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Inglis, Dr., review of his Inaugural Discourse to the Graduates of
King's College, Aberdeen, &c., 88.


Kingsley, Mr., notices of his works, 189, et seq.

Kirkpatrick, E., review of The historically received Conception of
the University, &c., by, 88.


Latin Christianity, The History of, by Dean Milman, reviewed, 51.
Laurie, Sir P. and Lord Campbell, correspondence between, 293,


Lawrence, Sir H., notice of, 531, et seq.

Lucknow, Narrative of the Siege of, by Mr. Rees, 513.


M'Culloch, review of his collection of The Tracts, &c. on Metallic
and Paper Currency, of Lord Overstone, 248.

Milman, Dean, review of his History of Latin Christianity, &c., 51.
Mouravieff, A. N., review of his History of the Church of Russia,



Neale, Rev. J. M., review of his History of the Holy Eastern
Church, 322.

Nisard, C., review of his Histoire des Livres Populaires, ou de
la Littérature du Colportage, &c., 232.

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Oude, review of General Sleeman's Journey through Oude, 513-
state of, prior to its annexation, 514-23 - necessity for this,
errors committed by the Government, 523-state of, when
Sir H. Lawrence became the resident, 531 reasons for not
abandoning it, 533-future policy, 539.



Overstone, Lord, review of his Tracts, &c. on Metallic and Paper
Currency, 248.


Palmer, W., review of Dissertations on Subjects relating to the
'Orthodox,' or 'Eastern Catholic' Communion by, 322.

Palmerston, Lord, sketch of events during his tenure of office, 541,

et seq.

Patmore, Coventry, review of The Angel in the House, by, 121.
Poe, E. A., The works and a memoir, &c. of reviewed, 419—his
character and life, 419-26 - his prose works, 426 — his poems,



Public Schools, influence of, 176, et seq.


Railways, present state of, in Great Britain, 398, et seq. — capital
invested in, 399-magnitude of works, ibid. - benefits conferred
by, 400— interest on capital, 404 — legislation as to, 405 — duty
on passengers, 409 — rating of, ibid. carriage of parcels by the


Post Office on, 410-Lord Campbell's Act, 411- mismanagement
of, 412- remuneration to directors, 417 — audit, 418.


Rees, Mr., review of his Narrative of the Siege of Lucknow, 513.
Russell, Lord J., Memorials and Correspondence of C. J. Fox, vol.
iv. edited by, 134.



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Scottish University Reform, 88, et seq. — origin of the reform move-
ment, 88-92
defects in the present system, 92, et seq.- en-
trance examination to universities requisite, 95 - ground of op-
position, 96-modification of the Faculty of Arts proposed, 99-
109 reorganisation of the Professional Faculties, 199.
Seyd, E., review of his California and its Resources, 295.

Sleeman, General Sir W. H., review of his Journey through Oude,
&c., 513.

Smiles, S., review of his Life of George Stephenson, 396.

Soulè, Gihon and Nisbet, review of their work, The Annals of San
Francisco, 295.

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Stephenson, George, the Life of, by S. Smiles, reviewed, 396.
Thiers, M., review of his Histoire du Consulat et de l'Empire, 359
his inaccuracies, 360, et seq. - his inaccurate account of the
battle of Copenhagen, in 1801, 370-of Nelson's attack on Bou-
logne, 372 of the battle of Trafalgar, ibid.—of the causes of the
renewal of war in 1806, 376 — of events during the Peninsular
War, 379, et seq. of the battle of Barossa, 384 of the battle
of Busaco, 385 - of the campaign of 1812, 387 - of the battle of
Salamanca, 389— of the object of the march on Madrid, 391 — of
the Vittoria campaign, 393.


Tom Brown's Schooldays, review of, 172.


Voigt, Dr., review of his Mittheilungen über das Unterrichtswesen
Englands und Schottlands, 88.






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