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Ow I come to the last inquiry, by what means

the fowle may ger up to this assurance ? Sol. I shåll only prescribe such rules as reach a beleeving person. Therefore thus,

1. If thou be a beleever and wouldest be assured , iben preserve the sense of thy olon natural Wretchedneffe, and of the darknel'a of thy fouls ftate without assurance. Christ came to Mary when face was weeping; and the Great God looks down upon the broken Spirit. i he highest mountaine hsch the first sight of the Sunne, but the lowest Christian hath the first light of God. When the people of God were mourning , chen faith God, Comfort ge, comfort ye my people, and Jay into them your fins are par doned.

You shall finde ebis, That the truely sensible heart hath thręc properties in it, which envite the Lord much to gratifie it with assurance, viz.

1 One that is very humble.

Another that is much in the prizing of Gods love and mercy.

And a third, that it is exceeding thirfty after a good look from God, after some taste of Christ, and God will satisfie ali cbere.

2. Be no strangers to the Ordinances: you shall finde this, tbat the ripening of faith belongs to them as well as the seeds of it.

The word you know is the foule of faith, it was that which did incline the heart to yeild, which did make it to accept of Christ, and it is that also which can make us to know our possessions : 1 John 15.13. These things have I written unto you that beleeve on the Name of the Sonne of God, that ye may know that ye have eternal life. So I John 1.4 These things we write unto you that your joy may be full

. More plainly : In whom, after you beard the Word of truth, ye beleeved, in whom also, after that ye belteved,


je were sealed wirlo sbar boly Spirit of promile , Ephesians 1.13

For, look as the Word hath promises which draw the soul to Christ, co ic bach promises to clear the soul in its interest in Christ, to answer all doubts and feares , and to answer the feare about acceprance, so it removes doubts which strive against evidence and propriety.

I be Sacrament, you know, it is the Seal of righteousnesse Which is by fairla , Rom. 4. 11. Look, as a Seale doch di. ftinguish, and confirme, and settle che minde, lo is the Sacrament ordained to satisfie, and perswade the heart of a belezver, God appointed cbis Ordinance , as for other ends, so for this, that the matter might be out of doubt, out of controversie, cbae Christ is ours, and sinne is pardoned in his biood.

3. much in prayer: If a man would gaine assurance, he must be much in prayers, to perswade and assure the heart : David found marvellous loving kindnelle, but then he cried in fupplications, Psalmę 31, 21, 22

Thou must pray carnestly for mercy,earnestly for pardon,and most earnestly for Christ.

And ihon must we diligence. Remember this, that in

all thy endeavours for assurance, thou must use diligence, a cold her ,

, a

, a cold praying will not bring che Soul co iť : No, you must be most diligenc and ferven; in them, and so , &c,

4 Again, with all these there mut be joyned forang upright Care so please God

This know, thae lipne feparares, but uprighemesse gathers God and the foule cogeiher. To him shat ordereil bis con

versation aright', i will join the Salvation of the Lord, Pfalme | 50.23.

Why? Light is sown for the righteous, and joy for the uprighe is heart, Paal. 97. 11. See chat of the Prophet, isa. 64. 5. Thou meetest bim that rejogcern and Workesh righteousness , abole that remember thee in thy wages. Unevennefse of heart or way, it is a Alaw, and it is that which cuts us off after many prayers, it renews our doubtings again, and we are as far to seek as at the 00

first; first, but if the heart be plaine, if ic be fincercly fer for God, desirous to please him in all things, this a compendious way of assurance : the Word falls in direaly to retile and confirme such a foul : The steps of the Words direct us to the Gigtic of our God.

s Lastly, you must be much in the exercise of faith. There be two parts of it which you must improve. One is, you must against all fonse and feeling, and against all the contradi&.ons of reason and unbelief, cast the soul on God in Christ, and rest on him to be your God, and on Christ to be your Lord and Sa. viour, and that your sins shall be pardoned: · Then you must wait , you most not limit God, but leek ftill, I will be arken, said David, what God ibe Lord wilt peak, for be Will speak peace to bis Saints, Pfalme 85.8. Seeila 64 4. Since ibe beginning of the world men have not beard' nor perceived by be care, neis her harh sbe ege leex, O God besides ther, wbarbe bath prepared for him ibar waiteth for Him. The Lord will wait obat he may be gracious : blessed are they ibat wait for him, Ifa. 20.18. so Ila. 25.9. It shall be said in that day, Lo this is our God, we have waited for bim, &c. This is the Lord,we have Waited for him, we will be glad and rejoyce in kis salvation. For Psal. 147.11. I be Lord lakeeb pleasure in ebem that fear him in those that hope in bis mercy.

so that this is the summe of all, walk with all uprightnesle, and with an homble, penitent, and believing foul, cast your fios apon God in Chrift, trusting in him alone for the favour of God, pardon of finnes, and eternal salvacion, and wait opon God for all thisin the use of the means, and constant diligency in prayer; you shall at length have your hearts deyou

shall bear from God thus much, I am rby salvation ; and from Cbrift as much: Be of good cheer, thy finnes are for


given thee.









Affifting vertue from Chrift, p.


He neer relation betwixt Three things granted about afsu-
Christ and a beleever is

the ground of Affiance. How assurance is an act of faith.

Anointing, vid. Chrift. Assurance of Christs willingnesse

an encouraging ground to beThe difference betwixt an Ante- leeve.

P 196 cedent and a cause. p.90 A double assurance of Christs What antecedents go necesarily willingness.

p.196 before faith.

p.91 Assurance, a fruit of an eminent There is no concluding the pre-l faith.

P.93 sence of the habit of faith, from Assurance easily let go, argues a the common antecedents of weak faith.

P.134 faith.

p.91 The improvement of faith to a full.

P.259 Assent, how one beleever differs What the assurance of faith is. from another therein. P:121,

122 Assurance is the conclusion of an.

evangelical sylogisme. p.260 Alifting




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heleever muy



Assurance is a viltcrious conclu- Assurance is a bathing spring to

foon againft the strength of all our graces. p.277 doublings:

p.261 Assurance doth ease us of the Assurance is an asserting or per- world, and mounts the foul de: Swading act.

bove it.

p.278,279 Two kinds of assurance touching Means by which the soul may get our personal interift in Christ, up to this assurance.

p.280 and the difference of them. P


Atheisme. Assurance of faith directs to a

perfinalividence of particular Natural Atheisme a bindrance interest in Christ and his bene- to faith. fits. p.265 How to be removed.

p.169 Every beleever

be assured Atheisme, what it is. thereof. Arguments to evince it, Ibid

B To be assured how far it is a duty.

P 267

Beleever, Believing A Christian is obliged to assure Believing in Chrift, what it deth his heart that Christ is his. import.

p.29 p.268. The general nature of believing Arguments to evince it, Ibid

in several propositions. P.30 Want of assurance hinders thank- The difference betwixt knowledg, fulnelle. p.268 opinion and belief.

P:30,31 Arguments to perswade to labour Believing, as restrained to a difor assurance.

. p.269

vine and theological confideraThe things about which assurance tion, what it is?

P-31 is conversant , are of greatest Vid. Faith. consequence.

p.269 In what sense beleeving in Christ Assurance will marvellously quiet is the only way to be saved. and settle the soul. P.271

P:34 Assurance arms the heart against The difficulty of believing in fefuture temptations. p.270 sus Christ.

P.79 Assurance sweetens all other bles- The facility of errour and mistake fings to us.

p.273 about believing, and what Aflurance sweetens all our cros- makes it fo.

p.84 ses.

p.274 Comfort for all true believers. Assurance makes all kind of duty

109 to flow and to rise.

Believers are in a true and



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