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be spring.

A foul that thinks himself not Chrifts intercession, mbat is hambled enough, answered. p. meant by it.

p.25 197

Inherent, swofeld humbling according to Inherent qualities and abilities a double caufe of it, and the infifted on as meaxs of perswali

Workings of each. p.197,198 on, argnes weaknesle of faith. Fitnelle for Christ net to be judged

p.134 by the measure and strength of

Joy. digal humblings: the reafins Spiritual joy the fole fruit of of it. p.198 faith.

P.92 Some things, which if they follow Several sorts of joy, whence they 1: pon legal humblings, may

P.92 Jaburdinate enci uragements to Joy an inseparable fruit of faith. the beart to put it selfe upon

P: 92 Chrift.

p.199 Joy three wajes considered.p.146, Humblings and meltings of foul

147 not hindred by faith. Ibid Justifie, Juftification. But furthered byit. f.200 There is not a co-operation of faith

and.orker graces to justifie , jet I

there is a co-existence of ihmir the person justified.

P.55 James:

Justification only in Jesus Chrift. James,what kind of faith' he speaks of.

p.104,105 Juftification, the word opened. Ignorance.

p.69 Grusle ignorance an impediment The nature of it defigned. p.70

to getting faith. p.169,170 Juftification an action in God.p. Ignorance of our finful condition,

71 of Gods justice, and of the excel- The kinde of this action.

P.72 lency of Christ, impediments 10 The meritorious cause of it. p.71 getting faith.

p. 170 The applying cause of it. p.71 Imputed, vid. Righteousness. Whether Justification be before Infidelity. faith.

P-73 The dangerous state of positive fuftification

, shot a divided a&t. infidelity p.158

P.75 The degrees of positive infidelity. Whether it be one transient aci, er P.159 one continued act.

P.75 Intercession, vid. Prieft. Juftification of a sinner a gracious A twofold interceflion. p.24, and just adtion.




Justification by imputed righte-1 had need to live by faith. p. oufwelle, all beleevers have an

221,222 equal interest in it.

p.142 Encouragements from Chrifts Justice.

fulneste to live by faith in those Gods Justice fould constraine us exigencies. p.223,224 to believe.

p.187 The conjunction of oxr own exi

gencies and Chrifts fulxeffe, is K

the very living by faith upunt Chrift.

p.225 King.

To live by faith on Christ, is more Christ an inted to be a King. p. then a meer complaining of our

27 wants, or an ackrowledging of Hos Kingly office, what it imports. his fulnelle.

p.226 Ib. To live by faith on Christ, a Knowledge.

more then a meer going to Chrift. Knowledge, how one beleever

p.227 differs from another therein. p. To live by faith on Christ, is not

only to trust on Christ fer [upL ply, but to expect performance.

p.227 Law.

To live by faith on Christ is an Ne ability to keep the whole Law extenfive werk p.228 wholly ; Reasons of it. 7.60 Arguments to perswade to live Life, Living -by faith.

p.229 A heart irclined 10 the life of sexfe The life of faith is congruus is weak in faith. p.133 our condition.

P.229 of living by faith. p.216 The necessiry of living by faithf What it is iit general to live by in all fenfible fequestrativas, faish. p.218

P.231 Tólive by faith, is to commit all six arguments from God hin felf to Gid


to perfwade to live by fuith. Tulive by faith is so dipend upon

p.23't God for all.

p.219 The life of faith is the only ChriLiving by faith extends to emal Stian life. forts of life.

p. 220 The life of faith is the only comme To live by faith on Chrift diferie fortable life.

p.240 bed.

P:221 What things make the life incomThe feveral exigencies and con- fortable , and what makes it ditions of foule , in which we comfortable.

p.241 PP2



p.238 lecortes cannot agree

The life of faith easeth of all bar- | Thelove of God in giving Chrift,

dens, and secures against all and the love of Christ in giprejudices. P.240 ving of bimself


p.161 The life of faith makes the present condition good enough, and af

M Sures of universal and reafunable supplies.


Ministers, Ministery. The life of faith is the only getting The best Ministers do most good,

and thriving life. P.245 and finde muft affliction. p.: The Reasons of it, p.247 Good Ministers and covetows Divers arguments from Jesus

*p.2 Christ himself to perswade us Ministers better steemed when to live by faith on him. p.248

the heart is charged.

P:5 Vid. Christ.

Minifiers must forget personal inLord.

juries ukin they deal wib senTrue faith takes Christ only to be fible finners.

p.io its Lord.

p. 101 How Minifters must deal with No unbeleever can accept of Stont and resolute, and how

Christ to be bis Lord only, with bleeding and afflicted finReasons of it. p.191

P.IT Every beleever, admits of Christ How preciousy dear the Ministery to be his Lord, Reasons of it. of the Gopel should be unto us.

p. 102 Huw to know whether Christ or Miracles, vit. Faith, fin be our Lord.

P.103 Weak faith will honour Christ as

a Lord, though it be not sure
that he is its Saviour, p. 136


No natural principle of justifying True love of Christ an infallible faith now in a man.

P.79,90 evidence of true faith. p.96 A natural principle of unbeliefe Love is not separated from


and infidelity in every mans P.96 heart.

p.80 Reasons of it..

P.97 There is a naturalopposition in the True love to Christ, three tryals heart against Christ.

p.81 of ir.

p.98 Natural condition throughly ftesEvery beleever hath an equal dyed, a way to git a beleeving interest in Gods Special love,


P.178 p.145 Our natural condition, what



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to be convinced of about it. p. Preaching,

179 Preaching the Word the ordinary Need.

meuns by which God works faith. We have extream need of a Lord

P.177 Jesus Chrijt. p.163

Prayer. Christ is every way fitted 10 our Prayer a meanes of assurance. p. need. p.164

281 O


Christ anointed to be a Priest, Offended.

p.21 A heart apt to be offended at the A satisfaktory Priest. P.21 estate of Christ, Shews, faith is An-expiatory Prielt. p.21,22 meak.

p.135 Christ, how the Priest and Altar. Opposition.

p. 23 A manifold opposition against The efficacy of his Priestly sacris Chrift, his perfon, condition, fice.

p.24 Scepter and government, Christ a Priest, by way of interand his righteousnesse. p. 8. cesion, vid. Intercession.



Christ anointed to be a Prophet.. Ordinances are meanes to grow

P.26 up unto assurance. p. 280 What it implies.

Presumption, vid: Faith.

Presumption a most confident

work, but a very loose quality. Peace.

p.100,101 Peace in the conscience, what it is. A pregnant difference betwixt

Presumption and faith.p.208, Peace of a Christian must be rati

209. fied in a double Court. p.148

Promife. The difference betwixt the peace A Divine promise entirely rested of a strong, and weak believer. on ,an Argument of strong faith.

P.126 Power.

Many promises believed at once, No natural power in man to pro- the stronger is our faith. p. duce faith.

130 Persevering Discouraging objecticas abort the Rersevering vertue frim Chrift. promiles answered.

p.235 P.144

Vid. Truth..
PP. 3






teever hath an interest in it. R.



A twofold Righteousnesse, inheIt is very unequal and unreasin- rent and imputed. P.SI

able not to receive Chrift so of- Faith refts only (impused fered.

P.166 Righteousnesse for justificatiRedemption.

P.51 Redemption, all beleevers have a The Righteousnesfe of Jesus Jhare in it.

p. 140, 141 Christ is that by which only Refusal.

we are justified. P.76 Former refusals of Christ Shorla What is meant by the righteoulnot keep us off from prefent ac- mille of Christ.

P.76 cepting of him. p.20 Several objections against the inThe sinfulnesse and danger of such putation of righteousneffe,errefusals, set even luch have swered.

P.76,77 encouragement to belceve. p. Whether this righteousnesse in

201,202 puted be the passive, or active Şu.ch huve the more reafin 10 and passive reasons of the lat

come in, and not to refuse any longer.

p.204 Christ beftoms his righteousness Relation.

upon us, the comfort of it.p.113 A wear relation betwixt Christ Confidence in natural righteouland a beleever.


nesse an in.pediment to faith. A special Relation gives speci

p.171 al title, and a special obligati

S. on, and hath a special affection.


Sacrifice, vid. Priest.

Remission of Sins, what it is. p. Sacraments meanes of assurance.

p.281 The foxl senjil le of finne , pats

Salvacion, it self in Jesus Christ for re- Salvation, some things have remillion of fin.

p.49 ference to it by way of proper Remission of finnes belongs to ju:- caufality, and some things by ftification. P:74 way of irder.

P.54 Huw far remislion of finnes ex

Vid. Grace. tends in fuftification. P:75 Salvationis conferred in such * Remisfion of finnes, every be- way wherby God only may have





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