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and the border. The attractive novelty of this edition, is the series of characteristic portraits of the principal female characters of the novels and poems. New plates also are to be given, illustrative of the poetical works of the great Magician, whose wand, alas! is now broken. The work is extremely well got up; and five such plates for 2s. 6d. is a cheap bargain for the public. If the series fulfils the promise of the early Numbers, it will form one of the prettiest works for the drawingroom or boudoir that we have lately seen. Flora Macdonald is a lofty, commanding, beautiful creature ; but Rose will be the favourite with most persons:-her only fault is, the upper lip is somewhat too pointed. The character of ingenuousness is very happily expressed.

ART. XII. LITERARY INTELLIGENCE. A letter from a Correspondent in China, to the Editor of the Asiatic Journal, inserted in the last Number, thus refers to the results of Mr. Gutzlaff's voyage referred to at page 198 of our Sept. No.-“I particularly wished to call your attention to a growing desire, among the commercial community at Canton, to open some intercourse with the regions to the north and eastward of us. The voyage of Mr. Charles Gutzlaff, in a Siamese junk, up to Teën-tsin and Kinchow, on the eastern side of the Great Wall, has been the occasion of calling people's attention to the subject. He is learned chiefly in the Fuk-keën dialect of the Chinese Language ; and the native traders from Singapore to Pekin, Corea, and Japan, &c., are almost exclusively Fuk-keën men. It seems greatly desirable that Christian merchants should persevere in annually sending one or more ships to the northward.”

The Colombo Journal of Feb. 6, announces that a mail-coach has been started between Colombo and Candy; the first scheme of the kind that has been attempted in our Indian possessions. (Asiatic Journal, Sept.)

The Cabinet Annual Register for the present year is in its progress, with very considerable improvements.

In the press, Practical Treatise on the Growth of Cucumbers. By John Weeden, upwards of Twenty-one Years Gardener, &c. to R. H. Cox, Esq. of Hillingdon House, Uxbridge.

In the press, “ New Gil Blas ;”. or, “ Pedro of Penaflor.” In 3 vols. post 8vo. By the Author of “ Spain in 1830.”

In the press, History of the Revolution in England, in 1688. By the Rt. Hon. Sir James Mackintosh. 1 Vol. 4to.

The Second Volume of the Friends Library, now in the press, will consist of the Life and Travels of Thomas Chalkley. The Journals, or Extracts from them, of Edmundson, Ellwood, Fox, Richardson, Gough, &c. &c. are to follow in succession.

Mr. Prout proposes to publish by subscription one volume, super

royal folio, containing fifty Architectural and Picturesque Subjects, in Flanders and Germany, to be drawn on stone by himself, and printed on grey paper, touched with white, as Fac-Similes of his Sketches made on the Spot. The size, sixteen inches by eleven inches. A few copies will be printed on India paper. The volume to be completed by Christmas next, and delivered neatly half-bound, interleaved, and lettered.

Preparing for publication, the Epistle to the Hebrews : a new Translation with Marginal References and Notes.

Mr. Harrison, Author of “ Tales of a Physician ”, “ The Humour. ist ", &c. is preparing for publication a new Annual, entitled “ Christmas Tales, Historical and Domestic;" illustrated with engravings executed by Charles Heath, Bacon, Engleheart, and Rolls. The volume, aiming at the amusement of the social circle and the inculcation of moral and religious truth, will consist of a series of Original Tales, in prose, some of which, founded on historical fact, are designed to illustrate the characters of persons who have played prominent parts in the great theatre of the world, while others attempt to depict feelings and events which spring out of domestic life.

Lord and Lady Nugent will shortly publish a work under the title of “ Legends of the Library at Lilies.”

The following Annuals will appear early in October :

Heath's Picturesque Annual for 1833 ; containing twenty-six beautifully finished plates, executed by the first engravers, under the exclusive direction of Mr. Charles Heath, from drawings by Clarkson Stanfield, Esq.; with Travelling Sketches on the Rhine, in Belgium, and in Holland, by Leitch Ritchie, Esq. In rose-coloured morocco.

The Keepsake for 1833. In crimson silk. 250 Copies only will be printed on large paper.

The Literary Souvenir for 1833. Edited by Alaric A. Watts. Embellished with highly finished line-engravings by eminent artists. In Turkey morocco.

The New Year's Gift and Juvenile Souvenir for 1833. Edited by Mrs. Alaric A. Watts. Containing a variety of highly finished lineengravings.

On October 31st will be published, in quarto, elegantly bound, Fisher's Drawing-Room Scrap-Book for 1833, with Poetical Illustrations by L. E. L.; containing thirty-six highly finished plates. .

Early in November will be published, The Missionary Annual for 1833. Edited by the Rev. W. Ellis. The Missionary Annual will comprise original contributions, in prose and verse, on subjects connected with the highest interests of religion; accounts, either original or selected from authentic sources, of the progress of Christianity in the world, with illustrations of its influence on individuals and communities; geographical and other notices of existing Missionary Stations; and descriptions of the manners, customs, superstitions, ceremonies, idols, &c. of the various tribes among which Christian

Missions have been established. The volume will be embellished with sixteen engravings on wood, the execution of which, it is presumed, will be found equal to any specimens of the art on behalf of which the patronage of the public has yet been solicited.

Early in October will be published, The Landscape Annual for 1833, being the Fourth Volume of the Tourist in Italy, illustrated with twenty-six engravings, from drawings by J. D. Harding, Esq.; the literary department by Thomas Roscoe, Esq. The fourth volume of the Landscape Annual will conclude the Tour of Italy, forming a separate work complete in itself, as well as an integral portion in the general series of this publication. The ingenious and talented illustrator, Mr. J. D. Harding, after traversing the eastern frontiers, from the Garigliano to the wilder coasts of Genoa, and, crossing the Magra at La Spezzia, next proceeded to explore the magnificent mountain scenery round Aösta, which has supplied views as sublime and imposing as are to be found in any other part of this classic country; and no pains or expense have been spared to display, by the magic powers of the pencil and the graver, the same scenery before the eye of a discerning British public.

Shortly will be published, The Emigrant's Tale, with other Poems; by James Bird, Author of “ Framlingham ", &c.

Proposals are issued for publishing by subscription, Notitiæ Ludæ, or Notices of Louth, agro Linc. To be embellished with engravings.

Nearly ready, in one volume 8vo, with engravings, The History of the Scottish Church, Rotterdam ; to which are subjoined, Notices of the other British Churches in the Netherlands, and a Brief View of the Dutch Ecclesiastical Establishment. By the Rev. W. Stevens, M.A., Junior Minister of the Scottish Church in Rotterdam. This work, drawn up from original and hitherto unpublished documents, will be found to contain several interesting memorials of our continental churches, and also a chronological catalogue of all the stated British ministers in Holland from the sixteenth century to the present time.

Dr. Adam Clarke. - We are given to understand, that the late Rev. Dr. Adam Clarke had written an account of his own Life, with the design of its being published after his decease, and that it will immediately be put to press, with a continuation to the time of his decease by a member of his own family.

Capt. Head's Overland Journey from India is now nearly ready for publication, in large folio, with elegant Plates illustrative of India, Arabian and Egyptian Scenery, and accompanied by accurate Plans and Maps. This work will not only form a complete and highly interesting Guide-book to the Traveller from Bombay to Alexandria, but will gratify the Merchant and the Politician by showing the practicability and expediency of having, by the Red Sea, a steam communication with our Eastern possessions, and the consequent means of defending them from Russian Invasion to which they are at present exposed.

Mr. Taylor has a Life of Cowper nearly ready for publication, which will contain a more complete view of the Poet's religious character than has hitherto been given to the public; together with a variety of interesting Information respecting some parts of his personal history, not before generally known or correctly appreciated. To be comprised in one volume, demy 8vo.

The First Number of the Parents' Cabinet of Amusement and Instruction, forming a monthly series of highly useful and interesting reading for young people, will appear in a few days. This attractive work will be published at such a moderate price, as to be within the reach of all classes of the community.

Friendship's Offering (the oldest but one of the English Annuals) has this season added the talent and interest of the Winter's Wreath to its other attractions, the latter work being now combined with it. It will appear on the 1st of November in its usual style of elegant binding, and with a grand array of highly finished Engravings by the first Artists, while its carefully selected literature will comprise Contributions from the most popular and eminent writers, thus maintaining the high character of excellence for which this Annual has always been distinguished.

The Comic Offering, edited by Miss Sheridan, will be published at the same time, bound in its uniquely Embossed Morocco Cover, and Embellished with upwards of sixty most humorous designs by various Comic Artists, and enriched with facetious Contributions by the principal Female and other talented writers of the day.

We understand that the new volume of the Continental Annual is in a state of forwardness, and will this season appear with attractions which no other Annual can possibly exceed, not only in the superiority of its embellishments, which are being engraved in the highest style of the art, from Original Drawings and Paintings by Roberts and Parris, but in its Literature, which is exclusively contributed by the talented Author of “ Pelham," “ Eugene Aram," &c. &c. The new and beautiful style of the binding will also be in accordance with its other attractions.


Family Lecturer, consisting of short The Edifying Preacher, a Sermon, Expositions of Scripture; principally depreached at Broadmead, Bristol, on Thurs signed for the use of Families. By the day, June 28th, 1832, to the Students of

Rev. Frederick Russell, A.M., of St. Mary the Bristol Education Society, at the An

Hall, Oxford, and Assistant Preacher at niversary of the Institution, by James

St. Michael's Church, Southampton. Part Simmons, of Olney. 8vo. ls. 6d.

I. 8vo. Is. 6d. To be continued every The Death of Useful Members of So.

three months. ciety lamented and improved ; a Sermon,

Counsels to the Young, by the Rev. occasioned by the death of Joseph Thack

John Morrison, D.D. 32mo. 1s. cloth. eray, Esq., M.D., preached on the Lord's

The whole works of the Rev. John Day, July 15th, 1832, at the Old Meeting

Howe carefully revised. With Life by House, Bedford, by Samuel Hillyard, 8vo,

Dr. Calamy. In one volume, royal 8vo. Is.

Price 21. 2s. cloth.



For NOVEMBER, 1832.

Art. I. The Life and Pontificate of Gregory the Seventh. By Sir

Roger Greisley, Bart. F.A.S. 8vo. pp. xvi. 372. Price 12s.

London, 1832 TO Gregory the Seventh, the Apostolic Lord Hildebrand', is

1 ascribed the first conception of the ambitious design of reciprocally converting a mere fief of the empire into a universal sovereignty, and the western empire itself into a fief of the Church. This ambitious monk, Gibbon remarks, in his oracular way, 'may

be adored or detested as the founder of the Papal monarchy'; and Sir Roger Greisley has been induced to select the life and pontificate of Gregory VII. as the subject of biographical illustration, by regarding it as the true era of the papal usurpation.

A simple monk, emerging from his cloister, and assuming the direction of the public affairs of the Roman Catholic Church, surmounted every obstacle, and opened a way to his successors, by which they might place themselves in the sphere of angels and of gods. It was Gregory who taught the Leos, and Sixtuses, and Piuses, how to govern people without the force of arms; a lesson hitherto neither forgotten nor abandoned. A sound but subtle policy, inflexible constancy, unshaken courage, placed the popes upon that throne from which they have never, but for a feverish moment, been deposed. Since their restoration, the blind and idle credulity of the people, which served them as a footstool, has increased; (?) and had the French nation yielded to that yoke which the Jesuits would have imposed upon it, the days of excommunication and dethronements would have been revived.'

p. xiv. In this view of Hildebrand's aim and achievements, it seems to us, that not a little romance has blended itself with genuine history. M. Sismondi, in his recent sketch of the History of the Italian Republics, has drawn a fancy portrait of this Pontiff in the same dramatic costume; representing him as having con



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