The Dramatic Works and Poems of James Shirley, Now First Collected: The ball. The young admiral. The gamester. The example. The opportunity. The coronation

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Стр. 368 - A / Comedy, / As it was presented by her / Majesties Servants, at the private / House in Drury Lane.
Стр. 63 - Purchas'd by others' fame or sweat, will be Our stain, for we inherit nothing truly But what our actions make us worthy of.
Стр. 94 - ... poetry, and when other poetts heare and see his good success, I am confident they will imitate the original for their own credit, and make such copies in this harmless way, as shall speak them masters in their art, at the first sight, to all judicious spectators. It may be acted this 3 July 1633. " I have entered this allowance, for direction to my successor, and for example to all poetts, that shall write after the date hereof.
Стр. 69 - ... we might conjecture that Chapman and Shirley had not compared their list of characters. opinion, let me continue innocent in your thoughts : I have sent you a small jewel to expiate my offence for commending him. I expect your ladyship at the Ball, where you shall make many happy to kiss your hand ; and in their number the true admirer of your virtue. — RAINBOW. My lord is honourable. Bos. A slight jewel,
Стр. 94 - The Comedy called The Tonge. Admirall, being free from ' oaths, prophaness, or obsceanes, hath-- given mee much delight and satisfaction in the readinge, and may serve for a patterne to other poetts, not only for the bettring of maners and language, but for the improvement of the quality, which hath received some brushings of late.
Стр. 286 - Plot. When other men measure the hours with sleep, Careless of where they are and whom they trust, Exposing their condition to danger Of plots, I wake and wisely think prevention. Night was not made to snore in ; but so calm, For our imaginations to be stirring About the world ; this subtle world, this world Of plots and close conspiracy. There is No faith in man nor woman.
Стр. 245 - Take heed, And understand thyself a little better : I think you may be satisfied — with what? A handsome wench ? 'tis heresy, recant it ; I never shall be satisfied. Wild. You do not purpose A new encounter ? Haz. For thy sake 1 • how like ivy] The old copy reads,
Стр. 79 - But there be no such comedians as we have here ; yet the women are the best actors, they play their own parts, a thing much desired in England by some ladies, inns o...
Стр. 285 - He has slept this half hour on the iron chest. Would I were in my grave to take a nap ; death would do me a courtesy ; I should be at rest, and hear no noise of
Стр. 72 - Luc. Then, upon the matter, You being not willing, sir. to take your oath, I may be confident you are not honest. Win. Why, look upon me, lady, and consider^ With some discretion, what part about me • I would not, by Thisjlesh ! Now 1 have sworn.'] The 4to.

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