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Art. I, Sec. 5.-Continued.

smaller number may adjourn and comper at-

penalties may be prescribed for non-attend-



no entry, clearance, or duties on vessels

bound to or from States.

7. Money to be drawn only on appropriations made by law.
statements of receipts and expenditures to be pub-

8. No title of nobility to be granted.

no officer to accept presents from foreign powers.
SEC. 10.-1. No State to enter into any treaty, alliance, or confedera-


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[blocks in formation]

8. Oath or affirmation of President.

SEC. 2.-1. President shall be Commander in Chief of Army and Navy.

and of the Militia of the several States, when

in service of the U. S.

may require written opinions of executive of-

may grant reprieves and pardons, except in im-

2. By and with consent of Congress, may make treaties.
and shall nominate and appoint Ambassadors, etc.
and all other officers whose appointments are not
otherwise provided for.

Congress may vest appointment of inferior officers

as they think proper.

3. President may fill vacancies during recess of Senate.

SEC. 3.-President to give information of state of the Union.

to recommend measures to Congress.

on extraordinary occasions may convene Congress.

in case of disagreement may adjourn Congress.

to receive Ambassadors and Ministers.

to take care that the laws are administered.

to commission all officers of the U. S.

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