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YOME, thou Almighty King,

Help us thy name to sing,
Help us to praise ;
Father all glorious,
O’er all victorious,
Come, and reign over us,

Ancient of Days!

2 Come, thou all-gracious Lord ! By heaven and earth adored,

Our prayer attend !
Come, and thy children bless ;
Give thy good word success;
Make thine own holiness

On us descend !

3 Never from us depart;
Rule thou in every heart,

Hence, evermore !
Thy sovereign majesty
May we in glory see,
And to eternity

Love and adore !

2 -1

7's M.

OVEREIGN and transforming Grace !

We invoke thy quickening power ;
Reign the spirit of this place,

Bless the purpose of this hour.


2 Holy and creative Light!

We invoke thy kindling ray;
Dawn upon our spirits' night;

Turn our darkness into day.

3 To the anxious soul impart

Hope all other hopes above;
Stir the dull and hardened heart

With a longing and a love.

4 Work in all, in all renew,

Day by day, the life divine;
All our wills to thee subdue,

All our hearts to thee incline.


Seeking God.
IGHT of life, seraphic fire;

7's M.

Love divine, thyself impart : Every fainting soul inspire ;

Enter cvery drooping heart :

2 Every mournful sinner cheer,

Scatter all our guilty gloom;
Father, in thy grace appear,

To thy human temples come.

3 Come, in this accepted hour,

Bring thy heavenly kingdom in; Fill us with thy glorious power,

Rooting out the seeds of sin.

4 Nothing more can we require,

We will covet nothing less ;
Be thou all our heart's desire,

Be our heaven, in holiness!


C. M.


The Divine Spirit.
YPIRIT divine ! attend our prayer,

And make our hearts thy home;
Descend with all thy gracious power ;

Come, Holy Spirit, come !


2 Come as the light; to waiting minds

That long the truth to know, Reveal the narrow path of right,

The way of duty show.

3 Come as the fire ; enkindle now

The sacrificial flame,
Till our whole souls an offering be,

In love's redeeming name.

4 Come as the dew ; on hearts that pino

Descend in this still hour,
Till every barren place shall own

With joy thy quickening power.

- L. M.

NHOU Power and Peace! in whom we find

All holicst strength, all purest love,
The rushing of the mighty wind,

The brooding of the gentle dove,

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2 Forever lend thy sovereign aill,

And urge us on, and keep us thine ;
Nor leave the hearts which thou hast made

Fit temples of thy grace divine. .

8 Nor let us quench thy saving light;

But still with softest breathings stir Our wayward souls, and lead us right,

O Holy Spirit, Comforter !


L. M.

Creator Spirít.
COME, Creator Spirit blest !

Within these souls of thine to rest ;
Come, with thy grace and heavenly aid,
To fill the hearts which thou hast made.


2 Come, Holy Spirit I now descend;

Most blessed gift which God can send ;
Thou Fire of Love, and Fount of Life!
Consume our sins, and calm our strife.

3 With patience firm and purpose high,

The weakness of our flesh supply ;
Kindle our senses from above,
And make our hearts o'erflow with love.

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