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Biblical and Infidel Geology directly opposed; or a Refuta-

tion of Dr. John Pye Smith's Geology,

Abridgement of Dr. Pye Smith's Geology; or the relation between

the Holy Scriptures and some parts of Geological Science-

Examination of the sentiments of the Authors he mentions

-Geology contrary to Revelation-it denies the First, and

from the Sixth to the Ninth Chapters of Genesis, part of the

Moral Law, and many other parts of Scripture-Geology, as

taught, a system of Infidelity and Unbelief-Those who

believe it are Infidels, or Unbelievers The Vestiges of the

Natural History of Creation, not much more material, or

Atheistical, than the sentiments of all believers and writers

on Geology-They all land in materialism; but they do

not, like him, directly avow it-Dr. Pye Smith addresses

the Geological Society of London as Infidels, or Unbelievers

-Mr. Booth, in his Stranger's Guide to London, accuses

them of ridiculing Revealed Religion-Admitted by Dr. P.

Smith, that Geology contravenes the plain meaning of Scrip-

ture-Geologists declare themselves materialists in effect, by

their interminable prorogation of duration, or intruding into

eternity past, which they call time, and ascribing everything

to Nature and secondary causes-Geology manifestly founded

on the Flood of Noah, and proves the reality of that great

catastrophe The strata and fossils prove the truth of the

Scriptures, because they are all clearly laid at the Flood, and

could be laid at no other time, according to the plain language

of Scripture-The absolute want of water at any other epoch,

and the universal belief of mankind from the Creation to the

French Revolution, 1789, and full forty years after, 1834,

prove that Geology originated at the flood, Q.E.D.




Duke of Saxe, Prince of Coburg and Gotha, Consort of Her
Most Excellent Majesty (Alexandrina) Victoria, by

the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of
Great Britain and Ireland, Queen,
Defender of the Faith,


Is most respectfully Inscribed, as a Sincere, though Humble Tribute of Admiration of the Conduct of His Royal Highness, so gratifying to our Excellent Queen, and to the really Religious and Loyal People of the Nation, and so Honourable to Himself, by his Most Obedient and Devoted Servant,


May it please your Royal Highness to accept of the Volume herewith dedicated and presented, however plainly and imperfectly written, and closely and even inaccurately printed; and to compare it with the Bible, the only infallible rule of faith and manners, and the sole foundation of the religion of Protestants, and judge whether God or man is to be believed and obeyed. Dr. Pye Smith has correctly originated, and stated the case, as not only the prevailing opinion, but firm and unchangeable conviction and belief, founded on the Divine testimony of, Thus saith the Lord, Exod. xx. 11; Gen. i., (p. 505.) The reason annexed to the Fourth Commandment, stating why the Sabbath was instituted, and to be perpetually observed, erects the first insuperable bar to geology; and the divinely connected, simple, unambiguous narrative of Moses, (pp. 535, 576, 601, 606, 609, 637,) written after, and tallying

with it, forms the second; and all the ingenuity of the great adversary, will never get mankind over either of these. Revelation xiii. 8, however far distant apparently, in point of time, from the first prediction and promise, but at latest, the death of righteous Abel, rises as the third; and that threefold cord (taking language according to the explanation of the Lord President, pp. 597, 690, and Lord Cunninghame of the Court of Session, p. 734) can never be broken. Between these extremes of revelation, the Omniscient Jehovah alone can see how many portions of His true and faithful Word denounce the awful impiety of anti-Noahic geology. Your Royal Highness, in the words of Lord John Russel, divesting yourself of any preformed opinion, will, there can be no doubt, make the gratuitous assertions, assumptions, deductions, and inferences of men, give place to the immutable declarations of God. Whatever II. Miller, Messrs. Powell or Sedgwick, may boldly assert, there is no geologic evidence of any kind, name or degree, primary or direct, derivative, analogical, deductive, or circumstantial. It is absolutely vox et preterea nihil. After the explanation attempted to be given from pp. 582 to 588, your Royal Highness will never allow the mind of Albert Edward, Prince of Wales, the heir-apparent to the British Crown, to imbibe the deadly poison, doubly distilled, by Prof. Powell and Dr. Smith, (pp. 578, 579.) Your Royal Highness will indubitably attempt to keep your own mind, and that of your royal offspring, pure as the light, and unsullied as the driven snow. Dr. Smith's address to the sons of science; his apology for Dr. Buckland and Archbishop Sumner; and his gentle castigation of the Rev. W. V. Harcourt, (pp. 573, 574, 575, 576,) to pass a hundred passages equally cogent, fully support the charge of Mr. A. Booth, (p. 590.) Mr. Harcourt, and flippant and ignorant clergymen like him who challenge the absolute correctness of Divine philosophy, whenever the Bible incidentally touches it, should be reminded of the appo site words of the Psalmist, (Psal. xciv. 8, 11,) Understand, ye brutish among the people; and ye fools, when will ye be wise! He that planted the ear, shall He not hear? He that formed the eye, shall He not see? He that chastiseth the heathen, shall He not correct? He that teacheth man knowledge, shall not He know? The Lord knoweth the thoughts of man that they are vanity. Can these priests who handle the Bible like him, or even allow it to be rudely touched, without crying, Treason, treason! stand between the living and the dead? Are they on the Lord's side? Do their lips keep knowledge? After reading all that Dr. Smith has selected from them, can your Royal

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