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have prowled forth, for the purpose of tensible occupations were fishing, pilenriching themselves with such spoils of chard-curing, net-making, boat-buildthe dead as even remorseless Ocean had ing, and prowling about the dangerous spared from the general wreck.

precipices of the island, in search of the In the humble hut of Ben Sawyer, the eggs of sea.fowl; people, whose nighily fisherman, reposed, happily unconscious arocations were of the most illegal naof the horrors of the night, Susanna, the ture, and yet, who had the temerity, old man's only daughter, indeed, his sole when afflictions fell heavily upon the remaining child ; for Heaven' had, in head of Ben Sawyer, to ascribe them to days past, sorely visited the unhappy the divine wrath for unheard-of cruelties father, and, by depriving him of his and crimes. Such a view of his calamiwife and three promising sons within the ties, and such language respecting hinibrief space of a twelvemonth, cast over self, tended by no means io soften the his spirit a deadly settled gloom, and asperity of Ben's disposition, or 10 infilled his breast with implacable enmity cline him to regard his neighbours with towards his fellow-men. Said we, thắt less misanthropy ; if he loved any one, Heaven by its inflictions did this ? Ah, it was his gentle daughter, hut hard in. no! such was their effect upon a mind deed were the proofs of filial affection as ill.disposed to receive the dispensations which he required at her hands-galling of Providence with resignation, as to re to her feelings, at variance with her gard them in their real beneficent light. principles, and injurious to her bodily

Old Ben resided, when upon terra health. The eyes of Susanna, opened firma, in the midst of a neighbourhood at the near close of this dreadful night by unimaginably illiterate and vicious. a strong glare of light, fixed themselves, Thieves, smugglers, and murderers, for at first in the vague unconsciousness of med, at the period of which we write, sudden waking, upon a rough, haggardthe principal portion of the population of locking man, standing beside her humble St. Mary's ; people, whose daylight os- couch, and holding a lantern to her face,


she checked a faint shriek as her awak- uncouth costumes and countenances, ening perceptions enabled her to recog. darkened and furrowed, not more by weanize her father. Starting up, she en ther and time than by wickedness, were quired the meaning of his intrusion, with indistinctly beheld by lanterns, torches, a heart so full of alarm that its beatings and the dull gray light slowly awakenwere almost audible. “Rise, my girl," ing in the east. Handbarrows, wheelsaid Sawyer-" rise iminediately ; a barrows, Yarmouth carts, tumbrils, trucks, merchantman has gone to pieces on our baskets of all shapes and sizes, and many rocks, and we must to the harvest !" a nondescript conveyance, were mingled

But, oh father! how dismal is the with the multitude, most of whom, crowdnight !"-" It is indeed : but they, the ing to the very edge of each precipice, dogs, are all down to the beach, helping wistfully watched the descent of a few themselves and each other, and who, bold and hardened wretches, who, by Susan, think ye, is to aid your old fa means of ropes and planks, hooks and ther, if you refuse to do it ?” He spoke grappling irons, were letting themselves in a tone of tender reproach; the service down amid the wild strife of winds and was one most revolting to the feelings of waters, and who vainly endeavoured to a humane young woman ; often had hurl 10 those above the most portable Susan entreated to be excused from its gleanings from the unfortunate vessel. performance, often had conscience de Shouts and shrieks, the rushing roar clared the nefarious nature of the busi- of billows, the loud melancholy moan ness in which her father so frequently and whistle of the gale, with the fitful engaged ; and often, when her delicate growl of retreating thunder, united in mind had been resistlessly swayed by terrific chorus; shouls encouraged the these whisperings of her better angel, a first adventurers, who, braving the fury Te-action of thought ensued, which caused of the buffeting elements, suffered themher hastily to reject such influences as selves to be dashed mercilessly against almost parricidal.” She remembered that the salient angles of the rocks. Shrieks duty, obedience, and affection, more than marked every disastrous incident attending all, were due from herself to her father, their undertaking, and shouts again, and since he seemed only attached the more cheerings, announced the safe receipt of firmly and fondly to her, as he disunited such articles as their repeated, but mostly himself from every other wordly tie. Per- unavailing, efforts, or the resistless sweep haps the expression of these sentiments of Ocean, lodged high and dry" in was now visible on Susanna's counte. secure and attainable situations. nance; her parent at least did not mis- tide is going out,” observed Sawyer, to interpret her intentions, when, throwing his shivering and agitated daughter ;towards her his thick boat-cloak, his sea day draws on apace; and a fine one cap, and great water-proof boots, he shall we make of it, I'll engage, ere long. bade her make haste, if she wished for a There Susan, darling, stand aloft with new gown from the contents of the cargo, the other women, and catch what I throw assuring her again that the neighbours up to you.” Then, coiling the ropes were already upon the spot, securing to around him, and sticking two or three of themselves the best of the spoil.

his tools into the rough belt which they Drearily sounded the howling storm in formed, he commenced his perilous dethe ears of the poor girl ; she was drowsy scent. and chilled with cold, albeit sad were It was now so light, that the rocky her feelings from one cause, which she beach, strewed with fragments from the cared not to reveal to a parent whose unfortunate wreck, was distinctly visible; heart was so deadened to all social in- timbers, cordage, bales, casks, chests, terests and affections; and yet, whilst implements, utensils, and clothes of vaher glowing bosom was agonized for the rious kinds, with the sodden bodies of weal of one individual, she sighed also men, women, children, and animals, for the fate of those hapless beings, from were at intervals visible, as each heavy whose property her sire was about to de sea recoiled, after its momentary rush, rive a guiliy advantage. Susanna, has- against the steeps that half encircled the tily equipped, and presenting an appear. cove. Susan watched anxiously the careance inconceiveably rude and grotesque, ful but laboured descent of her father, (bearing a large osier basket containing which she was now better enabled to do ropes, a hatchet, saw, and other imple- than before, since the wind had shifted, ments) followed old Ben, who pushed and though still violent, was less likely forward a lumbril, and soon reached the to drive her backwards. Ben proceeded rocks from which their cottage was not cautiously; habit, indeed, rendered him far distant. Here was assembled a mot- capable of sustaining the fury of battling ley group of all ages and sexes, whose elements, maintaining a firm footing upon

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sharp slippery rocks, and a firm hold of where her lover lay, raised his head upon angular and shelving crags, better than her knees, breathed into his mouth and many of his neighbours. To him, such nostrils, chafed his cold stiff hands, and, șituations, such scenes, and such' dan- tearing from her neck a linen kerchief, gers, were far from being novelties ; and applied it to the wound on his bosom. though now and then a mighty wave In so doing she fancied that she perceived actually, swept over and hid hiin from a slight warmth and even a faint pulsathe sight of his anxious and alarmed tion about the region of the heart, icy as daughter, yet, when it retired, her affect were the drenched clothes which adhered ionate eyes again beheld him fixed firmly to it. A thrill of joy shot through her as the rock itself to the self-same spot as enamoured bosoin-of ineffable, but sibefore. Having reached a place favour. lent joy, for as yet she dared not exclaim able for the commencement of his opera “ He lives !” lest so unhoped-for a blesstions. Sawyer uncoiled part of the rope ing should prove but the false picturing from around him, and securely attached of an ardent imagination ; nevertheless himself by it to a point of the precipice she redoubled her efforts to rekindle the upon which he stood; then, "enabled nearly extinct spark of life, and her own thus to command any length of rope he gentle breath, the warmth of her own pleased, he busily employed himself in anxious and impassioned bosom, and the collecting the scattered remnants of pro- stout boat-cloak from her own shoulperty within his reach. Most of these ders, were all employed in revivifying were of a nature too ponderous to admit the seemingly inanimate, but cherished of his doing more at first for securing being. them than the mere crowding and piling Poor Susan ! long was she engaged in them together ; but, as he bereaved the the performance of these fearfully inteunfortunate dead of their vestments, resting offices, but, during this time, the money, and trinkets, these, rolled up into service on which she had quitted her light bundles, were, by one effort of his home, her father, the whole world, and practised and nervous arm, hurled aloft all its paltry concerns, were entirely for. to Susan, who consigned them to her gotten, and, with an intensity of delight, basket.

only to be imagined, for described it Nearly was this receptacle filled, when cannot be, she beheld'her cares rewardthe attention of its owner was attracted ed! Slowly, but surely, the heart now by the appearance of a sailor youth, throbbed beneath her hand, and every lying upon a ledge of rock at no great throb became stronger and more distinct; distance from her, evidently just cast the warmth of life began gradually to difthere by the surges. His right arm still fuse itself throughout the relaxing frame, encircled a plank; his left was extended; and the pale blue lips and cheeks now as if in the act of warding off the blows, became perceptibly less rigid, and asto which he was exposed, by collision, sumed a 'less death-like hue. Susanna amidst the furious waters, with wrecks murmured, with unspeakable delight,of the shattered merchantman and por. “ U gracious God! thank thee !-He tions of her cargo. His fair hair was lives —he lives !” and, with the revermatted by wet sand and sea-weed; blood ence of pure and holy love-a reverence was upon his clothes, proceeding from a only to be comprehended by those with graze visible on his uncovered bosom; whom affection is indeed a sacred senti. but his pale placid features were, by the ment- the enamoured girl fervently kissed unhappy Susan, instantly recognized as those reddening lips, secure that they could those of one but too well known, and now neither return, nor after a while loved with all the unspeakable ardour reproach her, perhaps, for bestowing this and devotedness of woman's fond heart. pledge of true and holiest tenderness. She darted to the spot where lay the un Upon raising her head, the counteconscious object of her tenderness, alike nance of her father, burning with the regardless of the dangerous ground over anger which he found impossible 10 which she must pass to reach him, and vent in words, met the affrighted eyes of the angry astonishment of an unsuspi. the gentle girl.. “ () father ! father !" cious father, when he discovered her de. exclaimed she, in a piteous and deprecasertion of the post which he had assigned ting tone, “the gallant Syren was the to her, and the cause of it; nor was the vessel wrecked ! Know you not poor cry which accompanied a recognition, at Frederic— Frederic Fergusson ?

See ! once so sweet and so mournful, heard he is alive !-- Yes ! yes, father ! he amidst the continued clamour of the ele- lives, thank God, he lives !” The aspect ments and of the busy interested multi- of Sawyer was, at this moment, that of tude. Susan seated herself upon a jut. an absolute dæmon; beneath this basi, ting part of the rock, just above the spotliskóglance his daughter cowered, and

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clasped her beloved charge more fondly

THE TEST OF AFFECTION. and firmly in her arms. Ben slowly

For the Olio. turning, peered around him ; a projecting rock hid from his view the many, That prating is useless the poets declare,

Nor would ( their doctrine deny, who, at no great distance, were still bu.

When they say that the lovers' discourse is sily employed in collecting the wealth

but air, wafted to them by the cruel sea; he re Their language a glance of the eye. sumed his former position, and the devilish thought which possessed his black Now poets, like doctors, but seldom are friends,

Though they gather their themes from above, heart found vent in words, uttered in a For “ sighing like furnance," old Shakspear ineasured and hollow tone: -" He lives!


Is the true attestation of love. -Ay, girl, he does indeed live! and if suffered so to do, we and our hard.

But in matters of love, as in matters of state, earned wealth are lost entirely lost ! Each holds his opinions most dear; Nobody sees; and one for the many,

Thus Byron asserts, (and with emphasis great,)

“ That the test of affection's a tear." this is not too much !"

As he spoke, he drew from his hem. Thus symptoms are varied, yet each may be pen girdle the hatchet, and raised it

right, aloft. Susanna then, and not till then, But pass them with silence, to hail with de

Nor would í their axioms hush, comprehending his diabolical design, light, shrieked, in inexpressible agony, as she The cheek that's suffused by a blush ! embraced her reviving Frederic more closely. "O no! no! no! no! you

For the sigh and the glance, yea, and even the

tear, will not--you cannot—," The weighty That with virtue and beauty are met, hatchet fell with a blow almost sufficient Are assum'd by the artful, and often appear to have severed the stem of a stout oak;

As the harbinger of a coquette. torrents of blood spouted forth, and But the unbidden torrents that rush to the something bounded down into the water

cheeks, below the fatal spot, so rapidly as not

Nor deception nor art can controul;

'Tis the impulse of nature unfetter'd that at first to allow Sawyer to distinguish speakswhat it was.

He knew, however, that "Tis the laoguage, the sense of the soul. his aim had proved true, and the next

G. T. E. moment he beheld, with a horror that harrowed up every feeling of his guilty EFFECTS OF AN EARTHQUAKE. spirit, iwo bleeding headless bodies qui

BY CAPT. T. M. BAGNOLD. vering at his feet! Rooted to the spot, and scarcely sensible that the current of HAVING experienced, during my resi. life yet flowed in his own veins, the dence at Coquimbo, on the coast of Chili, wretched murderer was found by the no less than sixty-one smart shocks of civil authorities of the place, and some earthquakes in twelve months, without revenue officers, whom reports of the taking mipor ones into consideration, I wreck had brought hastily to the scene was induced to obtain from an officer of of action.

H. M. S. Volage, the particulars of the Of some of the wreckers just examples destructive visitation which occurred at were made : Ben Sawyer, as the most Lima in 1828. guilty, was drawn to the place of exe Ou the 30th of March, H. M. S. Voo cution on a hurdle, and hung in chains. lage was lying moored with two chain The shock which he received from the cables in the bay of Calloa ; the weather unintentional catastrophe of his last ap was remarkably fine and clear, when, at palling crime had, to all appearance, half-past seven o'clock, a light cloud bereft him of reason. Upon bis trial, passed over the ship, at which moment however, he was sufficiently sensible to the noise usually attendant on earthquakes assert his sanity (nor were witnesses in that country, resembling heavy distant lacking to prove it) at the period of com• thunder, was heard ; the ship was viomitting that atrocious deed, for which lently agitated, and, to use the words of his own life was required ; but he died my informant, 'felt as if placed on trucks, an idiot!

Fam. Mag. and dragged rapidly over a pavement of

loose stones.' The water around hissed

as if hot iron was immersed in it ;' imINCLINATION

mense quantities of air-bubbles rose to Is like a trout; you must play with it the surface, the gas from which, was before you can atiempt to win it. offensive, resembling, to use my friend's

phraseology again, • rotten pond-mud.' The mind is like a fire, the more it Numbers of fish came up dead alongside ; imparts the more it is able to impart. the sea, before calm and clear, was now


10 il

of age!



strongly agitated and turbid, and the ship Lays of a Broken Heat. rolled about two streaks, say fourteen in

(For the Olin.) ches, each way. A cry of “ there goes the town,' called my friend's attention towards it; a cloud of dust, raised by the agitation of the earth and the fall of the Do not forget me in the gaysome crowd, houses, covered the town from view, 'Mid smiles and rosy lips and sparkling eyes, whilst the tower of the garrison chapel, Thrills thro' thy heart its meed of ecstasies !. the only object visible above the dust, Do not forget me when kind looks are beaming, rocked for a few seconds, and then fell And kneeling hearts encircle thee, my fair; through the roof; and, from the high Do not forget me when bright joy is gleaming

Retain my image there, perpendicular rock at the north end of the And in thy mental vision, like some rare island of St. Lorenzo, a slab, supposed And favour'd flower placed in a holy page, thirty feet thick, separated from the top to That braves the scythe of time and dark decay

W.M. the bottom of the cliff, and fell with a tremendous noise into the sea. The wharf or pier was cracked three parts across,

TO H. showing a chasm of eighteen inches wide; What can I ask of thee ?-Oh, not thy love, the chronometers on shore, except those Nor yet a gleam of sunshine from thine eye, in the pocket, and most of the clocks, Though it might come like pardon from above

To the poor wretch that breathes his latest stopped, whilst the rates of chronometers on board were in many instances altered. Nor dare i ask thee, maid, to waste a thought A great number of lives were lost, amongst On such a scathed and broken heart as mine; which were four priests, killed in the

Nor yet to render back uuto me aught

Of all the offerings laid upon thy shrine! churches, one of them by the falling of I would not from thy dewy eyelids wring an image, at whose base he was at prayer.

The tear of pity now my heart to save, The Volage's chain cables were lying Yet 'twould be bliss to know that thou wouldst. on a soft muddy bottom, in thirty-six feet That holy tear to fall upon my lonely grave, water; and, on heaving up the best bower

W. M. anchor to examine it, the cable thereof

CANZONET. was found to have been strongly acted

For the Olio. on, at thirteen fathoms from the anchor, and twenty-five from the ship. On wash

When lightly falls the curfew's sound, ing the mud from it, the links, which are And tlie sinking sun tells evening near, made of the best bolt or cylinder wrought While its shadows are quietly closing round, iron, about two inches in diameter, ap

I'll basten away to thy bower, my dear;

For sweet 'tis to rove peared to have undergone partial fusion

In that fairy bour, for a considerable extent. The metal While the summer breeze sings in the linden, seemed run out in grooves of three or four

Mid grotto and grove, inches long, and three-eighths of an inch

'Mid braken and bower, diameter, and had formed (in some cases And awake my guitar to love and thee! at the ends of these grooves, and in others When the stars are lighting the deep blue sky, at the middle of them) small spherical And melody haunteth the silent sphere, lumps or nodules, which, upon scrubbing And the lamp of love is braming on high, the cable to cleanse it, fell on the deck.

I'll hasten away to th; hower, my dear!

For sweet 'tis to love The other cable was not injured, nor did

In that fairy loor, my friend hear of any similar occurrence While the moonlight is streaming all silently,

'Mid grotto and grovi's, amongst the numerous vessels then lying

'Mid braken and lower, in the bay. The part of the chain so in. And awake my guitar to love and idee!-T.F.. jured was condemned, on the vessel's being paid off at Portsmouth, and is now THE DERIVATION AND AIPI.!CATION OF in the sail-field of the dock-yard, and I PRECIOUS STONES should think a link of it would be worth TRIBES OF ISRAEL. preserving in the museums of the different

For the Olio. scientific bodies.

That the phenomena of earthquakes are Almost all nations, perhaps in imitation produced by volcanic explosions, there of the Jews, have given indications of, and can be little doubt, and that they are fre- attributes to, Precious Stones. Thus the quently accompanied by powerful electric Poles took the twelve gems for the twelve action, has long been known. To which months of the year, and the Arabians gave of these causes are we to look for the twelve shadows, or types of their supposed pawerful effects here describe ?

properties. That the twelve Tribes of Quar. Jour. of Science. Israel should be remarkable, it will be

shewn by the following arrangement.

Their names were thus engraved :




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