Ella Fitzgerald

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Penguin, 10 янв. 2008 г. - Всего страниц: 208
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The name ?Ella Fitzgerald? brings to mind a silky voice crooning jazz standards. The First Lady of Song earned her nickname by touring almost nonstop for over fifty years, winning thirteen Grammys, and recording album after album.

But who was the woman behind the name? How did a teenage runaway become a renowned jazz singer? Long after her homeless days, Ella remained insecure?she often suffered stage fright. Yet she was a born performer, able to improvise lyrics and record songs in single takes. She even seemed more comfortable on stage than off, and close friends found her hard to truly know.

Tanya Lee Stone?s Up Close biography delivers several never-before-published details of this intensely private, legendary singer?s life.


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Explaining that the story of her subject's life was often filled with misinformation, Stone uses extensive resources to set the record straight. In the process, she offers a lovely view of one of ... Читать весь отзыв

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I really enjoyed this book. I thought that it was well written and researched. It was well organized and easy to follow for those who may not know much about jazz or the history of jazz. Though there ... Читать весь отзыв


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Two Im going to make something of myself some day
Four Anything happens to me take care of Ella
Six This one pays the rent
Eight She was like a fairy godmother to all children
Ten When she walks down the street she leaves notes
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Tanya Lee Stone has written many biographies for young readers. She lives in Burlington, Vermont.

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