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in a willing subjection to every base luft; and who is the King to coequer the heart, to subdue iniquities, to lead caprivits capa live, to spoile principalities and powers, io bid the captive 30 free, to erca a thorne of righteousnese and peace in the soul but Chrif? So that the wise love of God hath prepared and ficred Christ in all respects surable to the exigencies, and straits of a finful Soul, and hath appointed faith to be that which shall put on this Christ upon the needy soul; why then will we noc labour for faith.

Fifehly, God hath not only fired a Savi.xr for thee, but he s. Morive. comes neer unto thee with him, he deales mightily with thy foolto beleeve on him.

Thou hast the word of revelation (to this very day) wherein ibe mystery of ihy salvation is made knoton and cleare unto thee. Thou needest not to say in thine heart, wbn Ball ascend into beaven to bring Christ down from above, or Who Ball defcend into ebe deeps to bring up Christ againe from the dead? But the word in rightbee, even intby mouth, and in oby beart, that is the word of faibo y bich we preach. That if thou shalt confese wichtby mouil ibe Lird Jesus, and fhalt believe in thine beart that God haub railed him him from the dead, shou pale.be saved, Rom. 6. 7,8 9.

Thou hast the word of gracious proposition; God hath offer. ed Christ with all-bis plenciful redemption, with his strong salvation unto thee : yca, he hath assured thee by his Word of John 3. . 1741b (which cannot lie nor deceive) that if- rbox believejt on bim, ihou shalt be saved by him.

Thou bast the Word of injunction which layes a bond of duty upon thee, This is his Commandment that we beleeve on the Nume John 3: 23, of his son festo Chrif.

Nay, thou hast the Word of penalty and correction, God hath faid that he wil judge thee for not believing, and thac in che fharpest method of expression, He that believes not foall be damned.

Nay chou hast the word of obsecration and gentle intrealg, God stoops infinitely below himself be doth streine curteñe with thee, Gid doch beseech you by us, and we pray you in Chrifts ftead to be reconciled io God. Nay.chou hast the word of expostulation; why will you not


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6. Motive,

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beleeve? why will ye die in your fins ? why will ye bot come 10 me that you may be saved? How ofter would I bace

84 thered shee All the day long bave I Pretched forib may kands.

Nay, thy unbelief grieve's the very beart of Christ, ( begrived al their unbelief ) he complaines of that flownesse in thy beart to believe(o flow of heart to believe, etc.)nay,and he sheds tears, becaule thou doft not believe, and receive bim, when he came near the city, be wept over it, o Hierufalem ! thon that, 6c. How oftex would 1, ?

Sixthly, consider how unreasonable , and unequal, and fortifle a thing it is not to receive Christ, being thus revealed and of ferd.

1. There is none who have rigbe to thy soul bat God and Chrift; our souls are Gods workmanlhip, and Cbrifts purchafe; Why tben should we nor give to God that which belongs to God, and to Christ that which is his own ; re are not your own, faith the Apostle, 1 Cor.6.1920. for je are bought with a price, God put forth his own power to make thy foul, and Chrif shed his heart blood to redeem thy fool, and yet wilt thou through infidelity with bold it from him, and passe it over into the possession of a stranger, an enemy?

2. Christ out-bids all Merchants for thy foul, he outbids fin, and he out-bids all the world, and he out-bids Satan. Cara the Sonne of fefe give you vineyards, faid Saul? can finne give thee that which Christ can ? can the world ? let chem now appear and declare their strength and treasury ; Is there say one of them that presents redemption unto thee? Is there a. ny one of them that can procure remiffion and pardoning mercy for thee? Is there any one of them which can satisfie the wrath of God for thee? which can make thy peace, which can present the righteous before the judgement sat? which can settle eternal life upon thee? All this can Christ, do, none of this can they do.

3. Thou canst not possibly be a loser by receiving or believing on the Lord Jesus Christ.

Suppose it cost thee many tears, and many prazers, and many Searchings, and many waitings, yet Cbriff wil recompence al


thefe in a moment, one word, I am ihy salvation ; 11 41, be not afraid; I am chine,as thou art mine, thy fits are forgiven thee, will be a day for all former nights.

Suppose that the world doch caft chec off, as they cast bim out of ihe Synagogue who beleeved and profeffed Chrift, yet Chrift will come onto chee as anto him. And as Elkavah said to Hanna, 1Sam.1.8. Am not a better then ten fons? or as the Prophet answered the King for the bundred talents, God will be better unto thee, 2 Sam. 20. 9. So will Cbrist, he will fupply all thy lofjes, he will be better onto thee then bouses and lands, then father ard mother, an bundred fold better in this life, and a thousand fold better in the life io.com.

4. What just extremity of Shame and blacknesse of confusion will befal thec, if thou be fo wickedly unreasonable to keep off thy soul from Christ. When thou art cited before God and Chrift, and the holy Angels and just men, And God Mall demand of thee, why? whom halt thou served ? opon whom haft thou bestowed thy soul? who was it that made thy soul? Thou Lord, who was ic chat purchased and redeemed thy soul? Thou Christ, and wbo beseeched chee to bring back thy soul; Thou by thy fervands in thy Word? And what did they fay onto thee, which should have prevailed upon thee? They did assure me in thy Name, that if I would come in,and accept of Christ, I should have favour, and pardon,and eternal life; and what did keep back thy soul from accepting of this? O it was fuch a luft that I loved, and it was the world wlich 'I preferr'd. And wouldeft thou prefer earth before heaven, shy profit before thy foul ? nay wouldest thou prefer a base : finne before a merciful God, and a blessed Redeemer? Thy own mouth doch testifie against thee; was not my mercy, becter then a sinne ? was not my Sonne better then a finne ? cake : him all ye children of darknesse, fease on bir my wrath co the ormost, clofe him up in the lowest pic of hell, conscience goaw on him, and sting him for ever , fire and brimstone confame and corment him erernally, he shall never bave pare in my mercy; he shall never have portion in my Sonne; He: Thall never see my face nor heaven, who preferred his finne, his delighcs , his profits, before my love, my mercy, my Christ, and his own soul.

Lastly, Lastly, faith would do great things for ebeo, aod Cbrift would do wonders for thy soul, if once thy beare could be per/Waded to confent unto bim, and to accept of him as Lord and Savi.

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ut' now, as the Eunucb faid, There is water, what kin

1 why? her is Cbrift set out to the life, here are arguments faire enough to draw on niy soul, what hinders that we do not believe and receive Cit? Sol. After all these discoveries, yet the heart stands off

, and why? because there are yet many cords with wbich the soul is held, there are yet several impediments which do incangle ani seduce the heart, which keeps is down from mounting and sising up to the Lord of life, against which we must earnestly labour if ever we would beleeve in the Lord Jesus Chrift,

I will touch some of the choisest of them..

1. One impediment to faith is that natural Atheisme in the sons of men. You know that as in the concoction or digestion of meats, that which is a prejudice to the first concodion or digestion of meats, is a hindrance to the two other, and as in points of demonstratio., that scruple which weakens the apprehension of the truth of the principle,it ever disable the strength of assent to the deduced conclusion. So is it in divinity, whatsoever vile quality in the loul prejudicethi che reverent respects of the most common and firft truths, it doch linder is much in the embracing of the depending trurbs, which receive much authority and strength from the grants of the for. mer.

Now Atheisme, it is a Nighting quarrel wirb the first trubs : An Acheistical spirit, it back most fordid and loose concepti


ons of God and of his Word; it doth not setup God in the greate. nelle of his nature, and Majesty of his Attributes, and Autho- . rity of his Word; God looks not like a God unto him; nor doch the Word of God work upon him like the Word of God. God is not ix all his thoughes , he doth got really conceive of him, as one who indeed is omnipotent, and so holy, and so just, and lo merciful as he reveales himself; Those sweet truths of favour, and kindn=ffe, and mercy, and the blood of Christ, they are either nothing ro him, or as empty notions. Those sharp threarnings against an unbelieving person, with condem.. nation, and wrach,and hell, they are as Cerrible fables and scar. crowes to bim; He doth not believe any fuch displeasures, nor corments, that thus it shall be indeed. Now how can che foul be inclined to believe in Christ, to part with its deare lofts, with its worldly advantages and pleasures, and to lubmir ic relfe to the Lawes and Scepter of Christ, when as ir doch expreslely or vertually deny che liv.ure of God, and the power of bis truths

Didst thou indeed beleeve that there was 4 God, didft thou indeed believe that bis revelations of mans Gnful misery, and of bis fingular mercy in Christ were crue and real ? Didft thou believe that God hath wrath, and blacknelle of darksess, and vị. als of vengeance for ever to be poured on che unbeliever, and that the lake which burnes with fire and brimstone must be thy a[ured portion, (as God hach spoken?) how couldst thou fit ftill, content thy heart, neglect thy salvation by Cbrift, stand off from the wayes and endeavours for faicb?

Therefore to remove this impediment, beg of God to forgive, and cure obe Atheisme of thy Spirit. Strive to set up the true God in thy understanding, and to believe that he is the Lord #bo will not le. Whatloever he hath revealed himself to be and to do. Why, that he is, and that he will performe; char it is thy duty to return from finne to him in Chrift, and if thou doft recorne, he will ia mercy spare and deliver thy foul from the pit, because he barbe found a ransome; buc if chou will not return, he wil bathe the sword of his faming justice for ever in the blood of thy soul. 2. A second impediment to the geeting of faith is groffe igo



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