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I. THE command of God, and the assent of Abra ham, with respect to the offering up of Isaac, are things not very easy to be reconciled with our notions of wisdom and rectitude, if the differences and mistakes of learned men concerning any particular question are proofs of its obscurity. The whole affair, considered in itself, is indeed not very easy to be understood, and hath but an unpromising aspect. Yet it happens sometimes, that where the earth has a barren appearance at the surface, and is deformed with naked rocks, and frightful precipices, it is rich underneath with veins of precious ore. The traveller, who passes carelessly over the face of such a country, will perhaps see nothing but what is ungrateful to the sight: but the more patient miner, whose profession it is to search for hidden treasure, becomes acquainted with its value. However, as no person engaged in such a difficult employment can prosecute his work in subterraneous darkness, he takes a light down with him in his hand to direct him. And if we are desirous of working to any good effect upon the matter before us, we must use a light proper to the occasion; which is that of Revelation itself. We

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