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close with thc goodnesse of truch, and to embrace Chrift.

2. There is a wonderful faith, a faith of miracles, to remove mountaines, to raise the dead, which had some special and immediate promise, and yet ic was a gife bestowed on those who had no faich to save themselves ::Many who have coft out devils, may at the last day be cast among the devils : Lord, Lord, have not we Prophefied in the name, and in thy name cast out Devils? And yet. Christ bid them depart, Non novi

3. There is a temporary faith:which hath in it some great apprehensions of the truths of God; yea, and reverent affents; yea, and some delightfull contencacions in the fame, yea, and Tome fruitfull expressions, and with all these, a singular degree of profession, even to a zealous forwardnesse, and nocoriousness, so that a man may be in the eye of others like a tall ship, and yet there is a Leake in the bottome, which on the sudden finks all.

This temporary faith though in many refpe&s it handles the fame object with saving faich it is campering much abour Chrift, and the promises,yet it is incrinsically, and extreamly different from it.,

It doch not differ from ic in resped of, eminency, or degrees, nor in relied of existence or duration onely, for the one is a living Spring, and the other is a decaying Flood,) but in respect of formal nature also : The temporary faith doth not indeed bring all the heart and settle it on Christ.

4.There is this juftifying and saving faith,which be ftowes the whole heart on Christ

, and takes Ch ist unfeignedly to be Lord and Saviour. Now where ibere are so many sorts, it is not a great difficulty, nor an impossibility to mistake, error is manyfold, (said the Phylosopher) but the truib is fingle, and there is. but one line to hit the mark, bu: many to misle ir.

Nay, secondly, there is a great confimilitude of one of the exo treames of faith, with faith it self; viz. credulity. It is strange ( yer ordinary ) that a man should make a heaven of his own, and a God of his own, and a Christ of his own, and a faich of bis own, and a way to heaven of his own. Prefumption is a work



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much of an idle fancy, and a gracelefe beart, like a sbiefe, very ape to finger che Kings coine, but without a warrant.But to the thing: Is there knowledge in faith? why, prefumpidon pretends to that is there confidence in faire? what more bold chen prejump tion; is there any (weet asurance in faith? why,presumpsion never dcubird, but could believe ever finie a man was borne: is there any joy in faith? why, presumption is as jocond and carebeffe, as if there were no heaven to be got, no finne to be bewailed, nor course to be reformed.

Lastly, these are easie and we are apt to felves witlo shese, inftead of a true beteaving in Jefus Christ. To get a little seeming knowledge, to carry Religion upon the lip, and Chrift on the congue, to be bold apos Gods mercy, and Chrifts death, and with all those, to have a heart glued to the world, folded up in the love of Ginne, resolved against att hazards, to thift off all profeffion rather then to endure any storme, what so great a task is this? But to have a minde taught of God, and to have an understanding bowed with the strengeh of Divine light, and inward change to the obedience of truth, and to have a will sweetly reacwed, and with an holy trembling, bumbly receiving Christ in his person, and offices, and beftowing the whole fool and body-on him againe; here the work sticks,

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He last thing which may stirre us to try our selves,
is the confideration of that amazing danger,
and unspeakable misery, to which the foul is
aDuredly obnoxious in case of unbelief,

Why,will you say? What danger if we believe

not? I answer, there are three special dangers.

Firl, alliby finnes ft and upon record against thee, like so many fad debes which shou bast run thy self inco, from thy concepcion to this very day. They are all written with the pen of a Diamond; there is no blotting one of a mans finnes, but by obe blood of Cbrift,and the unbeliever hath noç his portion in that blood and therefore there are all thy sinnes uncancelled, thy sinnes, of 'nature, and all thy finnes of life; such a sin, and such a fin, chen and there, and againe, committed, &c. O how great is the volume of chem,che dumber of bem cannot be numbred, and the guilt of them cannot be conceived, if one sin binds thée over to hell, Good God! To wbac Aames of vengeance and horrible de. gress and intensions of missry and wrach do all thy fins oblige thee?

Yea, and as Solomon said in another case, Prov. 9 12. if abou (cornet, ebou alone fall brare il: so I say here, if thou remain: an unbeliever, thou alone must answer for all thy sinnes. Whatfoever the wraibful displeasure of God is; whatsoever the horrors of conscience are; whacloever the gnawings of that worm are;whatsoever the heat of hell flames are; Whatsoever the doleful separation from God is; Whatsoever curfe the Law implies for sin, chac maist thou expect, who wild not believe in Chrift. 'O! if that


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wrach was so bot, when it ( obliquely as it were) fell on Cbrift (wbere it had no ur.holy and self-guiley quality to admix with it selfe ) that he/wear drops of blood, and cryed out,my God, &c. How wilt thou with any patience, ease, poslible quietnesie; susteine the exrream wrath of the Almighty Judge, who are vile , and filthy, and hast a conscience with all thy torments, to gall and vex chec with the stings of misery, guilts, and self-accusacia ons? tell me how art thou able, what canst thou say, how canst thou beare up before the Lord, if he should arise, if he Tould terribly arise to judge the nations? He is the Holy God and Juft, and is True and Great in power. Wbat satisfaction canst thou bring, where are thine oblacions, or with what wilt thou reconcile thy self to the Lord > Whereby canst thou either make thy former fins, to be no sins, or perswade the Lord to be propicious to thee without Christ?

Nay, verily, he will judge thee as an unrighteous person, for if thou hast not Christ, what

righteousnesse baft chou? chere is no bepe for thee to be acquitted, nay,nor hope to be saved, nay, thou art sure to be damned.

Mark 16.15. Goyou into all she world and preach the Gospelto every creature. 16. He that beleeveth and is baprized shall be faved, but be that beleeverb not Mall be damned.

John 3, 18. He that believeth nor is condemned already, becane he harb not beleeved in the name of the only begotten Sonne of Godi 36. He that beleeverb on the Son barbeverlasting life, and he ibat beleeveth not the Son foal! not see life, bu: she wrath of God abideth


Rev. 2. 8. 7 he fearful and unbelieving are cast into the lake of fire and brimstone.

But you will say, Why? This is strange! Why such extreame misery for not beleeving? what Ginne is it?

It is one of the greateft fins in the world, not to believe (that is) not to receive the Lord Jesus Christ. Because,

Ic is a sinne against the greatest love to the world, Joh.3. 16. God so loved the world that he gave, c. Rom. 5. 8. Bæt God como mendesh kis love towards us, that whiles We were yet finners, Cbrift dyed for us.

God thewed the greatnefle of bis love, to bestow his Sonne




and and Cbrift shewed the greatnesse of his love, to die for us. Greater love ( said Chrift) can no man shew, then to lay down his life, &c. Now for the Lord to finde cut a way of Salvation, and in love to our soules to offer this Son of his unto us, and so beseeck us to be reconciled, and then for us (like them who were envited to the supper) we cannot come, we will not come. Ochis, &c.

It is a fin for which chere can be no remedy for almoch as it is a fim' against the only remedy of a sinful soul. The sentence of the Law may be repealed by the Gospel, but not è contra. There is no plaister for the soul buc the blood of Christ, which yet unbelief will not take and receive.

It is a sinne which ( as much as in ic lies ) makes void and vaine all the Covenant of Grace, turning all the goodnesse of it into nothing, and all the truches of it into lyes, and makes the blood of Christ to be shed in vaine. He sbat beleeveth not makes God a lyar, because he beleevelb not the record that God gave of bis Sonne , 1 John 5.12.

It is a fin which dire&liy murders the foul : because it doth wil. fully hold it off from Christ, who would upon believing pardon and justific and save.

All these things being premised let us now descend towards the triall or evidences of true faith in Chrift, where I beseech you obferve.

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