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6. His invitation. This addes to all the rest : Behold be calls obee, Rev. 3. 18. Buy of me gold tried in the fore , obat thos muyest be rich, and white raj ment, that thou majeft be cloatbed; and anoint thine eyes with eye-falve, that thou mayeft fee. Rev. 22. 17. Let him ibat is a thorft come, and whosoezer will, let him sake the waters of life freely. Heb.10.22. Draw neer in full affurance of faith.

But this I have touched heretofore, therefore I spare to infift, propofing onely one thing ; char the invitation of Christ is not oncly to fairl, but to the life of faith; not only to accepranice, bye to dependance also : noc only to take his perfon, but to trust, and reft upon bis merit, and to serve our felves of his fulnesse. As if Chrift(hould say unto a beleever, I am thine and all that I have is thine ; now I pray thee in all thy necessities, come unto me, live upon my stock, draw from my fountaine; when guilt is upon thee, make use of my blood; when wants are upon thee, make use of my treasure ; when templations are upon, thee, make use of my power: when informities are upon chee, make use of my interceffi

on, oc.

7. His assurances. What is that will you say? Why; this it is, he doth aflure (be beleever, char if he will make use of him, he will not faile bim, but will be effectual unto · bim.

See a place or two for this. Mark II. 24. What things faever je de fire when ye pray, beldeve sbal je receive them, and

je Thall have them. Joh 14. 13.wharfoed en ye shall ask in my Name, xbat will. I do, that your Farber may be glorified in the sam..

There be foure things by which we may be perfwaded : chat Christ will do us good, if that we will live upon him by faicb.

Firft bis expresse promise, which you see in that place alledgoed, fube 14. 13. whatsoever ye ask in my Name; that I will do : Oblerve ic well he saich not, , ask one particular onely, but : Abbaifoever ye ask in my Name, be it mercy, or be it justificacia on, or be it holineffe,&c, .again , I will do is, as if he thould fay, ye shall not need to trouble your ielves; and do not you fear, by reason of your unworabineffe ; I will take the matter



upon my self, I will fee it done : now brethren, when he bar can belp fakh, I will belp; when he that can do allthings, pro. miseth us that he will do any thing for us, have we not cable co truft?

Secondly, bis sealing of the promises : The promises (you know) do plentifully undercake all the laticude of the foules estate, and of the bodies too: There is mercy for transgresi ons, grace for finfularle, comfort for leares, peace for trouble, strengil for weaknejlé, victory for assault, doc. All which pro. mises Christ hath sealed and ratified by his blood, and therefore his blood is stiled the blood of the Covenant. See Heb.9. 15, 17. 13. 20. The principal reason whereof isa, to settle the hearts of beleevers, and to encourage their souls to live up. on him for the performances of them, they being all in him, Tea and Amen, 2Cor. 1.20.

3. His actual impetration of aļl chat good wbich now we do enjoy. Wby () Christian, are chou afraid to live upon thy Saviour for more good? who was it that procured unto thee that same heavenly condition which now thou docft enjoy ? haft ihou any relation to God as thy God? Christ did procure it: Is any one finne lubdued ?' Christ hach done it : Is any one fione got off and pardoned? Christ did procure it: Is there any melting in thy breast, any hacred of corruption, any desires of grace, any endeavour, any strength ? Christ wrought them Thou docít seek them, but Chrift did: work them.

Now this is to be learned that what special thing Christ bach done, that is a pledge and an assurance that Christ is willing to do more : Every gracious fruit and work points us to him the fountaine and cause upon whom we are to trust, not only for the entrance, but also for the progresse and complearment of our spiritual estate.

4. His personal donation : He hath given himselfe unco thee, and will be not do other things for thee wbich is greater.

5. His offices: All of them call upon us to live upon Chrilt by faith. To what end was "he Priest? was it to sacisfie for himself ? He needed not to satisfie for his own finnes who was without all fione: Nor doch he make his own peace, whom


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the father did, and doth ever love: Verily bis satisfactions were for transgressors, and if there be any scope and intencion of the vertues of that satisfaction, assuredly they look directly upon penitenciall beleevers : so likewise his intercession (which is anocher part of that office;) why? is it,chink you, ior himself? nay, in that be is a Mediator , and a Mediator is an Agent 'twixt two persons, he bath no wants to be supplied , he needs not to ingraziare himself, assuredly brechren, be ever lives to make interceffion for us, forus, saith the Scripture, and He ever lives to do that work; He is continually offering and presenting the efficacy of his merit, which, as a sweet incense perfumes our continual Sacrifices, so making them acceptable, &c.

The like may be said of his Prophetical and Kingly offices : he was invested with them as our Mediator, and therefore for our good.

Now say, what a blasphemous absurdiiy were it to conceive, of Jesus Christ as of an Idol, wbich hath eyes, but fees not;which . hach eares, but beares nat; which hath hands, but bandles not; which hath feet, but walks not. That he should he a Priest to offer for fonne, and yet we will not trust upon him for the pardon of the leaft; that he should live to make interceffion, and yet we will nor deliver any one request into his hands, or relie on him co obcaine us any one good thing which we need or crave : That he is a King, able to subdue all his enemies ; a Prophet,and able co teach any mans heart; but we will not credit our souls upon him, we will not repose the vi&ories of our corruptions upon bis mighty arme, nor the reforming and beautifying of our fpirits upon his fingular wisdom and holinesse. Why? what didft thou think or mean, when thou did it accept of him to be chy Mediator ? diaft thou conje&ure that if once thou gaveft chy consent to take him, that never after thou should need him? oriflo, wouldest never make use of him? Well, no more ; what the Apostle said in another case, that I say in this, if we will not live by faith upon Chrift, we do wbac in as lies make voidebe Redemption of Cbrift, the intercession of Chrif,the holinese of Christ, the glory and power of all the offices 9. If all this will not move us to live by faith in Chrift, (that is ) to trust upon him for the help and supply of our ipiritual efface; then take one thing more, there is an impossibility of lupplies for shy loul angorber way; go and think, and act any ocher course to do thy soul good, besides chis, and it Ihall be fruitlesle; after many years industry; as thou art, so still falc thou be

of Christ

9. If

Obj. Thou will say, I will never leave complaining of this aature till ic be bettered.

Sol, Thy nature is not bettered by complaint, bur by grace, and that is in Christ, and never had,till we can trust.

Objell, Thou wilt say, I will never leave grieving, nor praying, nor hearing, nor reading, nor fafting, nor conferring, till, &c.

Sel, 'Tis true, there are meanes, but where is the caule ? What if a man should say, I will stay here all my life at these conduit pipes, but I will have water, whiles in the meane cime che fountaine yields not forth. I confefse the Christian must apply bimself to the Ordinances, but then it is Christ who sends forth the help, and then do che Ordinances deliver Us, our helps from Christ, not presently when one bears, but when effectually they have enabled us to beleeye. If chou canft heare and beleeve, pray and beleeve, mourne and beleeve, fast and beleeve, &c. Then good shall come unto

thy soul.

Draw a thousand bonds , yet if they be none of them sealed, nothing is yet legally and forcibly made over and conveyed: many prayers availe lietle or nothing till they are realcd with faith, and now God will acknowledge our des mands as authentick, and Christ will deliver unto us our hearts defire.

I had thought to have handled the opposires.of the life of faith, with the evidence of a true living by faitb, and also the meane's which might affist us to the life of faith : But I recal my felf, I may not expatiace so farre , sufficient bach been couched for this use, perhaps the subject may be more amply treatised, if ever I should come to let down before that chenie di redly and intentionally: I therefore proceed to another Ule.


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Will yet advance on to one use more; Since faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is the only way to be saved; therefore not only to labour for chat faith, but to exalt ebar faitb, my meaning is to improve this faith allo , yet further to strength and comfort.

Divines observe a double ađ of faith, One of adherence, by which it cleaves onto Chrift, and relies upon him alone for righteousnesse, pardon of fin, grace and falvacion,

Another is of evidence, by, which it cleares unto the route its interest in Chrift, and bis righeeousnesse and me


In the former, the foul renouncech all other corner stones, all other rocks of salvation, and crusts only upon the Name of Jesus Christ, accepts of him as the only Lord, and relies on him as the only Saviour, casting or rolling its heavenly and eternal safecies joro bis.blessed armes.

In the lacrer, the soul feels it self reciprocally embraced by Chrift; I have accepted of him to be my Lord, and he faith, I am tby King

I have rełyed on him sobe' my Saviour , and he faith, I am oby Salvation ; For pardow of finnes, and he faith-goco me; Be of good cheer, rhy.fins are forgiven thee,

Now to this part of faich do I defire co mount the foul of a true beleever, vit, not only to apprehend Chrift, but to know himself to be apprehended by bim; not only to beloeve, but to know him robom be barb beleeved To rise thus far by fadeb to


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