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Shortly determining the Doctrin
Written, by GEORGE Hughes, B.D.


Of the

מדי שבת' בשבתו יבוא כל בשר להשתחות לפני

אמר יהוה

Jefahi, Cap.66: ver. 23.

כולה הכפרבשבח כאילו כופרבכל התורה

More Neboch. Par. 2:Cap. 13. 27.

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Printed ANNO Dom. cl» lac LXX.



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Had not the defires of now as Happy as once Virtuous Lady, in giving Life and Being given her a Title


interested the Author , there to present it, it had been a Free will offering from Himself to your Ladishipwho so well understand and as juftly value the blessing of a Sabbath as you Faithfully improve it. The

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to this Teece,

divine Providence having removed them Both from a contemplation to the fruition of the as defireable as longed for by them future rest maketh this Discourse of the Earnest of it, which in His intention was elsewere designed, in its present imprefion to become Yours: Being herein with the greatest justice disposed, as to a person concerningYourself in Them, & it. It is not my purpose in mentioning the Churches losse by their removail, to increase Your affliction, or to ease my own, but rather to invit. You to an importunate foliciting liimw.both speedily and effectually repaire it, and by the Addition of all the advantages they injoyed, to Your Ladiship make it none. Your sorrow and Trouble likewise is not lege for the as visibly expiring Sabbath in many mens judgments, and more in mens practise, which if this, which is now consigned to You may allay or remove, by a Quickning and Reviving it, as it will multiply Tour joyes, I truff it shaŭ procure from you my pardon, for my bold ingraving your Name on the front of it. It presenis it self with the Highest disadvantage to you, and yet with a compasionate and moving aspect, being an orphan, andas to

this edition of it Pofthumus. Many were its Parents Sufferings before its Conception, his Trialls in it, neither were the throwes at its Delivery fewo , yet the joy for This illue for its Complexion Masculine made him forget his forrow when it was brought forth; and this being his Dying issue he might Stile it Benoni, yet for its kind and successe it is a Benjamin, to trye the strength of which its adversarye may not so easily esay. The work it self shoveth the Authors designe was to settle others Judgements about this subject, and to confirm, as dire&t Their Practice of those dutyes, which he did as much iperform as commend, and without vanity I may say, his Practise might have been another Directory. No wonder that being so neare his rest, bechose to Communicate his thoughts of it. The profitablenes of which he desired others might experience, by being in the Spirit on the Lords day, as they did expeet

, ere long so be in the Spirit ever with him. He very well knew how necesary the sanctifying of the present Sabbath was to fire Persons for the rest behind, which having prefed them to, in order to the injoying of it


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