Modalities for Massage and Bodywork - E-Book

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Elsevier Health Sciences, 18 дек. 2014 г. - Всего страниц: 488

Ideal for both classroom and practice, Modalities for Massage & Bodywork, 2nd Edition presents 23 modalities of bodywork, their history, development, effects, benefits, contraindications, basic curricula and certification requirements. Updated photos and illustrations, critical thinking questions, and flash cards give you a better picture of today's massage best practices. Evolve companion website provides matching activities, flash cards, answers to multiple-choice questions, weblinks and video demonstrations of various modalities covered in the text to make learning more interactive.

  • Case histories in each chapter illustrate the effects of the modality within a therapeutic context, creating the opportunity for integrative, clinical reasoning that helps prepare you for work in the various modalities.
  • Student objectives and key terms at the start of each chapter provides a framework for what to expect and what to focus on with each chapter.
  • In My Experience boxes provide personal insights about specific techniques from experts in the field.
  • Full-color design and techniques shown with photos and illustrations enhance understanding and comprehension of each modality.
  • Multiple-choice test questions at the end of each chapter with answers on the Evolve website help you measure your understanding of the modality and obtain instant feedback from the answer key that includes rationales.
  • Suggested readings, resources and references in each chapter offer robust resources for you to further research each modality.
  • Clinically relevant boxes and tables highlight important information.
  • NEW Modalities chapters provide you with a greater awareness of the opportunities and options available as they pursue a massage therapy career and practitioners with more practical information they can apply to their work.
  • NEW! Student resources on Evolve supplement the classroom experience and ensures you retain the material in the text.
  • 23 different body techniques are introduced to help you learn about different modalities you may want to pursue and reaffirm your knowledge of techniques.
  • More than 2 hours of video on the Evolve website bring the modalities to life and help put the text instructions in perspective.
  • NEW! Updated content, photos and illustrations equip you with the latest information and visuals on modalities from experts in the field that reflect current practices in the field and the needs and wants of massage therapy practitioners and students.
  • NEW! Critical thinking questions added to each chapter actively engage and challenge your reasoning skills.
  • NEW! Additional review questions added to each chapter supply you with more opportunities to review what you have learned and test your knowledge.

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1 Active isolated stretching
2 Ayurvedic therapies
3 Cancer massage
4 Craniosacral therapy
5 Geriatric massage
6 Infant and pediatric massage
7 Manual lymphatic drainage
8 Muscle energy techniques
14 Reflexology
15 Reiki
16 Shiatsu
17 Sports and fitness massage
18 Strain and counterstrain
19 Structural integration
20 Traditional thai massage
21 Trager psychophysical integration

9 Myofascial release
10 Neuromuscular therapy
11 Orthopedic massage
12 Polarity therapy
13 Prenatal massage
22 Trigger point release
23 Tuina
Answers to multiple choice test questions
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