Women of the Third Reich

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NDE Pub., 2000 - Всего страниц: 236
This groundbreaking work examines the official Nazi portrayal of women in the Third Reich as well as the real lives of eight women who were a part of the Nazi regime or played a role in its ascendancy. Many women in German high society were fascinated by Adolf Hitler and helped him to achieve political power, while women like filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl were fueling Hitler's propaganda machine. The private lives of Hitler's assistants' wives are also explored -- revealing Magda Goebbels's complicity in the murder of her six children in 1945, Carin and Emmy Goring's relations with their morphine-addicted husbands, and the knowledge that Margaret Himmler had of her husband's actions as leader of the SS.

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The place of women in Nazi Germany was to say the least minimal. Hitler regarded women as stupid and felt that their place was to have son's for the Reich and not bother men. His choice of Eva Braun ... Читать весь отзыв


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