Chile: A Primary Source Cultural Guide

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The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc, 15 дек. 2003 г. - Всего страниц: 128
Over a dozen millennia ago, humans formed settlements in the land we now call Chile. Spaniards arrived in the 16th century only to conquer the descendants of the original settlers. Within 250 years, most of Chile s population consisted of mestizos descendants of Spanish colonists and indigenous peoples. These people rebelled against Spain, and in 1818, formed an independent Republic of Chile. This book thoroughly describes Chile s tumultuous past and hope-filled future. Carefully researched primary source images, including maps, important manuscripts, art, architecture, industry, and more, bring to life the people, the trauma, and the joys that are Chile.

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The People
The Languages of Chile
Chilean Myths and Legends 43
Chilean Festivals and Ceremonies
The Religions of Chile
The Art and Architecture
The Literature
Famous Foods and Recipes
Daily Life and Customs
Education and Work in Chile 103
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