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Shelley's birth at the Manor of Field Place, August 4, 1792 ;

his grandfather, Sir Dysshe Shelley ; his father, mother,
and sisters ; his early childhood ; Rev. Mr. Edwards of
Warnham, his first tutor ; goes to school at Sion House,
Brentford ; his character, temperament, and description of
his personal appearance




Shelley's cngagement with his cousin Harriet Grove broken off

by her parents ; Hogg and Shelley take lodgings in Poland
Street ; Shelley banished from Field Place, and monetary
supplies stopped ; Shelley's “Poetical Essay on the Exist.
ing State of Things"; makes acquaintance with Harriet
Westbrook; description of her and her family; mone-
tary difficulties; elopement with Harriet Westbrook,
marriage, and journey to Edinburgh, where they are
joined by Hogg; correspondence with Miss Hitchener ;
Shelley, Harriet, and Hogs go to York; rupture with



other Poems ” published ; unpleasantness with William
Godwin ; Mary and Shelley and Claire Clairmont go to
Geneva ; Mary and Shelley become acquainted with
Byron ; Claire Clairmont's liaison with Byron ; friendship
of the two poets ; “Hymn to Intellectual Beauty ” con.
ceived ; " Lines to Mont Blanc " composed ; they meet
“Monk" Lewis ; incidents connected with composition
of Mary Godwin's “Frankenstein ”; Shelley and Mary
return to England; they visit Peacock at Marlow; in 1817
they settle at West Marlow ; death of Godwin's adopted
daughter, Fanny Imlay ; Shelley visits Leigh Hunt, and
hears of Harriet's death ; reconciliation with William
Godwin ; Shelley and Mary Godwin married in London
on December 30, 1816



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The Shelleys meet the Gisbornes at Leghorn ; go to Bagni

Lucca ; Byron's conduct to Claire Clairmont and Allegra ;
Shelley goes to Byron in Venice ; Byron lends the Shelleys
his villa at Este; Shelley's little daughter Clara dies ;
"Julian and Maddalo”; “ Lines written among the
Euganean Hills"; Allegra returned to Byron's care ;
Shelley goes to Naples; “Stanzas, writfen in dejection

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