Miscellanies, collected and ed. by earl Stanhope

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Philip Henry Stanhope (5th earl)

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Стр. 71 - That the usual path to the temple of honour had " been through the temple of virtue ; but, by this " bill, it was now to be only through the sepulchre
Стр. 42 - In the season of the severest calamity and distress, its operations will still counteract and diminish their effects ; — in the first returning interval of prosperity, it will be active to repair them. If we look to a period like the present, of continued tranquillity, the difficulty will be to imagine limits to its operation. None can be found, while there exists at home any one object of skill or industry short of its utmost possible perfection ; — one spot of ground in the country capable...
Стр. 95 - Gay favors, thick as flakes of snow, Brighten St. George's portico : Within I see the chancel's pale, The orange flowers, the Brussels veil, The page on which those fingers white, Still trembling from the awful rite, For the last time shall faintly trace The name of Stanhope's noble race. I see kind faces...
Стр. 54 - Farewell, my dear Lady Hester: if I extricate myself and those with me from our present difficulties, and if I can beat the French, I shall return to you with satisfaction; but if not, it will bo better that I should never quit Spain.
Стр. 84 - French army, nor even if they were 60,000 men on each side, or possibly even 80,000 men on each side. It is clear, however, that wherever he went he carried with him an obvious advantage. I don't think that I ought to be quoted as calling that advantage as equal to a reinforcement of 40,000 men under all possible circumstances. I quite agree that the Duke of Marlborough is the greatest man that ever appeared at the head of a British army.
Стр. 94 - HAIL, day of Music, day of Love, On earth below, in air above. In air the turtle fondly moans, The linnet pipes in joyous tones ; On earth the postman toils along, Bent double by huge bales of song, Where, rich with many a gorgeous dye, Blazes all Cupid's heraldry — Myrtles and roses, doves and sparrows, Love-knots and altars, lamps and arrows. What nymph without wild hopes and fears The double rap this morning hears ? Unnumbered lasses, young and fair, From Bethnal Green to Belgrave Square, With...
Стр. 119 - Rome to offer human sacrifices to Jupiter, Cicero could never have uttered these words, ' Quidquam Gallis sanctum ac religiosum videri potest? Qui etiam si quando aliquo metu adducti, Deos placandos arbitrantur, humanis hostiis eorum aras funestant ut ne religionem quidem colere possint, nisi eam ipsam scelere violarint.
Стр. 89 - In the mean time he had made no preparations for the Military Retreat which he would have to make, if his Diplomatic efforts should fail, which they did. We see that he was distressed for want of communications even before he thought of retreat ; his hospitals were not supplied, nor even taken care of, and were at last carried off ; and when he commenced to make a a 3 real movement of retreat, he was involved in difficulties without number.
Стр. 82 - ... 1. Napoleon was a grand homme de guerre, possibly the greatest that ever appeared at the head of a French army. 2. He was the Sovereign of the country as well as the Military Chief of the army. That country was constituted upon a military basis. All its institutions were framed for the purpose of forming and maintaining its armies with a view to conquest.
Стр. 62 - ... for the returning good sense and moderation of the country. Now I doubt whether the House of Lords will not lose more of character and authority by yielding against its conviction on the second reading of the Bill of Reform, than by compelling the Government to resort to a coup d'etat, and to carry the Bill by a fresh creation. I admit it is a very disputable question, and very powerful arguments may be adduced in support of the opposite conclusion. The certainty of carrying the whole Bill...

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