Said; John Hay: Hymn of the Knights Tem-
plars, Jim Bludso, Mystery of Gilgal; Oliver Wendell
Holmes: Ballad of the Oysterman, Chambered Nautilus, The
Deacon's Masterpiece, The Dilemma, The Last Leaf, Lexing-
ton, The Music Grinders, My Aunt, On Lending a Punch-
Bowl, The Parting Word, Philosopher to His Love, “Qui
Vive,” The Star and the Water-Lily, To the Portrait of a
Lady, Under the Washington Elm, Cambridge, The Voice
of the Loyal North, The Voiceless; Julia Ward Howe:
Battle-Hymn of the Republic, Our Orders, The Summons;
Lucy Larcom: Hannah Binding Shoes; Henry Wadsworth
Longfellow: The Cumberland, The Day is Done, Endymion,
Excelsior, Footsteps of Angels, Maidenhood, My Lost Youth,
Nuremberg, The Psalm of Life, Resignation, Seaweed,
Skeleton in Armor, Song of the Silent Land, The Village
Blacksmith, Warden of the Cinque Ports; James Russell
Lowell: Auf Wiedersehen, The Courtin', Credidimus Jovem
Regnare, Ode Recited at the Harvard Commemoration, July
21, 1865, Palinode, The Petition, The Present Crisis, Song-
“O Moonlight Deep and Tender,” Telepathy, The Washers
of the Shroud, What Mr. Robinson Thinks, Without and
Within; William Vaughn Moody: Gloucester Moors, Ode in
Time of Hesitation; Thomas William Parsons: Her Epitaph,
Mary Booth, Obituary, On a Bust of Dante, Paradisi
Gloria, Saint Peray; John Godfrey Saxe: Bereavement, Early
Rising, Orpheus and Eurydice, Polyphemus and C'lysses;

Edward Rowland Sill: The Coup de Grace, The Fool's Prayer, The Lover's Song, Momentous Words, The Open Window, To a Maid Demure; Edmund Clarence Stedman: The Ballad of Lager Bier, Edged Tools, Hypatia, Kearny at Seven Pines, Pan in Wall Street, Provençal Lovers, Si Jeunesse Savait!, The Undiscovered Country, World Well Lost; William Wetmore Story: Black Eyes, Cleopatra, In the Rain, L'Abbate, Praxiteles and Phryne, Snowdrop; John Greenleaf Whittier: Barbara Frietchie, Barclay of Ury, Ichabod, Lines on the Death of S. O. Torrey, Maud Muller, My Playmate, The Old Burying-Ground, Proem to Poems of 1847, Dedication of “In War Time,” Randolph of Roanoke,

The Watchers, What the Birds Said. MITCHELL KENNERLEY, New York-Walt Whitman: 0 Captain!

My Captain! MESSRS. J. B. LIPPINCOTT COMPANY—Thomas Buchanan Read:

The Celestial Army, Sheridan's Ride, Some Things Love Me. Messrs. LOTHROP LEE & SHEPARD COMPANY, Boston-Marc

Cook: Her Opinion of the Play. MESSRS. CHARLES SCRIBNER's Sons, New York—Henry Cuyler

Bunner: Atlantic City, Candor, Chakey Einstein, The Chaperon, Da Capo, Feminine, Just a Love-Letter, She Was a Beauty, The Way to Arcady; Eugene Field: The Bibliomaniac's Prayer, Dear Old London, Dibden's Ghost, The Duel, Grandma's Prayer, In Amsterdam, The Little Peach, Lydia Dick, Preference Declared, The Tea-Gown; Sydney Lanier: Marshes of Glynn, Song of the Chattahoochee; Richard Henry Stoddard: The Flight of Youth, Without

and Within, A Woman's Poem. Messrs. SMALL MAYNARD & COMPANY, INCORPORATED, Boston

Richard Hovey: At the End of the Day, Faith and Fate, Launa Dee, The Sea Gypsy, Unmanifest Destiny, Voices of

Unseen Spirits, The Wander-Lovers. MESSRS. THE John C. Winston COMPANY, Philadelphia

Charles Fenno Hoffman: The Mint Julep, Monterey.

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