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Sure way to heaven. Ponto Change of condition easily complyEvery Beleever hath a sure inte- ed with, an evidence of strong rest in Christ. P.140 faith

p.128 Every Beleever harh a beneficial

Christ. interest in Christ. What these

benefits are. p.140,141 What it fignifies. Motives to beleeving: p.158 Christs anointing doth import his God deals mightily with the soul asured ordination, abundant

to believe in Chrift. P.165 qualification, sweet and pleaWe are no lofers by beleeving on fant acceptation both with God the Lord Jesus Christ. p.166

and man.

p.19,20 Unto what Christ was anointed. Boldness.

p.20 Beleevers may with boldness ap

Vid. Priest, Prophet, King. proach the throne of grace.p. 116 Christs and his Churches enemies, This boldness cures Jinful mode- who they are and how conquered fties and unbeleeving fears. p. by him.

116 Whole Christ the adequate object of faith.

P.41 Certainty

Whole Christ taken and received The difference betwixt reflexive by faith.

p.42 certainty and real certainty of How Christ is taken by faith as a interest.

Saviour and Priest.

p.43 Change

How Christ is taken by faith, as a Aninward change an infallible Saviour, and King, and Pretestimony of a living faith. p. phet.

2:45. 98 Taking and receiving Christ as There is a change produced by Lord and Saviour, hath many faith. p.99 things in it.

How faith produceth a change of

the curdition, and how of the Vid. Taking

Every beleever hath a changed All that can save and justifie a

and bly heart. p.99 man, is only to be found in Christ Wherein this change lies. Ib.

as the meritorious cause. p.62 No man hath a changed nature Christ should be the main scope of but a beleever.


our preaching and studying. Enquire after this change in

67 thy self.

p.100 Christ may be preached two ways. Px 67.


主 7

Qo 3.

Plentifulnesse of our supplies in of our comfort, and the testi

Christ encourager la to live by monies of our interest in them. faith on bim. p.248

p.64 The ordination of Christ to supply Communion. beleevers, enccurageth trust.

p.249 No prison can boult out comChrists services done in behalf of munion with God.

P.3 belecvers encourageth trust. p. Communion with God in Ordi

250 nances and duties not so sweet Christ is given out of rich grace, in a weak beleever, as in a mercy and love. p.190 strong

p.149 Christ is worth your taking, Reasons of it.

P.150 though we be unworthy of receiving


Confidence. Christs disposition encourageth truft.

p.251 Confidence of easie answers for Chrifts conjunction and relation great matters, an argument of encourageth trust. p.253 strong faith.

p.125 Chrifts invitation encourageth trust.


Covenant. Christs assurances that he will not

fail him that lives by faith on A double Covenant, and for two bim.

p.255 wayes of life. Foure things by which we may be impossible to be saved by the legal

perswaded that Christ will do Covenant, whence it is fo. p. us good, if we live by faith on

56 him.


Vid. Holiness. Christs offices, encouragements to live faith on him. p.256, Unbelief makes void the Cove257

p.89 Impossible to have fupplies for the A true beleever is in fingular foul any other way, then by Covenant with God.

p.114 faith in Chrift.

p.258 Covenant of grace, what it is in

the offer and revelation of ", .Comfort.

and what in respect of our en

trance and admission into it. p. Comfort, not fire, but to belie

114,115 ving:

p 64 Happinesle of being in Covenant Distinguish betwixt the ground with God.



nant of grace.

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Every beleever in the same fun

Diftruft. damental Covenant with God,

p.145 Arguments of distrust, when they Crucifying grow weak, faith gets strength.

p.128 Crucifying vertue from Chrift. Doubtings.

p.143 D

Doubtings argue weaknesse of faith.

p.131 Day.

Doubtings prejudice our suits. Day of grace, fear of having out

P.150 stood it, divers considerations a- Doubts of the weak beleever about it..

P.203 bout his title, and mistakes in: Debts.

pallages betwixt God and the foula

:155 Christ takes onr debts upon him

Duty. self, the comfort of it. p. 112

Want of a heart to duty, Should Degrees.

not discourage from beleeving.

p.210 Degrees of faith, what they are, Faith puts life into our dr.ties, the and how beleevers differ in Reasons of is.

p.211 them.

p.122,123 Renfons of the diversity of degrees

E of faith.

p.124 Delay, vid. Hafty


A real exchange betwixt Chrift Defertions.

and beleevers, and wherein.it is..

In times of defertions to live up-

on Christ and the promises, an
argument of a great faith. p.


130 Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ Discouragement. the oxly way to salvation.p.13

Faith in Christ described. 8-32. Stedfast following Christ norwith Thespring and fountain of justifystanding discouragemencs ar- !. ing faith.

P:32 gues a strong faith.. p.125, The subject of faith.

P.34 The seat of faith P:35



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Three kindes of faith distinguisk- as magnificent teftimonies ed, viz. Credere Deum, Deo,

and how we must distinguish bein Deum. p.36 twixt them.

P.91,93. Huw faith is seated in the will, Sime things faith doth produce, how in the understanding: p. yet not alwages, therefore we

36,37 may not conclude a wait of faith The proper act of faith as justify- from the absence of these. p. ing. P.37

91,92 The object of justifying faith.p.40 Many inward contrarieties to the The immediate object of justifying intrinsecal acts and fruits of faith.


Vid. Chrift.

Evidences of faith cannot be giThe consequent obje&t of faith.

P. ven by way of abstraction , buti

by way of existence, how to be Faith may be considered, understood.

P.95 Absolutely,

A donble contrariety to faith. Ib. Actually how to be un- Faith endeavours after increase, Correlatively, (derstood.p.52 and wherein.

P.107 Inftrumentally,

53 Wherein true faith in one differs How faith justifieth, P.71,72 from faith in another.

p.120, Whether faith deat with the perSon of Christ, or the benefits of Signes of a great and strong faith. Christ first. P.73

P.125 Divers kinds of faith. p.84 Signes of a weak faith. P.131 Historical faith, what it is. p.84) Vid. Weak. Faith of miracles, what it is.p.85 The vital' act of faith is not reTemporary faith, what it is. Ib. flexive, but direct.

P.136 How temporary faith differs from Motives to greaten our faith.

P. justifying faith. Ibid

156 The consimilitude betwixt faith Exhortations to labour for faith and presumption.

P.157 The easinesse of faith, short of Impediments and hindrances to justifying, and of presumption, faith.

p.168 and our apinesle to rest in that. Means whereby God works faith. Ibid

P.176 Rules for the discovery of faith.p. The proper rise and ground of


faith is without our Jelves. p. Some things faith doth produce ,

189 not as essential properties, but To receive Christ by faith, is not




a matter of merit, but a point | Gospel. of duty.

p.190 The preaching of the Gospel is Faith no hindrance to holinese. p. of necessary and fingular conse


p.65 The time of contrariety is the time

Ghost. for faich to work p.209 Holy Ghost, how he may be said Two offices of faith.

to justifie.

P.71 Vid. living by faith.

Grace. Faith of adherence, and faith of e- Salvation is only úy grace. P.63

vidence, the difference betwixt The best graces are but imperfect them. p.259 excellencies.

p.113 The frequent exercise of faith improves it to assurance. p.282


True faith is fruitful.

Two forts of habits acquired and The more fruitful, the stronger infused.

P 33 faith.



A fout bafty to be answered, is
Glory, vid. Salvation. weak in faith.

F.132 The inheritance of glory, all be

Heart. teevers have a like interest in Heart or will the seat of faith. p. it. P.142

35 How many wayes God hath glory Hearing. from us.

p.133 Meer hearing of Christ and his God.

Doctrine will not suve. p.66 The actions of God of several

several Divers, forts of hearing. Ib. furts.


Historical, vid. Faith. How many things in God encox

Holineste. rage to live by faith, as Gods Inherent holinesse cannot justifie als sufficiency.

and save.

P:56 Gods command. p.232 Inherent holiness is defective and Gods promises.


2:57 Gods power.

p 234 The conscience dares not rest upon Gods truth and fidelity. p.236

P.58 Gods performance to them that Axtzal holinesie, no meritorious have lived by faith. p.237

efficacy in it. Goodness.

Humble , humbled. Hatred of goodness e precipitates e Faith makes the beare humble. vil men to acts of injustices p.2

P. 103




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