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which I think will challenge your serious criticism. We are ready to do all we can to accord full justice to that people. I have many, many friends among them. I know well what we owe to that race in the past. I am their sincere well-wisher in the present and for the future. They are more unfortunate than to blame; they have been misdirected, deceived. Not only the welfare of the white people of the South and the welfare of the white people of the North, but the salvation of the negro himself depends upon the carrying out, in a wise way, the things which I have outlined, very imperfectly, I know. When that shall be done we will find the African race in America, instead of devoting its energies to the uncomprehended and futile political efforts which have been its curse in the past, devoting them to the better arts of peace, and then from that race will come intellects and intellectual achievements which may challenge and demand the recognition of the world. Then those intellects will come up and take their places and be accorded their places, not only willingly, but gladly. This is already the new line along which they are advancing, and their best friends can do them no greater service than to encourage and assist them in it; their worst enemy could do them no greater injury than to deflect them from it.

This is a very imperfect way, I am aware, ladies and gentlemen, of presenting the matter, but I hope you will accept it and believe that I am sincere in it. Accept my assurance of the great pleasure I have had in coming here this evening.

I remember, when I was a boy, hearing your great fellowtownsman, Mr. Beecher, in a lecture in Richmond, speak of this great city as “The round-house of New York," in which, he said, the machinery that drove New York and moved the world was cleaned and polished every night. I am glad to be here, where you have that greatest of American achievements, the American home and the American spirit. May it always be kept pure and always at only the right fountains have its strength renewed. [Prolonged applause.]



(Speech of George M. Palmer at the annual banquet of the New York State Bar Association, given in Albany, January 18, 1899. President Walter S. Logan introduced Mr. Palmer in the following words: “The next speaker is the Hon. George M. Palmer, minority leader of the Assembly. [Applause.) He is going to speak on The Lawyer in Politics,' and I am very glad to assure you that his politics are of the right kind.")

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MR. PRESIDENT AND MEMBERS OF THE BAR ASSOCIATION OF THE STATE OF New YORK:—Through the generous impulse of your committee I enjoy the privilege of responding to this toast. I was informed some four weeks ago I would be called upon, the committee thinking I would require that time in preparation, and I have devoted the entire time since in preparing the address for this occasion. "The Lawyer in Politics." The first inquiry of the lawyer and politician is, “What is there in it?” (Laughter.] I mean by that, the lawyer says in a dignified way, “What principle is involved, and how can I best serve my client, always forgetting myself?” The politician, and not the statesman, says,

“What is in it?” Not for himself, oh, never. Not the lawyer in politics; but “What is there in it for the people I represent? How can I best serve them?”

You may inquire what is there in this toast for you. Not very much. You remember the distinguished jurist who once sat down to a course dinner similar to this. He had been waited on by one servant during two courses. He had had the soup. Another servant came to him and said,

Sir, shall I take your order? Will you have some of the chicken soup?” No, sir; I have been served with chicken soup, but the chicken proved an alibi.” [Laughter.] A

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