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14 For we stretch not our though rude in speech, yet I selves too far, as though we am not so in knowledge; but reached not to you : (for we on every occasion we have been came even as far as to you in | made manifest to you in all preaching the gospel of Christ ;) things. 15 not boasting of things! 7 Have I committed an ofwithout measure, that is, in fence in humbling myself, that the labours of other men ; but ye might be exalted ; inasmuch having hope, when your faith as I have preached to you the is increased, that we shall be gospel of God without cost? 8 abundantly enlarged among I robbed other churches, takyou, as concerning our line; ing wages from them, that I 16 so as to preach the gospel might minister to you: 9 and in the paris beyond you, and when I was present with you, not to boast in another's line and wanted, I was chargeable of things made ready for us. 17 | to no one: for that which was But he who boasteth, let him wanted by me, the brethren, boast in the Lord. 18 For not who came from Macedonia he who commendeth himself supplied; and in every thing, is approved, but he whom the I have kept myself from being Lord commendeth.

| burdensome to you, and will Ch. XI. 1 I wish that ye still keep myself. would bear with me a little in 10 As the truth of Christ is this foolishness : and indeed in me, this boasting of mine bear with me. 2 For I am jea- cannot be stopped in the rest lous of you, with a godly jea-, gions of Achaia. 11 Why? belousy: for I have espoused you cause I love you not? God to one husband, that I may pre knoweth otherwise. 12 But what sent you, as a chaste virgin, | I do, that will I still do; so as he to Christ. 3 But I fear lest, I to cut off occasion from those that as the serpent deceived who desire occasion; thatyly Eve by his subtilty, [so] your wherein they boast, they may a minds should be corrupted | be found even as we. from the simplicity which is in 13 For such are false apos-kun Christ. 4 For if he who cometh tles, deceitful workmen, transebe among you, preach another Je- forming themselves into apos-pg sus, whom we have not preach- \tles of Christ. 14 And no wonkin ed, or if ye receive another der : for the adversary alsof spirit, which ye have not re- | transformeth himself into a me ceived, or another gospel, messenger of light. 15 It is which ye have not accepted, therefore no great thing, if his nevertheless ye might well bear ministers, also, transform themwith me.

selves as ministers of righteon 5 For I suppose that I am ousness: whose end will be acja in nothing inferior to the very cording to their works. 16.18 greatest of the apostles. 6 For say again; Let no one think

me foolish : but if otherwise, at| in dangers among false brethleast as a fool, bear with me, ren; 27 [in] labour and toil,

that I also may boast a little. in watchings often, in hunger - 17 What I speak, in this confi- and thirst, în fastings often, in

dent boasting, I do not speak cold and nakedness. 28 Besides - according to the Lord, but as the things which are without, in foolishness.

the troubles which assail me 18 Since many boast accord- daily, in the care of all the ing to the flesh, I also will churches. boast. 19 For ye gladly bear 29 Who* is weak, and I am with the foolish, since ye your not weak ? who falleth away, selves are wise. 20 For ye bear and I burn not? 30 If I must with it, if any one bring you needs boast, I will boast of the into slavery, if any one devour things which concern my you, if any one take of you, if weakness. 31 The God and any one exalt himself, if any Father of our Lord Jesus one smite you on the face. 21 Christ, who is blessed to the As concerning dishonour, I say I ages, knoweth that I speak not that we have been weak. Yet falsely. whereinsoever any is bold, (1 32 In Damascus, the goverspeak foolishly,) I also am nor under king Aretas guarded bold.

the city of the Damascenes, 22 Are they Hebrews ? sol [desiring] to apprehend me: am I. Are they Israelites ? so 33 and I was let down, in am I. Are they Abraham's off- a basket, through a window spring ? so am I. 23 Are they in the wall ; and escaped his ministers of Christ ? (I speak | hands. as one void of reason, I am Ch. XII. 1 Doubtless it is more; in labours, more abun- not expedient for me to boast. dant; in stripes, far exceeding; Yet I will come to visions and in prisons, more frequent; in revelations of the Lord. 2 I deaths, often. 24 (Five times I know a man in Christ,* who, received from the Jews forty fourteen years ago, was caught siripes except one. 25 Thrice I up to the third heaven : (whewas beaten with rods, once Ither in the body, I know was stoned, thrice I suffered not; or whether out of the shipwreck, a night and a day body, I know not; God knowI floated in the deep.) I have eth.) 3 And I know respecto been in journeys often, 26 in dan- ing this man, (whether in the · gers from floods, in dangers body, or out of the body, I

from robbers, in dangers from know not, God knoweth,) 4 my own countrymen, in dangers that he was caught up to from the gentiles, in dangers paradise, and heard unspeakin the city, in dangers in the able words which it is not posdesert, in dangers on the sea, sible for man to utter. 5 Of such an one I will boast : but 13 For what is it wherein ye ! of myself I will not boast, ex- have been inferior to other cept in my weaknesses.

*i.e. a disciple of Christ.

churches, unless it be that I 6 For if I were willing to myself was not burdensome to boast, I should not be foolish ; l you ? forgive me this wrong. for I should speak the truth: 14 Behold, a third time, I am but I forbear, lest any one ready to come to you; and I should think concerning me! will not be burdensome to you: above what he seeth me to be, for I seek not yours, but you. or what he heareth from me. 7 | For the children ought not to And lest I should be too much lay up for the parents, but the exalted, by the exceeding great parents for the children. 15 ness of God's revelations, there And I will very gladly spend, hath been given me a thorn and be altogether spent for in the flesh, an angel-adver- you : though loving you most saryt to buffet me, flest, I say, abundantly, I am less loved I should be too much exalted. ] | by you.

8 Concerning this, I besought 16 But be it so: “I did not the Lord thrice, that it might burden you; nevertheless, be. depart from me. 9 And he said ing crafty I caught you with to me, “ My favour is sufficient guile.” 17 Did I overreach you for thee: for (my) power is through any of those whom I made perfect in weakness.” sent to you ? 18 I desired Titus Most gladly therefore I will to go; and, with him, I sent a rather boast in my weaknesses, brother. Did Titus in any way that the power of Christ may overreach you ? walked we not rest upon me.

in the same spirit ? walked we 10 I take pleasure therefore not in the same steps ? in weaknesses, in shameful 19 THINK ye that we again treatment, in necessities, in defend ourselves to you? we persecutions, in distresses for speak before God in Christ : the sake of Christ: for when I and we do all things, beloved, am weak, then I am strong. 11 for your edification. I am become foolish : ye have 20 For I fear lest, when I compelled me : for ( ought to come, I may not find you such have been recommended by as I would, and lest I may be you; for in nothing am I infe- found by you such as ye would rior to the chief of the apostles, not : lest there be contentions, though I am nothing. 12 The envyings, wrath, strife, evil. signs indeed of an apostle have speakings, whisperings, swelbeen wrought among you, in all lings, disturbances : 21 and lest, patience, in signs and wonders when I come again, my God and mighty works.

may humble me among you,

* In the original, an angel-satan, " The best commentators," says Mr. Farmer, “suppose that the bodily affliction, or thorn in the flesb, here referred to, was some paralytic symptom." See Gal. iv, 13.

and I may bewail many who | ye will know that we are not haveheretofore sinned, and have without proof. not repented of the unclean- / 7 Now I pray to God, that ness, and fornication, and las- ye do no evil; I pray not that civiousness, which they have we may appear approved, but committed.

that ye may do what is good, Ch. XIII. 1 This third time, though we should be indeed I am coming to you. By the without proof. 8 For we canmouth of two or three witnes- not do anything against the ses, every matter shall be estab-truth, but for the truth. 9 For lished. 2 I have told before we are glad when we are weak, hand, and I again tell before and ye are strong; [and] for hand (as present the second this we pray also, even for your time, though now absent) those perfection. 10 Wherefore I who have heretofore sinned, write these things, being aband all others, that, if I come sent; lest, being present, I again, I will not spare them : 3 should use sharpness, accordsince ye seek a proof that / ing to the power which the Christ speaketh by me, (who Lord hath given me, but to towards you is not weak-edification, and not to destrucness, but in you is powerful ; 4 | tion. for though he was crucified 11 FINALLY, brethren, farethrough weakness, yet he lived well. Be perfect, be of good through the power of God; for comfort, be of the same mind, we also are weak in him, yet live in peace: and the God of we shall live with him, through love and peace will be with the power of God towards you ;) you. 12 Salute one another 5 try yourselves, whether ye be with a holy kiss. 13 All the in the faith ; prove yourselves. saints salute you. 14 The favour Know ye not concerning your of the Lord Jesus Christ, and selves, that Jesus Christ is in the love of God, and the comyou, unless perhaps ye be with mon fruition of the holy spirit, out proof? 6 But I hope that be with you all.


CHAP. I. | Father, who raised him from 1 PAUL, an apostle, (not the dead, *) 2 and all the brethfrom men, nor by man, but by ren who are with me, to the Jesus Christ, and God the churches of Galatia : 3 favour

• « Not deriving my mission from other apostles, nor even from God by their appointment, but from Jesus Christ himself; and consequently, from God his Father. Here, observe, Jesus

be to you, and peace, from God | behaviour in the Jewish relia the Father, and from our Lord gion, that I exceedingly perseJesus Christ; 4 who gave him-cuted the church of God, and self for our sins, that he might | laid it waste ; 14 and made a deliver us from this present proficiency in the Jewish relievil age, according to the will gion above many of the same of our God and Father; 5 to age in mine own nation, being whom be glory to the ages of more exceedingly zealous of ages. Amen.

the traditions of my fathers: 15 6 I wonder that ye are so but when it pleased [God, soon removed from him who who separated me to the gospel called you in the favour [of from my mother's womb, and Christ,] to a different gospel : called me through his favour, 16 7 which indeed is not another; to reveal his son in me, that I but there are some who trouble might preach the glad tidings you, and desire to alter the of him among the gentiles; I gospel of Christ.

did not confer immediately 8 But though we, or an with flesh and blood ; 17 nor angel from heaven, preach any did I go up to Jerusalem to gospel to you, besides that those who were apostles before which we have preached to me; but I went into Arabia, and you, let him be accursed.* 9 returned to Damascus. As we have said already, so I 18 Then, after three years, now say again; If any one I went up to Jerusalem, that I preach any gospel to you be- might see Peter; and abode sides that which ye have re- with him fifteen days. 19 But ceived, let him be accursed.* I saw none other of the apos10 For, do I now approve my-tles, except James, the Lord's self to men, or to God? or do brother. 20 (Now concerning I seek to please men ? [for] if the things which I write to you, I still pleased men, I should behold, in the sight of God, not be a servant of Christ. I lie not.) 21 Afterward, I

11 But I declare to you, went into the regions of Syria brethren, that the gospel and Cilicia; 22 and I was unpreached by me is not accord- known, by face, to the churches ing to man. 12 For I neither of Judea, which were in Christ: received it from man, nor was 23 but they had only heard, I taught it but through the reve- that he who formerly perselation of Jesus Christ.t 13 For cuted us, now preached the ye have heard of my former faith, which formerly he laid

Christ is distinguished from God, to whom he was subordinate, and by whose power, and not his own, he was raised from the dead.” Dr Priestly. “It may also be observed ; that the apostle's distinction here is not between a man and a being of a superior order; but between men now living in the world, and who were themselves servants and messengers of Christ, and Jesus Christ himself, who had been raised from the dead, and exalted to be the head and governor of the church.” Im. Ver. note.

* Gr. anathema, which signifies a person or thing "separated to destruction.” Parkhurst. “One cut off from the congregation of the worshippers of God." Macknight. See 1 Cor. v. 5.

+ q. d. from no man living upon earth, but from Christ in his exalted state. See note on ver, i.

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