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Art. II.-Continued.

SEC. 4.-President and Vice-President to be removed on impeach-
ment for treason, bribery, or high crimes.

to be had in State where crime has been committed.
when not committed within a State, to be where
Congress may direct.

SEC. 3.-1. Treason consists in levying war against, or adhering to
enemies of the U. S., giving them aid and

no conviction unless on testimony of two wit-


nor by the junction of two or more States without consent

of States concerned and of Congress.

2. Congress may dispose of and make rules and regulations
for territories or other property belonging to the U. S.
Claims of the U. S. or of a State not to be prejudiced.

SEC. 4.-A republican form of government guaranteed to each State,

and protection of each against invasion,

The ratification of nine States sufficient.

Attestation clause.




U. S.

ons of
ved of

ne law

h Fede
or affir.


In civil actions, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved
where the value in controversy exceeds twenty dol-


facts tried by jury are re-examinable only according
to the rules of common law.

Powers not delegated nor prohibited to the States are re-
served to the States or to the people.

Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except for crime,
shall exist in the United States.

Congress may enforce this article.

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