Werewolf Histories

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Willem de Blécourt
Palgrave Macmillan, 13 окт. 2015 г. - Всего страниц: 280
Today, werewolves are primarily known through films: as humans who change into wolves under the influence of the full moon. Although this is a recent image, werewolves have a long, fragmented and discontinuous history. Werewolf Histories is the first academic book in English to address European werewolf history and folklore from antiquity to the twentieth century. On the basis of mostly new source material, varying from archaeological finds, demonological tracts, witchcraft trials, slander suits and nineteenth - and twentieth - century legends, its contributors cover the most important European werewolf territories, ranging from Scandinavia to Germany, France and Italy, and from Croatia to Estonia. Werewolf Histories calls for a more sophisticated, contextualised, and differentiated approach and hopes to be contagious enough to spawn more of its kind.

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List of Illustrations
An Introduction to Cluster
Wolves and WolfMen in the GraecoRoman
Into the Wild Old Norse Stories of Animal
Contextualising ShapeChangers
Werewolves and Shape
The Judges Lore? The PoliticoReligious Concept
The Werewolf in the Popular Culture of Early Modern
The Shepherd of Wolves
Estonian Werewolf History
The Werewolf in NineteenthCentury Denmark
Werewolves in Some South

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Willem de Blécourt is a historical anthropologist and an independent scholar, as well as Honorary Research Fellow at the Meertens Institute, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Apart from werewolves, his main areas of interest are the history of witchcraft in Europe from the late Middle Ages up to the twentieth century, and the history of fairy tales during the same period. His most recent publications include Tales of Magic, Tales in Print: On the Genealogy of Fairy Tales and the Brothers Grimm (2012) and two edited volumes (with Owen Davies) about witchcraft after the witch trials, Beyond the Witch Trials and Witchcraft Continued (2004).

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