The Works of ... Edmund Burke, Том 7

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F. & C. Rivington, 1803

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Стр. 415 - They ought to know the different departments of things; what belongs to laws, and what manners alone can regulate. To these, great politicians may give a leaning, but they cannot give a law.
Стр. 83 - If a great change is to be made in human affairs, the minds of men will be fitted to it; the general opinions and feelings will draw that way. Every fear, every hope will forward it...
Стр. 382 - ... the benign and wise Disposer of all things, who obliges men, whether they will or not, in pursuing their own selfish interests, to connect the general good with their own individual success.
Стр. 414 - I had my chalk to draw any line, was this; that the State ought to confine itself to what regards the State, or the creatures of the State, namely the exterior establishment of its religion; its magistracy; its revenue; its military force by sea and land; the corporations that owe their existence to its fiat; in a word, to every thing that is truly and properly public, to the public peace, to the public safety, to the public order, to the public prosperity.
Стр. 381 - But in the case of the farmer and the laborer, their interests are always the same, and it is absolutely impossible that their free contracts can be onerous to either party.
Стр. 375 - But, on the whole, the duty is performed, and every thing returns, deducting some very trifling commission and discount, to the place from whence it arose. When the poor rise to destroy the rich, they act as wisely for their own purposes, as when they burn mills, and throw corn into the river, to make bread cheap.
Стр. 402 - We, the people, ought to be made sensible that it is not in breaking the laws of commerce, which are the laws of Nature, and consequently the laws of God, that we are to place our hope of softening the Divine displeasure to remove any calamity under which we suffer or which hangs over us.
Стр. 375 - Let compassion be shown in action, — the more, the better, — according to every man's ability ; but let there be no lamentation of their condition. It is no relief to their miserable circumstances ; it is only an insult to their miserable understandings. It arises from a total want of charity or a total want of thought. Want of one kind was never relieved by want of any other kind. Patience...
Стр. 381 - ... is absolutely impossible that their free contracts can be onerous to either party. It is the interest of the farmer, that his work should be done with effect and celerity : and that cannot be, unless the...
Стр. 181 - Among precautions against ambition, it may not be amiss to take one precaution against our own. I must fairly say, I dread our own power, and our own ambition ; I dread our being too much dreaded.

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